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Brett King- Host of “Breaking Banks” Radio Show CEO Brett King tells the story of starting a radio show on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. In two years the show had more than half a million listeners, inspired a best selling book, and helped to expand his stature as an international speaker. Listen to Brett King give a testimonial about hosting a live radio talk show on

VoiceAmerica is the original digital broadcast company for the production and delivery of Live Internet Talk Radio programming and continues to be the industry leader in digital media, marketing, and distribution. We are the pioneers of digital radio programming and have been since 1999. We create and distribute over 500 unique and innovative radio programs for our millions of engaged listeners worldwide.

Our network channels distribute live programs daily that reach a growing domestic and international audience who connect through all devices via our mobile, desktop, and tablet VoiceAmerica destinations.


New network programs are considered through a selection process. If you are interested in hosting a live internet talk radio show on VoiceAmerica, your first step is to pitch us your show idea by speaking with an Executive Producer.

Our initial phone interview allows us to evaluate you as a potential host. We will also discuss important program details and business arrangements related to the initial 13 week series. If your show idea meets our criteria, you will then be asked to submit a Show Proposal in writing. Your concept will then be reviewed by the Network. If your show is accepted by the Network, your Executive Producer will put together your host contract with VoiceAmerica. Your show will then enter the initial six to eight week pre-production process for the launch of your radio show.

VoiceAmerica 13 Week Pilot Series Overview*

  • Executive Producer (to oversee the show)
  • LIVE Professional Engineer to produce the show
  • Anywhere, any device show delivery
  • iOS, Android & Kindle Apps
  • Professional Graphics
  • We provide social media marketing, which includes crafting and posting one to three tailored posts per month on our social media platforms, as well as ongoing support and guidance to help you effectively promote your show online.
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Episode E-Cards (to market/ promote each show to your database)
  • Professional Voiceovers
  • Toll free numbers for Guests & Hosts
  • Custom online audio player for distributing your show
  • Sponsorship & Advertising control
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (this means your show will not be kicked off air due to loading issues and TOO much traffic)
  • Live & Pre-Record Options
  • Custom Show Page for your on-demand library
  • Unique Guest Pages for Every Guest
  • Syndication to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Google Play


[+] Q: Who hosts shows with VoiceAmerica?

A: We select a diverse community of voices from many different professional backgrounds including; CEO’s and Presidents of large companies, Business Owners, Directors of National Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Published Authors, Public Speakers, Professional Athletes, Spiritual Gurus, Wall Street / Financial / Business Experts, Workshop Leaders, Social Change-Makers and everyone in between. If you have a message that will educate, inform and entertain then let’s discuss the possibility of you becoming a host!

[+] Q: What kind of support will I receive?

A: You will receive full support from the Network. This includes pre-production, promotion, marketing, social media, web page development, training and more. You will also have a dedicated Executive Producer to oversee the entire show.

[+] Q: What is the difference between Live and & On Demand broadcasts?

A: Live broadcasts are aired in real time. On-Demand broadcasts are archived audio files that are pre-recorded and available 24/7. Every show on the VoiceAmerica Network is archived and available for on-demand listening.

[+] Q: What is the difference between VoiceAmerica and traditional AM/FM radio, satellite radio, blog radio sites, podcasts, and other radio websites with No actual Live programming?

A: First and foremost, VoiceAmerica is an online Network of five channels broadcasting simultaneously — that means we have a live linear digital broadcast schedule on All five channels. The live shows are then available on demand anytime, anywhere, using any connected device — computer, tablet, or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Second, be sure to see the VoiceAmerica 13 Week Pilot Series Overview list of world class services for an overview of the kind of production, distribution, marketing, promotional and professional support that goes into every show we produce. Full details are available after you speak with an Executive Producer and receive the complete VoiceAmerica New Host Guide.

[+] Q: What are some of the benefits from hosting a show?

A sampling of benefits are:

  • Increased Reach to National & International Markets
  • Build + Enhance your Company & Professional Brand
  • Networking with A-List Celebrities & Industry Leading Professionals
  • Improved SEO allowing people to find you Faster + Easier on the Web
  • Requests for You to be Interviewed on Mainstream Radio & TV Networks
  • Become an Authority + Thought Leader in Your Industry
  • High Paid Speaking Engagements
  • Additional Income Streams
  • Avenue to Create/ Distribute Book(s)
  • Sponsorship & Advertising
  • Increased Database of Potential Clients
  • Customer Loyalty & Higher Retention of Existing Clients
  • Break through your Plateaus in Marketing & Business Growth

[+] Q: What is commercial time used for?

A: Six minutes of commercial time is used to promote your products/ services and for you to monetize your program with sponsors/ advertisers. The remaining time is for you to take a break, speak with guests and prepare for the upcoming segment.

[+] Q: Where do I host the show?

A: Depending on your schedule and geographic location we’ll produce your show via Skype, a landine phone or Live in studio. Some hosts live in Arizona and host their shows locally; others travel nationally + internationally and enjoy the convenience of doing their show in whichever country they happen to be in that week. We create a process with you to ensure professional quality wherever you live, work or play.

[+] Q: When will my show broadcast live?

A: An Executive Producer will assist you to select an available timeslot on a relevant channel that will fit your business/ personal life and schedule. Shows take, at minimum, 6 to 8 weeks of pre-production before going live. A show will air 1 hour a week, at a set day and time, and then be rebroadcast 12 hours later.

[+] Q: Me? A radio show host? Why?

A: We believe everyone has a voice and a story! VoiceAmerica is a global platform that allows you to reach out to and connect with people all around the world. Your listening audience will be moved and inspired to reach out and connect with you, your story, your message, your ideas… What happens after that… is up to YOU! Check out our VoiceAmerica Testimonials Page (Testimonials) to see why our hosts continue to do shows.

[+] Q: How did you choose me?

A: VoiceAmerica has a research staff dedicated to identifying industry leaders and professionals with a high level of expertise including: speakers, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, entertainers and overall interesting people.

[+] Q: Is there a cost?

A: Yes, there is a cost involved to produce a show. The Network must first determine if your show ideas and content fit the profile we generally look for in someone to be a VoiceAmerica host. With Network approval, you and your dedicated Executive Producer will discuss the business arrangements associated with hosting a show.