EP 41- Marla R. Stewart:Sexologist | Sexual Strategist | Author

January 30, 2023
Hosted by Perry Clark, LMFT

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Content warning- Frank Discussion of Sex Black History/Pride/Excellence Month As we being the celebration of Black History Month. We open our Month of episodes with a discussion with Marla Renee Stewart, MA. A Black Queer Sexologist, Sexual Strategist, and Author. We discussed the perspective of being Black and having sexual desires, most especially as members of the Geek and Nerd fandoms. Plus some of what it means being Kinky & Black. We discuss the choices we make in connecting with others. As well as out Myth and Reality question. Links: marla@velvetlipssexed.com website: velvetlipssexed.com Social media: @v e l v e t l i p s s x e d Sex Down South: I G : @s d s c o n FB/Tw: @sexdownsouthatl marla@sexdownsouth.com website: sexdownsouth.com Book: The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay: Techniques and Strategies for Mind-Blowing Sex https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Seduction-Foreplay-Mind-Blowing-ebook/dp/B081QTM8SP

Untying Knots: Minds and Souls Untethered

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A knot is a focus point in a rope. Multiple knots can shorten the length of rope. A knot can disrupt how a rope coils or uncoils. A knot can also be a place to provide a grip for climbing and holding something in place.

Our lives can be full of knots that can be either helpful or unhelpful. The Untying Knots podcast is here to stimulate listeners by untying knots that hamper our understanding around mental health issues, and helping to find the knots that are there to help one climb or stop their fall.

We focus on sharing information, education about mental health, psychotherapy and the practice of it from a Black-Indigenous-Person-of-Color lens. We interview people who work in the field of mental health. We discuss myths and realities about the field, and we talk with creatives on how mental health impacts the challenges they face, how they overcome these challenges, and how it helps them live an authentic empowered life.

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Perry Clark, LMFT

Perry Clark, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has seen the technology advancements and shift from nature that the bay has gone through and its struggle to find a new balance. His journey mirrors this transformation, from a boy who was diagnosed with a learning disability that discourages growth, to an adult who graduated with a Bachelor in Creative Arts and a Master in Counseling Psychology.

Those challenges are only a part of Perry’s story and identity and help give him a unique view on the mental health world. As an African-American man, Perry faces challenges of racism. As a gay man, Perry faces the challenges of homophobia. As a junior entrepreneur, Perry faces the challenges of being a small business owner. Yet, through his spirituality, he has found himself on this path of service in helping others find balance and growth in their lives.

Perry Clark has been in private practice for three years, and has five years’ prior experience learning the art and realities of the mental health world. Come along and see a different world through Perry’s eyes, mind and experience.

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