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March 2015

  • 3/31/2015: Compassion or Collusion? Which Describes Your Relationships? Coming Soon
  • 3/24/2015: Ego or Consciousness: Does the Ego Always Win? Listen Now
  • 3/17/2015: Kindness: When Is It Real? When Is It a Manipulation? Listen Now
  • 3/10/2015: Do You Still Feel Excited About Life? Listen Now
  • 3/3/2015: Power, Force & Foolishness: Developing the Kind of Power that Helps! Listen Now

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Christine Benton

Christine is a public relations professional with a deep love of spirituality. She has been a participant in and promoter of many of the programs of The Stream, a non-profit organization and spiritual community. She credits these workshops and the teachings of Beth Green with helping her to evolve in all of her relationships, at work, in her marriage and in her family. She has been married for 13 years to her husband, Todd, and is the mother of two children. She has also been in the field of PR for 13 years, previously working as a writer and editor in technology and public policy. She was born and raised in San Diego, with a Japanese mother and Caucasian father, and also spent a few years of her youth living in Springfield, Virginia. Many of her early years consisted of struggling to accept her race and understand her identity, though over time through healing work and spiritual practices these distinctions have started to disappear. She is a very astute observer of herself and life. View Guest page

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Todd Benton

Todd Benton is a website and graphic designer who also advises on technology and relationship marketing. He launched his first client website in 1997 for renowned acrylic furniture designer Charles Hollis Jones. Since then, he has co-created dozens of websites for coaches, consultants, authors, artists and other small business owners. His natural instinct for visual design was cultivated by working with his father, a 4-time academy award nominated set decorator for feature films. Todd also has 20 years of media, marketing and sales experience and a history of obtaining media coverage by major outlets. He holds a bachelor’s degree in radio and television from San Francisco State. In addition to his work with clients, Todd is Executive Director of The Stream, a non-profit organization and spiritual community. Todd lives in Bonsall with his wife Christine and their two young boys. He’s been working from home full time for the past 12 years, sharing in housekeeping and raising his sons. View Guest page

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Dr. Brad Blanton

Dr. Brad Blanton is a psychotherapist, author and seminar leader. His book, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth, became a nationwide best seller, and he has authored seven other books on the theme of radical honesty. Dr. Blanton has had extensive training in Gestalt therapy, hypnosis, bioenergetics and meditation. According to Dr. Blanton, the primary cause of stress, depression and anger is “living in a story and lying to maintain it.” Currently the primary focus of The Center for Radical Honesty, which Dr. Blanton founded, is to develop an online training that integrates personal growth and social change. It is called “The Course in Completion,” and it shows how the key to current personal happiness and effectiveness in relationships in all our lives is to finish up the unfinished business people have with various others in their lives. He also shows how completion it is the key to relevant social change. Meet him on InsideOut. View Guest page

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Ann Brennan

Ann has worked with youth and families for over 20 years and is passionate about supporting people to reach their potential. She holds a master’s degree in Cross Cultural Teaching and is credentialed to teach both primary and secondary levels. Currently she teaches 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and English Language Development in Fallbrook, CA, and serves as Director of Family Services and President of the Board of Directors of The Stream, her spiritual community where she has studied with Beth Green. Through both her inner work and community experience, she has overcome life-long habits of fear and resistance to the learning process and has been able to translate her own learning into skills for teaching at-risk youth, as well as families in The Stream. Ann has been recognized numerous times in her school district for Outstanding Service to English Learners and is constantly revising her programs to develop highly engaging and powerful learning experiences for her students. View Guest page

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Patricia Brooks

Patricia Brooks is author of the book, God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals. Having profound spiritual experiences has changed Patricia’s life dramatically and she has come to understand her Divine life purpose is to spread the message of Oneness to our higher Self, each other, and all living beings. She is an interfaith seminary student, animal totem intuitive, and angel healing practitioner. Patricia also authors two spiritual blogs and is a contributing writer to many spiritual magazines. Patricia lives with her two daughters and in her spare time she loves to travel. View Guest page

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Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman is a scientist and philosopher born in Stockholm, Sweden. Recognized as the main proponent of the idea that the Mayan calendar reflects the evolution of consciousness, Dr. Calleman has lectured worldwide, and his books on this topic have been translated into fourteen languages. He has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm and has been a Senior Researcher of Environmental Health at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has served as an expert on cancer for the World Health Organization, and articles he has authored or co-authored have been quoted more than 1500 times in the scientific literature. Website View Guest page

