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Dr. John Demartini

John’s first weekly radio show “Live & Inspired” began on VoiceAmerica Business in 2006, and a second show continued on the 7th Wave Channel two years later. His original 13 week series became the core content for his highly popular “7 Secret Treasures” CD/DVD series.

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Dr. John Demartini

Ariel and Shya Kane , Hosts of "Being Here"

"We are proud to be part of VoiceAmerica and the 7th Wave Channel family. Our radio show, Being Here, has been a top rated show for the past 7 years and has reached 100s of thousands of individuals all over the world - from New York to Malaysia, from Germany to Australia. Folks who have met us via our radio show have traveled in to NYC from as far away as Hong Kong to attend our seminars. Our reach to those who are looking for a Transformational lifestyle is tremendous. Thanks to all the talented staff and especially to our Executive Producer who makes our show Being Here possible. You are bringing a world of possibilities to life." In seven years on the 7th Wave Channel, the Kanes radio show “Being Here” has reached nearly 1 million people internationally. Their weekly Monday evening classes at the Skyline Hotel in New York City attract hundreds of people. They have published four bestselling books, one based on content from their radio show. >View show

Ariel and Shya Kane

Marcus and Shelia Gillette , Hosts of "Ask THEO Live"

I want to thank our Executive Producer and the VoiceAmerica / 7th Wave channel for all that you have done that has made “Ask Theo Live” the successful radio show that it has become over the past five years. The technical support has been great, and our engineer is always on top of everything when it’s show time. Rarely do we have any technical difficulties. Along with the production, the marketing support has created an ever-increasing listener base. I would highly recommend anyone considering hosting an internet radio show look to VoiceAmerica as their production partner. It certainly has worked for us. Thank you! >View show

Marcus and Shelia Gillette

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Host of "Empowering Women Transforming Lives"

It is an honor and has been an amazing growth opportunity to be a Talk Show Host on the Empowerment Channel. When my Executive Producer approached me, about VoiceAmerica and possibly being a radio show host I had only been a guest expert on a couple of shows and was excited and felt stretched by the vision and potential he saw for me and the work that I do. In working with Robert, the amazing and highly positive and professional team at VoiceAmerica I have been able to grow both personally and professionally. I now reach an international market and am able to lift up other guest experts and sponsors to shine in a powerful way around the world while serving and inspiring listeners around the world. I have now become a resource for others looking to step into radio or bring their brand to an international market. I am a frequent guest on other radio shows, live stages and success panels discussing how to utilize radio and social media to share their message in more leveraged way. Many radio show hosts now view me as an expert in field and in radio frequently wanting to learn how I'm making it all work and how to leverage the opportunities they can have as a radio show host. In becoming a radio show host, I have had many doors open up to me because of the international reach, the reputation of VoiceAmerica, and the powerful way I'm now able to reach more people. These opportunities have led to: Becoming a Featured Writer in I Am Enough Magazine, interviews on multiple radio shows, Blog Talk, and Telesummits, I'm frequently asked to interview others, and an expanded reach for my messages and programs. I'm truly honored and thankful to be one of your amazing Radio Talk Show Hosts. I am grateful for the vision my Producer and all of you have held for me, and look forward to all that these coming years will bring. >View show

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Winifred Adams, Host of "Making Life Brighter"

I just want to reach out and say a special THANK YOU! for all you have done to help me in this process called RADIO SHOW! It's been increasingly rewarding and I love it! All of you have helped me so much to make this wonderful and the response is amazing. I have regular listeners and the feedback from them is great. People really love the ecards and they love the pieces Host Services had made for me. In fact, that part has been really well received. I can't say Thank you enough and I would like to thank the Production team who have helped me during the actual on air and prerecord process. Many many many thanks! I hope to continue with greater success into the new year. "GO JOLLY!" >View show

Winifred Adams

Marie Biancuzzo, Host of "Born to be Breastfed"

