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May 29, 2024
Hosted by Viviane Casimir

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We already know that beyond gender and social attributes, there are energy types within all of us that are referred to as Feminine and Masculine. In a different context, we could call them Yin and Yang. However, knowing is not enough. We need to be in touch with them and use them not only to help us be aware of our hidden blocks but also to be empowered to journey through life and its challenges. We can also gracefully use them in our expansion phases in spirituality, personal development, and in business as well to reconnect with our inner conscious leadership and be in expansion. In this episode, Chizu Sakamoto sheds light on the fundamental differences between the ideological representations of "masculine" and "feminine" that generate polarities in our societies and that she calls the "false, wounded" ones, and the Divine energies of masculine and feminine that pertain to the higher levels of consciousness. Chizu’s work is about enhancing the energy of the Divine Feminine Essence in all of us that heals the wounds and brings back Unity Consciousness with LIFE itself, helping us thrive peacefully and gracefully. "The most powerful mentor we could ever have is within ourselves. It is called LIFE.” (Chizu Sakamoto)

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The concept of new consciousness of the 21st century has pervaded the culture in many ways and expressions, and yet it remains unclear to many of us. What is it about the new consciousness that is important to grasp? The PODCAST addresses the core aspect of the new consciousness, the self-transformation, and self-realization, and aims at offering tools, reflections, directions, and suggestions from different fields of expertise to help people understand, open their minds, empower themselves and be aligned with their true nature and life mission.

Viviane Casimir

Viviane is the founder of Myoku, a Zen alignment of mind-body with meditation, breathing techniques, and martial arts movements for grounding, centering and chi. Viviane gave Myoku workshops in the USA, Canada, France, and Norway. “Everything starts with Who Am I?” says Viviane who started her journey a long time ago. After seeing the benefits and transformation in her life by practicing Myoku, Viviane wanted to help others start their own journey to self-empowerment by being aligned with their true nature. Everything Viviane does and writes about is to inspire others and help them transform on their journey to self-realization. She is a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen, and her Zen-Buddhist name is Myong Oh. She is 2nd Dan in Kyokushin Karate and earned a certificate in Tai Chi Chuan from New York Shaolin Center. She is also a Usui Reiki master with a background in kinesiology. Viviane’s academic background includes a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and a B.S. in Biology. She taught at university for several years before working on Wall Street in NYC where she developed Myoku. She has published academic articles on science and literature, and many articles on meditation and spirituality with online magazines such as SivanaEast. She also published a few novels based on Zen and fantasy, "The Three Desert Stones" (available at Amazon.com). She is currently working on a book about Myoku titled "A Walk in the Bamboo Forest." With her multicultural background, Viviane speaks French, English, and a little Swedish. www.myokucenter.com viviane.myokucenter@gmail.com

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