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Dr.Grant Deane

Dr.Grant Deane is the Director of the Hydraulics Lab of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), UC San Diego. Focusing on upper ocean physics, Dr. Deane travels extensively to speak and meet others in the international scientific community studying climate change. He received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in physics from Auckland University, New Zealand, and a PH.D. in mathematics from Oxford. A Mellon Fellow at SIO from 1990 to 1992, since 1995, he has been a Research Oceanographer at the Institution, where he is now the Director of the Hydraulics lab. His research interests include under water acoustics, small-scale, upper ocean physics and its relationship to weather and climate, and bioluminescence. Dr. Deane is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, a member of the American Geophysical Union, and an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Express Letters. He recently returned from a trip to the Arctic circle to study the retreating glaciers. View Guest page

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Professor Scott Denning

Scott Denning is a respected climatologist who loves to talk to people. He makes science fun and understandable to those of us without specialized knowledge. He is Monfort Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, where he leads a large research group using many kinds of observations and models to understand the metabolism of the Earth’s biosphere. He is also Director of Education and Diversity for the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, whose purpose is to increase understanding of global climate change among children, as well as college and university students. He also enjoys engaging in public presentations, especially to those with contrary viewpoints. Scott is the author of over 90 publications in peer-reviewed climate literature, is a former editor of the Journal of Climate and served for five years as founding Science Chair of the North American Carbon Program. He lives in Colorado with his wife, two teenage sons and assorted animals. View Guest page

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Kingsley Dennis, Ph.D.

Kingsley Dennis, Ph.D., loves to challenge our ideas. A British author, researcher and down-to-earth guy, he combines academic training and with a sense of what’s important in our world. He’s the author of Breaking the Spell; New Revolutions for a Small Planet; The Struggle for Your Mind; and New Consciousness for a New World. He co-authored Dawn of the Akashic Age with Nobel Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo, with whom he also edited The New Science & Spirituality Reader; and he co-authored After the Car with John Urry. Kingsley is co-founder of WorldShift International, a conscious evolution initiative, he worked in the Sociology Dept. at Lancaster University, and he has authored numerous articles on social futures, technology, and conscious evolution. Kingsley has lived and worked for many years outside Britain, including five years in Turkey. He currently resides in Andalusia, Spain and continues to research, write, travel and grow his own vegetables with passion. Call him! View Guest page

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Reverend Michael Dowd

Reverend Michael Dowd calls himself America’s evolutionary evangelist. He has dedicated his life to proclaiming the Great News of a sacred view of cosmic, biological, and human evolution. During the 1980s and 1990s, Dowd pastored three United Church of Christ congregations, worked with conservative and liberal religious leaders across America on environmental, peace, and justice issues, and managed government-funded Sustainable Lifestyle Campaigns on both coasts. Since 2002, he has lived entirely on the road with his wife, Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer. Michael’s bestselling book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel prize scientists and spiritual leaders as well. He is a passionate author and lecturer, helping people understand themselves and their world in terms of evolution and simultaneously honoring the sacredness of creation. Since 2002, Michael and Connie have addressed over 1800 religious and secular audiences around the country. View Guest page

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Dr. James L. Gelvin

James L. Gelvin is Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his B.A. from Columbia University, his Master's in International Affairs from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He has taught at Boston College, Harvard, MIT, and the American University in Beirut. A specialist in the modern social and cultural history of the Arab East, he is author of four books: The Arab Uprisings: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford University Press); The Modern Middle East: A History (Oxford University Press);The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War (Cambridge University Press); and Divided Loyalties: Nationalism and Mass Politics in Syria at the Close of Empire (University of California Press), along with numerous articles and chapters in edited volumes. He is also co-editor of Global Muslims in the Age of Steam and Print, 1850-1930 (University of California Press). View Guest page

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Jeff Gerstl

Jeff Gerstl has over 25 years of broadcast radio experience, having worked on-air in a variety of music formats and management positions in the Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz broadcast market in California and in the San Diego/Tijuana broadcast market in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico. In terrestrial radio, he worked for AM and FM stations ranging from a 48 watt FM station (yes, a light bulb was more powerful) to a 100,000 watt FM station in Mexico where he parked his car under the broadcast tower for three stations! Jeff worked for and hosted his own travel radio program on World Talk Radio for six years. He continued his internet radio career when World Talk Radio was acquired in 2007, and he now serves as Director of Host Services for the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network and World Talk Radio. Jeff lives in the San Diego area with his wife Rachel. In his spare time he loves to write and listen to a very wide variety of music, a result of all of his years in music radio. View Guest page