On July 23, 2013, my life changed forever. If you’ve seen those “changed my life” stories and mentally filed them under “F” for fiction, I understand. But this one is true. July 23rd was the day that I got a call from Robert Ciolino at VoiceAmerica. That conversation changed my life. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have taken the call! As the founder and head of an active business, I rely on my office staff to screen my calls and turn away callers who say they “must” talk to me but don’t pass muster. That day, my “principal pest-screener” Linda told me: “There’s this Robert Ciolino guy from a radio station who wants to talk to you. I figured he was just selling something, but your husband said that a few months ago you met a radio producer with an Italian last name, so I thought maybe this guy was legit.” I was intrigued. Although I was certain that the producer I had met was not named Ciolino, I nevertheless decided to talk to Robert. Robert was engaging, knowledgeable, and funny. It was easy to talk with him on the phone, and I felt sure he wasn’t selling anything. I had never heard of VoiceAmerica, and I didn’t know anything about talk radio. I didn’t listen to talk radio. I didn’t even like talk-radio! (Early in our marriage, my husband learned to turn down the volume if he was listening to talk radio when I walked in the room.) So a guy from a talk-radio network isn’t going to instantly grab my attention. But Robert had a way of drawing me into the conversation about how I could get my message out to the world, and I became more and more intrigued by the idea. When we had talked for the better part of an hour, he asked: “Just one more question—and this one is important—how are you different from all of the other people who do what you do?” I about fell over. I suddenly realized: Robert was indeed selling something. He was selling me on the idea of becoming a radio show host. He was essentially interviewing me for a job as a host! If he had told me his agenda earlier in the conversation, I hadn’t heard it. But that question about “how you are different” grabbed my interest, fueled my curiosity, and hit my “pursue this” button. I’m always very eager to tell people that I’m most definitely not just about breastfeeding. I have a long and varied background in maternal-child health, and I feel confident that I bring a real breadth of academic and clinical knowledge to the topic. I’m sure I responded with an articulate, convincing answer. Uh-oh, I was buying this idea. Robert asked me to write a proposal for a show. I’ve written proposals for books and various other things, so yeah, sure, no problem, I agreed to write a proposal over the weekend. Robert gave me no assurances; he said there would be many other potential hosts with expertise in other areas (e.g., sports, politics) and my proposed show might not be seen as the best choice for one of the available network spots. After pondering the notion, I decided to write the proposal, but I admit that I didn’t spend much time on it. After all, being a host on talk-radio had never been on my bucket list anyway. People considering whether to host a radio show have asked me: “Is it worth the time, money, and effort to make the show happen each week?” I have often asked myself that! Each show takes between 3 and 12 hours of preparation. Finding a guest, agreeing on a date to do the show, getting a description and guest bio written up and sent to the network, finding and reading the professional literature around the show’s topic, creating questions or an outline, doing a pre-interview with a guest, and filing all of the related paperwork after the show—these tasks most definitely use both energy and time. That’s not to mention the time, money and effort it takes to plan and promote the show in general. Creating a new web site to accommodate the show, writing a blog, having weekly strategy meetings with Robert, and developing promotional goodies such as magnets are just part of what it takes to make a successful show. As a small business owner, I ask myself, “What’s my return on investment?” That’s a tough question to answer. The network doesn’t pay the host a dime; there’s no check at the end of the month for hosting the show. There’s also no indication that “Born to be Breastfed” has generated more leads or converted listeners into customers for my primary “Breastfeeding Outlook” business yet. I’ve been a host for nearly a year, and so far I can name only two people who became my customers because of the radio show. The operative words here are, “yet” and “so far.” If I didn’t believe it would lead to financial gains, I wouldn’t do the show. The financial gain is only one small part of the picture, though. Although I can clearly quantify the investments, I can’t begin to quantify the gains. Notice that’s gains, plural. There’s the thrill of the realization that as you sit in your mother’s family room with twelve inches of snow outside, your sound guy is in furnace-hot Phoenix, your guest is in rainy London … and the truth is, on the show you can “be” with anyone in the whole world. There is the reward of having a new mother who is a Texas NICU nurse walk up to you and say: “Marie! I feel like you’re my best friend! I listen to you every week!” There’s the reward of having your skating buddy from grade school exclaim, “You have your own WHAT? You’ve gotta be kidding me!” How cool is that? So yes, I have my own radio show, and it does more than just feed my ego. It has made my bank account fatter. To what can I attribute that? Although the show hasn’t led to new customers, it has led to opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued. I’ve read articles and books I wouldn’t have otherwise read. I’ve met people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. (Perhaps, just as importantly, I’ve reconnected with friends, colleagues, former bosses and others I haven’t seen or talked with in years.) I’ve taken trips I wouldn’t have otherwise taken, gazed at scenery I wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and eaten foods I wouldn’t have otherwise tasted. I’ve hired people I wouldn’t have otherwise hired. I’ve created products I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. I’ve been a guest on radio shows that wouldn’t have identified me as a guest otherwise. And yes, I’ve listened to talk radio shows I wouldn’t have turned on—and I’ve enjoyed them! I’ve written things I wouldn’t have otherwise written. I’m writing this. Most importantly, hosting the radio show has caused me to develop habits and insights I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I’ve hoped for things I wouldn’t have otherwise hoped for. These experiences changed my life forever. >View show

