Live the Dream - Why winners win and losers lose

September 6, 2019
Hosted by Karan Dhillon with Co-Hosts, Marissa Marsay, and Tom Pearson

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Episode Description

When you start to pursue the big dreams you have for your life, almost always you face a whole host of obstacles right away. It almost like the universe is playing a cruel joke, conspiring against you and trying to prevent you from getting what you want. So what do you do when this happens, because it happens to almost everyone who makes big changes in their life and pursues big dreams. Do you retreat into your same old life or do you go forward? And if you decide to go forward what do you do when not matter how hard you try you can not seem to fix the problems. Anyone who has achieve any significant level of success in their life has faced this time listen to this episode to know what you need to do when you face this challenge. Because face it you will.

Live the Dream

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Do you know what your true dream is?
What is it you truly want that will make you feel successful?

Success is not always defined by the stereotypical ideas of millions of dollars, big houses, fancy cars. All of us have deep within us a desire which is truly unique to us. When we tap into this desire, it releases all the potential and ability that is stored deep within.

If you are looking for the pathway to success, YOUR SUCCESS, one of the best ways to do that is to follow others who have been successful by using a process that works. Make life easy, don’t recreate the wheel!

The good news is that there is a process for identifying your dream and going after it to achieve true success. This process is called “The Success Cycle.” It helps you live a life that is truly successful and provides happiness. On this show you will hear from Karan Dhillon, the creator of The Success Cycle, from coaches and clients who are now Living the Dream.

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Karan Dhillon with Co-Hosts, Marissa Marsay, and Tom Pearson

Karan Dhillon has an MBA and over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing with several Fortune 500 companies, having coached and mentored people on 5 continents. As an international trainer, consultant and mentor of behavioral change, Karan has influenced the lives of thousands whether in front of live audiences or behind the doors of some of the most prestigious companies in the world in over 15 countries.

Since 2008, Karan has been helping business owners and contractors to live their dream by showing them how to work smarter not harder, so they can earn more money and have the lifestyle they have always wanted to achieve as business owners.

Karan’s presentation style is unconventional, engaging, fun and creates lasting impact and physical results immediately. He delivers this message with a passion and presence that drives deep into the hearts of whomever he speaks to. His goal with his clients is not just to grow their businesses, but to help them and their employees live richer, more fulfilling lives.

Happily living in Walnut Creek, California, Karan is raising his son Xander. He is a voracious reader of titles on business leadership and management, personal development, investing, real estate, and spirituality. An avid pilot since 2004, he loves to fly single engine airplanes up and down the California coastline.

Marissa Marsay has an MBA and over fifteen years of experience running all aspects of a profitable small business since 2000. With a solid business and marketing background, she now shares her wisdom with her clients to follow her lead, and develop a business that will grow in revenue, increase profit margins, and can be run with a lot less time involved for the owners.

As a balanced "left-" and "right-" brained businesswoman, she is able to tend to both data and its analysis as well as the overall strategic vision for her clients. As a bonus, her expertise in project management guarantees a proven and effective process for on-going success to her clients.

Tom Pearson is a CPA with 30+ years of experience in sales for international companies specializing in professional development. Working personally with mindset transformation expert Bob Proctor, Tom has built a coaching business for business owners and corporate leaders focused on helping them achieve a “success-driven” mindset.

Tom’s expertise results from years of intensive study and application in the fields of human potential, self-development, and the power of thought. Financial analysis and budgeting the focus of Tom’s CPA career as Controller, CFO and Auditor. Employee hiring and retention were also prominent areas of focus during Tom’s years in professional recruitment, productivity improvement, and employee engagement.

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