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Beth Green

An internationally-known intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher for over 30 years, Beth has been using her amazing insight, wisdom, compassion and humor to help us see ourselves more clearly. And beyond that, she offers fresh ideas and approaches for us to change and heal. Tune in. Call in. Trust Beth to apply the same refreshing directness and honesty to everything – you, herself, her guests and the Divine View Guest page

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Helen is a 64-year-old mom who thought that having a daughter late in life would make it easier. It didn’t. She knew there was addiction in her family, that she herself was a food addict and that her then-husband had been a drug addict as well, but it never occurred to her that there was a huge risk that her child would be an addict, too. When her sister’s only child died of a heroin overdose, she felt compassion, but when her daughter admitted she’d been using, too, on the very night of her cousin’s death, the wall of denial really came down. Helen had engaged in years of co-dependent behavior, coddling and denial. But eventually reality prevailed and now she gets support to stay more detached and neutral. The pain of possibly losing her only child, just like her sister did, has brought her to her knees and has brought her a new level of consciousness and a new appreciation of the sober times she has with her daughter now, still knowing she could die anytime. They are very close. View Guest page

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Bob Hettiger

Born in the South Side of Chicago, Bob served in the Army for two years during the Vietnam era, before getting into a car accident at home. He required two years of rehab in the VA Hospital but was left a paraplegic. Afterwards, he attended Southern Illinois University in a wheelchair until he developed pressure sores which required eight more years of surgeries and healing. He moved to San Diego and worked for twenty years for the Department of Defense as a programmer. He fell in love with sailing and co-founded Challenged America, a program giving the disabled community exposure to sailing. He sailed in many races including a race to Hawaii with an all-disabled crew. Bob has worked on many committees including the Diversity Committee for DOD, Citizens Review Committee for the city of San Diego, and San Diego Foundation for Change. He found the love of his life, Carol, and together they met Beth and joined the Stream. Their lives have been transforming moment by moment ever since. View Guest page

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Lynn Hillix

Raised in 1950’s Missouri by the son and daughter of farmers, Lynn was the middle of 6 children. Her parents divorced when she was 10. Lynn herself married 3 times, the first when she was 17 and pregnant. The second was on the rebound and lasted 5 years. She finally married a man who, for 10 out of their 15 years together, was too depressed to work, while she worked as many as 3 jobs. She was often a single mother to a son who became addicted to drugs and who died at 42 of a heroin overdose. Until 50, Lynn survived by working in the restaurant business mostly as a server. At 40 she broke from her third husband and went back to school. After 10 years, she became a nurse and has been a nurse for 13 years. She now manages an oncology unit for one of the major health systems in San Diego, where she moved to be closer to her family and spiritual community. Lynn sees her life as defined by marriage and children, even though she has been single longer than all her marriages put together. View Guest page

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Helen Hillix-Di Santo

Helen Hillix-Di Santo is an intuitive counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 1985 in north San Diego County. Her career began with traditional training in psychology, with no real goal of becoming a counselor. The universe had other plans. After 8 years working as research psychologist and then director of a psychiatric hospital alternative, during which time she co-authored academic articles, presented at conferences and served on the Mental Health Advisory Board of San Diego County, Helen met Beth Green and her life changed. Helen has been studying intuition and body-mind-spirit healing with Beth since 1985. She integrates her warmth, humor, down-to-earth style and intuitive skill in her counseling work and continues to have a passion for transformation, hers and that of others. She’s also the Spiritual Director of The Stream Center for The New Spirituality. She’d love to meet you. View Guest page

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Carol Hollan, MD

Born in Alabama, Carol decided to be a plastic surgeon when she was six years old after a casual conversation with a World War II nurse. After medical school, she practiced family medicine for four years before beginning six years of surgical training at UC San Diego. During her thirty years as a plastic surgeon, she has loved hand and reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgery. For many years, she has participated in a surgical field program in Mexico to correct childhood deformities. While there was physical transformation in her cosmetic patients, there was not necessarily life transformation – healed broken hearts, improved marriages, heightened self esteem. In 2001, in a search for her own personal transformation and higher consciousness, Carol met Beth Green. Through her work with Beth and The Stream, Carol has integrated Stream principles into both her personal life and her work. But it’s her own warmth and caring that have made her beloved by patients and friends alike. View Guest page

