Your Authentic Self! Wear It Well!

June 17, 2024
Hosted by April Wooley

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Episode Description

"In this episode of "Your Authentic Self: Wear It Well!” Coach April, your host, Life Coach and Career Coach, will discuss the transformative power of embracing your true identity. You are invited to explore how being genuine and authentic can positively impact your career, relationships, and overall well-being. Discover practical tips, and empowering insights to help you confidently express who you are in every aspect of your life. Get ready to step into your true self and shine brightly!" Listen in to an episode packed with positivity! Discover a Mindful Moment exercise to help center your thoughts, and find out what the hand selected music dedication is for this episode, to boost your spirits. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and be uplifted.

360 Success: Life and Career Conversations with a Mindful Twist.

Monday at 8 AM Pacific Time On VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

"360 Success, Life and Career Conversations with a Mindful Twist"… is a show dedicated to offering a holistic approach on life and career matters. Through thoughtful topics, practical advice and empowering insight, Coach April provides concepts, ideas and suggestions to assist individuals with navigating the journey towards a more fulfilled life, with a mindful approach. This show provides valuable tips, encouragement, and empowerment to enhance personal and professional growth. Listen to episodes packed with positivity! Discover Mindful Moment exercises to help center your thoughts, and find out what the hand selected music dedication is for each episode to boost your spirits. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and be uplifted.

April Wooley

April grew up, traveling around the world as a military child. Always being the new kid on the block, April mastered the art of meeting, and connecting with people. These experiences instilled in April a profound empathy for those who feel like they are on the outside, striving to belong, trying to find a pathway. Through her own journey, April discovered the liberating power of unapologetically forging her own unique pathway. April’s path led to a career in Human Resources and then eventually Life Coaching and Career Coaching. Described as a "beacon of light” by peers, April illuminates the path of self-empowerment through self-compassion, advocating for individuals to discover a life and career trajectory that resonates with their true selves. Encouraging people to harness the strength of their inner light as a compass on their journey toward fulfillment in both life and career. April empowers individuals to unlock their potential and live a fulfilling life by providing personalized life and career coaching services. Centering values around authenticity, compassion, accountability, and growth. Committed to helping clients create a clear vision, set meaningful goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve success. With a focus on building meaningful connections and fostering a supportive environment, April strives to inspire and guide individuals towards living their best lives. April’s Life and Coaching and Career Coaching is tailored to those who aspire to create a personalized path in life, career, or both. Coach April provides encouragement, empowerment, motivation, understanding, unwavering support, and insights drawn from her personal life experiences as well as her experiences as a Human Resources professional. Above all, Coach April’s goal is to inspire people to draw back the curtains and invite the radiance of their own inner light to illuminate their path forward.

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