Does your outside match the inside?

October 19, 2017
Hosted by Kimberly Tobin

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Are you wearing your favorite color? Are you wearing black because someone somewhere told you at a certain age or size it was the thing to do? If you are like me, I wore black every single day. Little did I know that by wearing that color, it was pushing business away. Your earning power is directly linked to your appearance! Join us as we discuss how making the outside match the inside increases your flow, Spiritually and monetarily.

Everyday Spirituality

Everyday Spirituality

Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Womens Channel

We can create a community where women can broaden their boundaries of religion to explore and strengthen their Spirituality. I believe that religion gives us the basics and that your spiritual path is the basis for your faith. I want to open the door for you to consider ways to strengthen your connection to the Divine, to bring your faith into your everyday life. Faith is not just in a building you attend once a week, nor is it just for times of trauma and despair. Spirit is in everything! It’s contained in every tree, rock, drop of water, molecule of air and everything in between. God has sent us many teachers. Religious rules tell us only one is correct and that others should be judge on who or what they believe. What if we can look past the restraints of religion to the freedom of love in all? By making ourselves better, lifting our vibrations and awareness, we help the entire world be a better place. Tune in live Thursdays at 1 PM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Women’s Channel.

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Kimberly Tobin

Kimberly Tobin

Kimberly Tobin is an intuitive consultant, business strategist, international best-selling author, radio show host and speaker. Her passion is helping Spiritual women clearly acknowledge and embrace their unique gifts that fears stemming from society, religion and environmental restraints may conceal. She is devoted to helping women strengthen their connection to Spirit enabling them to celebrate their own Divine inner magic and create happiness, health and wealth in all areas of life. Kimberly works from her office in Missouri offering transformational programs and consulting, as well as gifting her magic with intensive, in person sessions at beautiful locations around the world. For the opportunity to have Kimberly design an individualized session just for you, contact her at

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Tamra Fleming

Tamra Fleming was born to be a transformation catalyst. She has over 17 years of coaching experience—helping individuals, couples, and businesses get clear on their purpose, vision, and roadmap to realize their goals and dreams. Tamra is the author of, upSwing | 80 Mindful Practices to Shift Your Life from Blues to Bliss, and the founder of, upSwingU, an online university for consciousness, creativity and collaboration. Tamra completed a one-year solo journey around-the-world where she experienced a deep spiritual awakening in the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. She co-created, A Spiritual Gathering, a monthly spiritual education and entertainment group exploring spiritual practices for the intentional human. She holds a B.S. in Organizational Development and Retail Merchandising, as well as certifications and training in coaching, leadership, Feng Shui, face reading, and various healing modalities. View Guest page

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Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Rebecca specializes in highlighting experts, influencers, and messengers to help them reach more people around the world! She is committed to helping you share your message, vision, and expertise with the world in a positive and transformational way! The world needs more of you!
Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, and the Creator of the: Women’s Empowerment Series events/TV show, and the Speaker Talent Search. As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, she launched the RHG TV Network™ and the “RHG Magazine & TV Guide™” bringing positive and transformational shows to the world.
Her history of success include: Empowered ConnectionsTV™, rated #1 most watched channel, Network Director of VoiceAmerica’s Women Channel Radio/TV, International Best Selling Author, and is a popular VoiceAmerica Radio Show Host of “Empowering Women, Transforming Lives,” rated #1 on the Women’s Channel.
Rebecca wants to help you expand your reach and influence. View Guest page

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Jami Hearn

Jami Hearn is a leading intuitive prosperity coach, whose specialty is working with spiritual women to achieve their divine fulfillment and abundance. She is an expert contributor to Aspire Magazine and holds certifications as an Akashic Records Practitioner and is an Evidential Medium.
Having gone from an unfulfilling career as an attorney, to a thriving international coaching practice, Jami’s passion is to support and encourage women to live their soul’s purpose with ease and grace, while fulfilling all of their desires.
Jami offers private and group coaching, personal readings, tele-classes and webinars in addition to her advice in her weekly newsletters.
At home, Jami lives on a Century Farm, where she and her husband raise alpacas, yaks and heritage breed pigs, with the help of their two sons, and two farm dogs, Sadie and Morgaine.
To learn more about Jami and her work, go to View Guest page

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Cindy Hively

Transformational and Intuitive Cindy Hively is a renowned Healing Catalyst for women. She’s the Goddess Creatrix for her brand In Her Fullness, a Intuitive Healing Coach, Columnist for Aspire and other publications and has authored nine Best Seller Books. Cindy empowers spiritual women around the world and teaches them how to create an abundant life they love by stepping into their own unique Fullness Lifestyle. She helps them remove blockages, helps them strategize and optimize each key area of their life by using her signature process, Awakened Creation Living Alchemy. Its Cindy’s life passion and soul work to help women experience a luscious Rhythmic life overflowing with love, greatest joys, vibrant health, personal success, practical lifestyle, sacred ritual, feminine mystery, spiritual connection, juicy fun and prosperity. View Guest page

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Jean L. Price

Jean passionately helps high-achieving women leaders attract more ideal clients, customers & relationships by becoming more visible.
For 30 plus years she has been assisting women to create a life that feels good on the inside as well as looking fabulous on the outside ~ focusing on all levels ~Body, Mind and Spirit. As an award-winning business woman, she knows what it takes for high-powered women to create results.
Because Your Appearance is Key to your Success, Jean assists her clients to first recognize and then improve what type of message they are conveying.
Since your earning power is directly linked to your appearance; improve your appearance and experience your impact and your income explode. View Guest page

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Lisa Marie Rosati

Business Mentor and Lifestyle Expert, Lisa Marie Rosati is the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® and Sugar Free Goddess™, Expert Columnist for Aspire Magazine, International Best Selling Author, and High Priestess of The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ & School of Magical Living. Believing that women CAN HAVE IT ALL, Lisa has created a thriving, global brand that teaches women how to step into their feminine power in each key area of life. It’s Lisa’s passion to teach ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled, vibrant, healthy life, and prosperous laptop business they love! View Guest page

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Lisa Wechtenhiser

Lisa Wechtenhiser of is an oracle for divine wisdom, helping you learn to deeply trust your own inner knowing.
With an unwavering trust in her abilities to receive guidance from those with higher vibrations, Lisa has been a professional intuitive for over ten years. She brings this skill into her work with entrepreneurs, helping them find the way to creat a business that is truly aligned with their soul.
Lisa is know for her humor and warmth, just the right amount of tough love and her ability to get you focused and moving onto the next step. View Guest page

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