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Rozz Hopson

Rozz Hopson has spent her life moving through barriers to uncover her true self. What has emerged is a woman who can be herself anywhere. Born in 1970 rural Arkansas, she grew up in a black suburb in Denver with her younger sister and was co-raised by her mother and great aunt. After high school she moved to Washington DC and worked to put herself through college. She took courses at various schools, yet always felt out of place. Where she felt at home was in the office. Rozz loved solving problems, crunching numbers & supporting others so she focused her efforts on the business world. In ‘97 she moved to San Diego and began working for a firm as an accounting clerk. Although she never completed her degree she has progressed with the company and is now the VP of Operations. Rozz also loves to sing and share her gift. She performs many genres including Divine chanting. Rozz continues to work to clear the barriers that would keep her and others from sharing their true selves as well. View Guest page

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Annette Hughes

Annette grew up in Chicago born to a Polish mother and Cuban father with a stormy relationship. As a child she discovered acting and the thrill of connecting to an audience, writing, casting and performing her own play. Despite insecurities, she acted in high school and college and later in local commercials and local and traveling theatre. Drawn to the West Coast, she was in LA for a 2-week visit and was cast in her first movie lead with a "big star" in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. In Hollywood she felt swallowed up by her insecurities, nonetheless performing on TV and in TV movies, as well as commercials. Meanwhile, she searched for safe ways to heal, and she discovered Beth Green and The Stream, where she stepped into a community that supports her growth as a wife, parent, sister, friend and woman. At the Stream she is the director of the Healing Arts Theatre, which offers actors and audience a unique modality for self-expression and transformation. She is married with 2 children. View Guest page

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Jim Leonard

Over the past 30 years, Jim Leonard has experienced a deep desire to understand the human condition as it relates to spirituality. To this purpose, he has studied philosophy and pursued courses in religious studies at San Diego State University, as well as participated in other forms of education and self-improvement. Currently he is addressing the nature of intimate relationships between men and woman with a group called Men Getting Real with Men, a group associated with the spiritual community The Stream Center for The New Spirituality. Their most recent workshop/retreat addressed why men are angry with women and evoked deep realizations of men's relationships with their mothers. Jim Leonard has been employed by FedEx for the last 23 years, and his wife is a health educator. Jim and his wife Cherie will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in December, 2013. They currently live in San Diego California where they have raised a son who is in his junior year of college. View Guest page

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James Maynard

James Maynard James is a born ham who aspired to be a big cheese. A creative guy who played jazz trumpet professionally with Big Band groups and who loves to sing and compose music, he got sidetracked into the legal field in order to live the life he thought he should. In the early 70s, he broke loose and got involved in the New Age movement, studying the esoteric and living at the groundbreaking New Age community, Findhorn, in Scotland. Returning to the US 3 years later, he also became deeply involved in the field of hypnotherapy, not only as a practitioner, but as a teacher and founder of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute. He underplayed those aspects of him again by returning to the practice of law, but in the past few years, he has broken free for good. He gets to be a ham as co-host of InsideOut. He’s now actively reinvigorating his musical career, blowing his horn, singing and composing. And he partners with his wife Beth Green in their intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy practice. View Guest page

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Madam Mazurka

If you think the picture of Madam Mazurka looks a lot like Beth with a scarf around her head, you would be right. Madam Mazurka appeared one evening in 1999, when friends were visiting Beth in Oregon, where she lived at the time. Beth donned a scarf and suddenly developed an accent and a personality that made us laugh. Madam Mazurka is psychic, witty, smart, perceptive and pulls no punches! What do we know about her? She claims to be dead a long time, she uses the name Mazurka, which is a Polish dance made famous by Chopin, she’s raunchy, direct and doesn’t stand on ceremony, and she’s got an accent like a Hungarian, which fits her assertion that she’s from Transylvania. (Beth’s dad’s parents were from there.) Whoever and whatever she is, you’ve got to meet her, talk to her and ask her questions about life, love and anything. Just be sure you bring your sense of humor with you. Call in live if you can! She lives on the telepathic highway. Maybe we can entice her to visit us again! View Guest page

