Encore Gifts of Inner Wisdom

May 26, 2020
Hosted by Danielle Burns

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Episode Description

Many life experiences are fascinating and awe-inspiring, connecting us to something larger to ourselves or to experiences of joy and wonder. Here, the miraculous is felt within the inner workings of self-awareness, having the potential to shift a prefatory way of being into a deep instinctual relationship with the natural and imaginary world. The unique intrinsic meaning to which each person characterizes these significant moments accounts for the possibility of there being “something more” and is distinctly based on individual experience. In this show host, Danielle Burns, explores the gifts of inner wisdom that validate and orient one’s perception of psychological, spiritual, and creative phenomena. To explore this realm of understanding is to delve into Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, the essential lens through which each person instinctively and intuitively confronts unconscious self aspects through pivotal and life changing experiences, and connection with numinous material.

Love, Psyche and Soul, Hosted by Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist

Episodes Available on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Love, Psyche and Soul is a radio documentary that shows how archetypal numinous experiences facilitate new areas of awareness during life transitions. Experiences of this nature are often characterized as sacred or mysterious, leaving a person to feel frightened, connected to something larger, or with feelings of joy and wonder.

The radio documentary explores archetypal numinous experiences in singers, songwriters, musicians, clinicians, teachers, and authors using prenatal attachment-oriented Jungian analysis and stages of development. The project aims to develop a broad understanding of psychoanalytic approaches to healing through multimedia art, music, and film.

By exploring this vital intersection between the arts and sciences in such multisensory works as, writing, narration, choreography, theatre, music, and poetry, we bring consciousness to important issues through the power of healing, storytelling, and participatory action research to transform and renew lives.

Danielle Burns

Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist, is a private medical and participatory action research corporation dedicated to imparting clinical social work knowledge and support to children, youth, and families, and ministerial leadership for the purposes of transforming lives, agencies, companies, and organizations, along with their employees.

Danielle’s unique specialties in child psychology, women’s psychology, media psychology, mythology, the arts, religious and critical studies paved the way for the exceptional value of Differing Holy Moments(tm) as a studio brand specializing in the Jungian and archetypal research of educational products for clinical and vocational purposes.

Differing Holy Moments(tm) specializes in the research and production of television and radio multimedia projects for curious minds and cultural audiences. It educates individuals, groups, and families to better understand their circumstances, vocations, and communities through the lenses of Jungian theory, projective analysis, and universal life meanings.

Featuring interactive exhibits, pop-up talks, motivational speeches, and healing arts performances, these showcases present the dynamics of healthcare stigma and disability situated within the array of attachment-oriented images, narratives, and archetypal motifs.

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