The Purrfect Treats for Your Feline Friend

June 12, 2024
Hosted by Molly DeVoss and Dewey Vaughn

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Episode Description

Berta B. send in great questions about cat treats; what makes a good treat, how many treats should we have, and is it ok to use dry kibble as a treat? Molly & Dewey answer those questions and talk about what makes up a good treat and what to look for that is best for your cat.

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Cat Talk Radio is all about cats, what makes them do what they do, why they occasionally misbehave and what cat guardians can do to fix it. We educate you on how to modify unwanted cat behavior by providing the proper environment and stimulation, enabling cats to express their natural behaviors in ways that are preferable for both the humans and cats. You will learn how to have fun with your cat, fascinating cat facts and be inspired to try new things, which will lead to a happier relationship and closer bond with your cat. We’ll also call attention to the plight of cats in our country, feel compassion for their challenges and share the message.

Molly DeVoss and Dewey Vaughn

Molly DeVoss is a cat expert and a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist. She is the Executive Director of Cat Behavior Solutions, a Trainer/Mentor for The Jackson Galaxy Project Cat Pawsitive Pro, and has over a decade experience working with one of the highest volume shelters in the U.S. Quite simply, Molly is a cat sleuth. She figures out why cats do what they do and helps educate cat guardians on how to modify those behaviors when they become difficult to live with. Urinating outside the litter box, destroying furniture, and being aggressive to other pets and people are some of the reasons people surrender their cats to shelters. All of these are fixable! Molly’s goal is to reduce the number of owner surrendered cats because this demographic has the highest probability of shelter euthanasia. Molly treats the issues in the home, at the source of the problem, before the difficult decision to rehome a cat is made.

Molly has volunteered over 5000 hours in shelters, helping cats to get adopted and training staff on how to work with cats. She and her celebrity cat, Tabasco, have been featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Heaven” for their work fostering kittens and cats, and many times in the Dallas Morning News. Molly also serves on the City of Dallas’ Animal Advisory Commission. She is an affiliate member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). Molly is also a Reiki Master and uses the Reiki energy to calm and heal cats.

Co-host Dewey Vaughn is a 25 year veteran of business coaching, Molly’s husband and co-guardian of their celebrity cat, Tabasco.

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