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Christopher Minor

Christopher has struggled with some form of chemical imbalance for most of his life. He’s made great strides, but has traits, such as negativity and anger, which have been uncontrollable. This has been difficult for him to accept. Christopher has tried medications that either didn’t work or made his condition worse. This compounded his feeling of hopelessness. Christopher was raised by a mother who suffered from low self-esteem, anxiety and lack of support from her husband. Life for Christopher seemed normal until his early teens, when important friends moved away. Because of his weakness in relating and the fact that his mother never learned to drive, Christopher felt trapped in a neighborhood of kids who did drugs and put him down. His mother suffered from similar conditions and since she couldn’t face them, left Christopher with the false impression that unconditional love doesn’t include accountability. This has impacted all of his relationships with women as well as certain men. View Guest page

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Erica Myers

Erica Myers was born in Australia and grew up in BC, Canada and Southern California. She was a competitive swimmer for 10 years, which naturally evolved into her becoming a swimming teacher. Compelled to leave the field several times to engage in a variety of different work and life experiences, she always returned to the water bringing the wealth of those experiences with her. The result is that she has accumulated over 30 years of aquatic experience and offers a broad spectrum of possibilities to people of all ages, abilities and many disabilities. However, more than once she has been offered the guidance that her knowledge in this field needs to be shared with other instructors. She reflects that she has been defiantly deaf to the universe by hiding from opportunities to evolve in the very arena that she loves. She has now been given the extraordinary experience of facing death twice in order to learn to fight for herself and to stop settling for less than is being asked of her. Website: View Guest page

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Rebecca is a 25-year-old who saw addiction in her family and who’s struggled with her own drug addiction for 10 years. Despite drug use, she graduated high school and even received a scholarship to the Art Institute, but addiction put an end to that. Her drug use started with marijuana, then she took pain pills, then smoked heroin, then injected it. Despite outpatient treatment, Suboxone to prevent her from getting high, 2 residential treatment programs, 3 sober living houses and many 12-step meetings, she has not been able to stay sober for more than a few weeks or months at a time in the last few years. In fact she went from being a functional addict to living in her car and panhandling for money. She went from being close to her family to being cut off without food and water. Recently she has gotten sober again and feels more hopeful. She has goals and dreams, a boyfriend who is also sober from heroin, and support from their families, especially her mom, a 12-step program and God. View Guest page

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Chris Reese

Chris Reese is dedicated to bringing higher consciousness to all areas of her life and is familiar with addiction, including the addiction to food. She joined the 12-step programs many years ago and found that food was one of the substances that she had traditionally used to disconnect from herself and her surroundings. Today, she is married, has a son in middle school and works full time in the insurance industry, travelling frequently for her job. Chris’ challenge to stay “sober” with food continues today, but she has overcome much of her dysfunction through the support of The Stream Center for New Spirituality. Chris’ honesty is refreshing. She is a successful business woman and has many of the things that lots of people want. But she is scrupulously honest about her own inner struggles, and most people can relate to her. She has lots to share about business, life, relationships and addiction. You would enjoy meeting her. View Guest page

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Jim Salters

Jim is anything but your typical CEO. Through mission-driven leadership and innovative strategies, he has repeatedly generated 10x growth and profitability leading early stage companies. After mortgaging everything his family owned to pursue his vision for The Business Backer, the company has become an industry leader in connecting small businesses with the capital and expertise they need to survive and thrive. Jim's passion and belief in this mission has only caused the company to grow, and it has now eclipsed $130 million in funding to over 4,000 small businesses across the country. His leadership has been recognized both locally and nationally, with awards such as The Business Courier's Top 40 under 40 and being named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner. Jim graduated with honors from Princeton University, and is a fanatic student of life and business. He was also an all-conference linebacker for the Tigers. He lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife Jody and their three young children: Molly, Lucy, and little Jimmy. Website: View Guest page

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Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair is a videographer with a passion for understanding how the climate works and how we impact it, and then communicating that information in a powerful way. Since he was a teenager in Michigan, Peter has been deeply involved in issues of environment and energy, and since the 1980s, increasingly concerned about the effects of human-caused climate change. For the last 8 years he’s been studying and working with the world's most senior and experienced climate scientists in the fields of glaciology, oceanography, atmospheric science, and geo-physics. During that time he has given countless presentations at schools, universities, churches and civic groups on climate change and launched a YouTube series on the subject, "Climate Denial Crock of the Week” that has now become internationally recognized, and garnered millions of views. A new series, "This is Not Cool", appears monthly through the Yale Climate Connections website. Find him on YouTube and at View Guest page

