Encore: Who's Walking Who?

April 22, 2020
Hosted by Bryan Bailey

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Is walking your dog a dreaded activity? If it is, you're not alone. Aside from companionship, the desire to have a walking or running partner is the number two reason why most people choose to adopt a dog. However, the vast majority of dog owners abandon walking or running with their dogs because the activity is either miserable or unsafe. In this episode, Bryan will talk about the reason why dogs naturally pull us and how to stop them, so you can finally enjoy your walk with your dog. Bryan will also be interviewing Tom Shelby. Tom is an expert dog trainer and the author of Dog Training Diaries-Proven Expert Tips & Tricks to Live in Harmony with Your Dog. Tune in and listen as Tom discusses the importance of socialization, passive commands, and door turmoil. During the interview, you will have the chance to call or email your questions for Tom.

Taming the WILD in Your Dog

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Dog ownership is supposed to add years to our lives by reducing our stress levels, lowering our blood pressure and increasing our desire to connect with others. However, achieving dog ownership nirvana is far more difficult than simply petting a dog. There are issues and questions ranging from the harmless to the potentially deadly, and when dog owners turn to the internet, veterinarians and professional dog trainers for answers, these sources fail to answer their questions with the accuracy and honesty that is required to establish a safe and harmonious relationship between them and their dog. That’s because anyone who THINKS they are a dog expert can pose as one and as a result, the answers they provide lead unsuspecting pet owners away from the quality of life they desire and the safety they need. However, I am an expert and my answers are what dog owners need. The answers are correct and not B.S. The welfare of dogs and their owners can’t afford anything else.

Bryan Bailey

Bryan Bailey is a nationally recognized master dog trainer, International bestselling author, dog aggression expert and Canine Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist. With over forty years of education and experience addressing a myriad of canine behavioral issues, including rehabilitating fearful and aggressive dogs suffering from mental disorders, there is no dog related topic he can’t talk about, no question he can’t answer and no problem he can’t solve. Bryan has been featured on CNN, Fox and Friends, SiriusXM Radio, Talk of Alabama, WREG-TV 3, and in many publications, including Dog World, At Home Mid South Tennessee, Bloom Magazine, HOSS Magazine, SheKnows, The Chicago Tribune and the Miami Herald. Veterinarians, dog owners, and celebrities have eagerly sought out his services. Some of Bryan’s other unique qualifications and experiences include years of researching wolf and other predatory behavior in North America and Africa, author of the best-selling books, “Embracing the Wild in Your Dog,” and “The Hammer: Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent it.” Bryan is a decorated veteran of the US Navy Special Operations where he served as a supervisor of the elite dolphin and sea lion marine mammal projects. He is a former police K9 officer, award winning dog sports competitor and designated trainer of service dogs trained to assist children with advanced muscular dystrophy.

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