S1,EP13: The Power of Reprogramming Our Minds

June 23, 2022
Hosted by Joi Ross

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In this episode, we unpack myths and truths about a variety of topics including the criminal justice system in the U.S.; "Imposter Syndrome" -- what it is, why 95% of us have it, and how to reverse it. We also discuss practical steps to begin the process of reprogramming our brains -- a critical step toward living a truly authentic, happy life based on our authentic identity (vs living according to an identity that we accepted when we were young, because that's who society told us we were). This is a powerful discussion that will help anyone who has ever heard an internal voice telling you what you "can't do" or "you're not enough" ... or a voice that's whispered "you were meant for more."

Living Inside-Out Today

Thursdays at 9 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Society often conditions us to have an outside-in approach to life, seeking external achievements and acquisitions (money, education, marriage, etc.) as a roadmap to happiness and fulfillment. The exact opposite is true! Fulfillment, joy, abundance, freedom are our God-given birthright! However, these things are fruits produced from an internal root system. They’re created from inside-out living. Our beliefs, thoughts and words play a crucial role. Science and scriptures agree. As we think within, so are we. Transformed minds produce transformed lives. This show aims to dispel myths and expose the beliefs that subconsciously hold us hostage, preventing us from experiencing true joy, abundance and freedom. Through real stories, real talk with people of diverse backgrounds and professions, we aim to encourage, inspire and equip listeners with micro steps to help them achieve macro results.

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Joi Ross

Joi Ross

Joi Ross is an international best-selling author, facilitator of change, a lover of God and people, and Owner/CEO of APEX Direct, Inc., an award-winning communications consulting firm. APEX conducts targeted community outreach, helping organizations, government agencies, and individuals build relationships, elevate their leadership and communication skills, and deliver excellent service. Projects in underserved, overburdened communities facing economic, environmental and health disparities have been a focal point. For over 15 years, APEX has served federal agencies such as EPA, DOE, and DoD on projects nationwide, as well as municipal and private sector organizations. As a result of working with Joi and her team, clients more effectively communicate with empathy and using easy-to-understand language. Clients have hired Joi to deliver training in many areas, such as identifying and overcoming stereotypes and other barriers to effective communication; environmental justice and community engagement; risk and crisis communication; and customer service excellence. Expanding her reach in 2019, she co-founded a nonprofit organization to empower, educate and elevate underserved populations. Also in 2019, she formed Joi Ross Consulting, a separate business entity focused on writing books, speaking, training and facilitating personal development and transformation. This is her calling and passion. Those who know her describe Joi as warm, kind, and down-to-earth.

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