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Simran Singh

Born in South Carolina of Sikh parents, Simran Singh is an author, creative visionary, transformational catalyst and what she calls a rebel humanitarian. She is the publisher of the Nautilus Award–Winning 11:11 Magazine and the host of the number-one rated 11:11 Talk Radio show on the 7th Wave Channel of The author of Your Journey to Enlightenment and Conversations with The Universe, this Lead Rebel of The Rebel Road Tour impacts thousands with her message. Having lived in the divide of two cultures and suffered from living an inauthentic life, including an arranged marriage, her emergence is unique but very much like our own. Her passionate style takes individuals on a journey into courage, fearless authenticity, and presence through writing, speaking, creative expression and experience as the Rebel in her one-woman show, The Rebel Road: Connecting the Dots of What Was to What IS by illustrating the bridge between dark and Light. Meet her on InsideOut. View Guest page

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John Shelby Spong

John Shelby Spong is calling for A New Christianity for a New World. He was the Episcopal Bishop of Newark for 24 years, has lectured at more than 400 colleges and universities, and his bestselling books include Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World, Eternal Life: A New Vision, Jesus for the Non-Religious, Why Christianity Must Change or Die and his autobiography, Here I Stand. His admirers call him a teaching bishop who makes contemporary theology accessible to the layperson, and he’s considered the champion of an inclusive faith by many, both inside and outside the church. In one of his recent books, The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Discover the God of Love, he seeks to introduce readers to a proper way to engage the holy book of the Judeo-Christian tradition. A committed Christian, Bishop Spong is calling for an updated Christianity. He has often been interviewed, and his weekly online column reaches thousands of subscribers all over the world. Website: View Guest page

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Laura Stec

Laura Stec is an expert in food AND the environment. She is a chef, educator and author, specializing in events and products for healthy people and the planet. She is a private and corporate chef and Culinary Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente and Bay-Area corporate wellness programs. The Food Party! is her featured blog for San Francisco-based Embarcadero Media. As Corporate R & D Chef for Pescadero Foods Inc., Laura worked on-farm with pastured-raised chickens, and on a local-food line for the National School Lunch Program.

In 1988 she founded EcoEaters, a premiere food and environment education program in the U.S., and lectures nationally and internationally about healthy people, healthy planet connections. Her book, Cool Cuisine - Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming, is co-authored with atmospheric scientist Dr. Eugene Cordero. Recently noted by Time Magazine as a “leader who pursued her passion to become a community resource and expert.”

Her website is: View Guest page

Episode Listing:

The Guru

The Guru Remember we told you that Madam Mazurka looks a lot like Beth with a scarf on her head? Well, the Guru also looks a lot like Beth, but this time with a turban. But don’t let that resemblance fool you. The Guru is not Beth. He’s not earthy, vulnerable or human, like Beth and the rest of us. He’s elevated, detached, other-worldly and wise. But just like Madam Mazurka, he’s a unique, entertaining and interesting guest with a different twist on things. The Guru has become one of Beth and James’ two co-hosts, alternating on different episodes with the famous Madam Mazurka. But he is also worthy of being a guest on his own. Tune in to any episode of Ask the Guru, and you’ll have a fun but profound experience that you’ll remember. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Elizabeth Treeheart

Elizabeth Treeheart is a believer in healing the body, mind and spirit, with the understanding that the more one heals, the clearer one becomes to better serve others. She relocated to Bonsall, CA, 3 years ago to become a permanent resident in the spiritual community, The Stream Center for the New Spirituality. Her educational experience includes athletic training, and she’s been working as a physical therapist for the past 20 years. She recently opened a private practice for holistic physical therapy, which includes traveling to peoples’ homes and using hands-on techniques. She is also training to become an Intuitive Counselor-Hypnotherapist to help address the healing of mind and spirit, which will be integrated into her business. Elizabeth is qualified to talk about being mean as she is working on old patterns of facing negative things about herself for which she blame others, especially those closest to her, so that she can try to avoid seeing and admitting her own meanness. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kelsey Wirth

