Real Men Feel

June 5, 2019
Hosted by Tramaine Ellis, with Co-Host David E. Ellis III

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Have you ever heard any of these, “Real men don’t show emotion or cry”, “Suck it up and drive on soldier” (courtesy of the US Military) or my personal favorite “There’s no crying in baseball” (Ok, that one was from A League of Their Own! Rest in Peace Penny Marshall). Maybe you have never seen the father figure in your life cry. Or maybe you grew up without a father figure in your life. Some of these, and probably more, may seem familiar in the eyes and ears of many men. In this show, we will be discussing some of the real issues behind why men feel the way they do. Our special guest, Dr. Michael Figgers, has written a book addressing these issues and more. For every man out there, you really don’t want to miss this show, as we dig deeper into the brokenness of real men.

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Our core message is about the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle and help eliminate all fears, misconceptions and excuses. While a nice six pack is very desirable, there are many more benefits to living a healthy lifestyle that many people are unaware of and we provide as much knowledge as we can to help individuals live the life that they were made to live.

By listening to our show, you’ll gain motivation, encouragement and confidence in knowing that regardless of the situation you are currently in, there are things that you can do to improve your health and fitness level. The most important thing that we offer is support. The journey may be long and hard, but it is not impossible. We will be there to support you in your journey.

Tramaine Ellis, with Co-Host David E. Ellis III

Since her college days at Florida State University, Tramaine Ellis has had a love for physical fitness. She not only enjoyed working out in the gym but she developed a great love for running as well. She soon realized how much a healthy and fit lifestyle could lead to a happy lifestyle. Over the course of several years, this love for fitness transformed into a passion for it. Not only for herself, but she developed a passion for helping and motivating others achieve their fitness goals. For over 9 years, Tramaine has been dedicated to helping others become the person they desire to be through physical fitness training. Tramaine realizes that transformation of the body begins with transformation of the mind.

David E. Ellis III has been an athlete since the age of eight. His love for training followed him as he went back to his high school to coach track. Although his athletic career ended abruptly, he continued to coach middle school track and field, as well as train preteen and teenagers in a variety of sports. He has trained adults as well. Today, David is married to Tramaine and is presently studying for his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). David is a firm believer in the mind being stronger than the body, and encourages those he trains to believe in themselves!

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