Kelsey Wirth is founder and chair of Mothers Out Front. Kelsey was inspired to start a project to engage mothers in climate change when she herself became a mother after several years as an entrepreneur in the private sector. Kelsey is the co-founder and former president of Align Technology, Inc., maker of Invisalign. She has served on the boards of the Environmental Working Group and Grist Magazine, and currently serves on the board of the Winslow Foundation and Convergent Dental. A native of both Colorado and Washington DC, Kelsey graduated from Harvard College and received her M.B.A. from Stanford University. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Sam Myers, and their two daughters, Sophie and Lucy. Her favorite place to spend time with her family is in the mountains around Crested Butte, Colorado. Her website is: View Guest page

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Ego or Consciousness: Does the Ego Always Win?

March 24, 2015
Hosted by Beth Green and Co-Host James Maynard

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Episode Description

We live in a world run by ego. Our business model is ego based. Our political system is the ego’s playground. Our religions have been hijacked. And even our personal relationships are riddled with ego. Most of us have seen ego win in our families and our world, and we’ve come to believe that the ego always wins! But it doesn’t. Some listeners want to know “what is the ego?” And some of you are shrugging your shoulders and saying that’s just the way it is. And some of you are upset that the ego seems to always win and you just want to go to the forest and escape. And some of you have a smile on your face because we’re calling the lie. Well, we’re smiling, too, because the ego doesn’t always win! So tune in, call in, learn more about the ego and tap into the power that can take its place. If we want the ego to stop winning, we’ll have to stop believing that it always does! Let’s break ranks with the ego and acknowledge the power of higher consciousness. Join us!

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Tuesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

Step into a world of entertainment and enlightenment, where it’s safe to be real and fun to transform. Join us at InsideOut, where our outsides match our insides and we question anything and everything. Host Beth Green is wise, witty and down-to-earth, delving into issues that impact us all and offering fresh perspectives that make us think. She is joined by co-host James Maynard and two of her alter egos – the hilarious Madam Mazurka and the lofty “Guru” – who add unexpected wisdom and humor to the mix. Blend in fascinating guests and great callers, and you’ve got a show that’s lively, funny and profound, all at the same time. An internationally-known intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher since 1980, Beth uses her amazing insight, compassion and humor to help us see ourselves more clearly and become both happier and a greater blessing to our world. Tune in. Call in. Email. And become a part of the gang at InsideOut. Tuesdays at 3 PM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel.

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Beth Green and Co-Host James Maynard

For over 30 years, Beth Green has been in the trenches helping people confront themselves, supporting them to transform. A down-to-earth counselor, Beth uses her wisdom, humor, insight and intuition to help people look into their motivations and see past their rationalizations. An original thinker, she also offers exciting perspectives that help.

Beth has always been a catalyst for change. Prior to 1978, she was a social radical, lending her heart and soul to co-creating a more just world. A spiritual awakening in 1978 revealed her ability to instantly access inner guidance. In 1983 she founded The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, now a thriving community dedicated to using the principles, practices and processes that have come through her.

Beth has been chronically ill since 1950, but you’d never know it. In addition to being a successful intuitive counselor, Beth has led workshops on topics from money to sex and spirituality, is a blogger for The Huffington Post and other journals and is the author of 5 books, 3 CDs of music and numerous teaching videos. Her 688-page book, Living with Reality, lays out steps for changing ourselves and our world and is full of self-help exercises, tools and processes that work and have been tested in real time. She and her partner James Maynard also offer healing and training programs in person and via the internet.

Beth is real, and she makes the world safe for others to be real, too. Join her.

James is a born ham who aspired to be a big cheese. A creative guy who played jazz trumpet professionally with Big Band groups and who loves to sing and compose music, he got sidetracked into the legal field in order to live the life he thought he should. In the early 70s, he broke loose and got involved in the New Age movement, studying the esoteric and living at the groundbreaking New Age community, Findhorn, in Scotland. Returning to the US 3 years later, he also became deeply involved in the field of hypnotherapy, not only as a practitioner, but as a teacher and founder of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute. He underplayed those aspects of him again by returning to the practice of law, but in the past few years, he has broken free for good. He gets to be a ham as co-host of InsideOut. He’s now actively reinvigorating his musical career, blowing his horn, singing and composing. And he partners with his wife Beth Green in their intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy practice.

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