Marie Biancuzzo,

Glenyce Hughes, Host of "Living in the Magic of Possibilities"

I started my show with Voice America almost a year ago and have loved every minute of it. They go above and beyond what is required of them - right from the producer to the recording crew. They are kind, patient and understanding. When ever I have had questions they have got back to me promptly. They are professional on every level. I couldn't imagine working with any other company. Thank you Voice America >View show

Glenyce Hughes

Patricia Raskin, Host of "Patricia Raskin's Positive Living"

My radio program has been on voiceamerica since 2002. I was one of the first hosts and when I started there were about 20 programs. Now there are about 300. The network has grown not only in leaps and bounds in numbers but in quality of programming, technical capabilities and marketing expertise. I have worked with Jeff Spenard, now President of Internet Radio on Voiceamerica, since the beginning. He has been a pioneer in the growth of internet radio and the team at voiceamerica makes it what it is – the best in internet radio. Thank You >View show

Patricia Raskin

Irene Conlan , Host of "The Self Improvement Show"

Now and then I know you like to hear some “good stuff” and, because “good stuff” is so abundant at VA sometimes those of us who are on the receiving end don’t think to say “Thank You.” Yesterday, I had a guest in London who, a few hours before the show, decided he didn’t want to use Skype because he didn’t trust the quality of his connection. I called Scott Duffy who put things in motion. They set Skype up to call the guest’s phone instead of his Skype name (a fairly new service of Skype) and Kevin called before show time to “do a sound check.” (something I consider to be “above and beyond the call of duty). The guest was thrilled, as was I, and the show was seamless. VoiceAmerica has a more-than-terrific staff and this is an enthusiastic "Thank You." >View show

Irene Conlan

Rebecca Costa, Host of "The Costa Report"

If word of mouth carries the same power it once did, then the future of VoiceAmerica is assured. It has been a long time since I have had the privilege of working with such a professional, results-driven company with so many talented individuals. For those of us who work in the media, reliability and performance are essential, but too often, rare attributes. Our relationship with VoiceAmerica started off on a fast track and the company never let up - not for one moment. The marketing outreach was stellar, the broadcast quality unbeatable, and the graphics, publicity and production support the best in the industry. In every conceivable way, VoiceAmerica has behaved as a true partner and as a result, our audience has grown by leaps and bounds and our programming has improved immeasurably. I give VoiceAmerica my highest recommendation to anyone serious about radio syndication. >View show

Rebecca Costa

Andrea Mathews, host of "Authentic Living"

Just wanted to send a special thank you to you and all of the members of the team that isVoiceAmerica and the 7th Wave Network for all of your kind and professional help in making this radio show happen. In all of my life I’ve never worked with an organization in which ALL of the people I worked with were always kind, giving and very professional. You know in this old world, you learn to expect rudeness and unprofessionalism. I have not once found it at VoiceAmerica. Every email, phone call and production issue has been answered quickly, efficiently and with kind professionalism. Every problem has been quickly resolved with, again, kind professionalism. The production staff have always been kind and helpful as well as professional when I’m actually performing on the show and every little detail is always attended to. I don’t know how you guys managed to make that happen, but I’m very grateful. It just makes life so much easier when there’s a gentle flow to everything and gentle flow aptly describes my experience with everyone there. Everyone. Please feel free to send this out to everyone there to let them know of my appreciation. I try to say thanks in every contact, but it’s just not enough. THANKS! >View show

Andrea Mathews

Gloria and Heidi Horsley, Hosts of "Healing the Grieving Heart"

Hosting “Healing the Grieving Heart” on internet radio has been a life changing experience for us as a mother-daughter team. Our guests continue to inspire and amaze us with stories of their journeys through grief,loss, hope and recovery. Thank you to the staff at VoiceAmerica internet radio and the Open to Hope Foundation for making it all possible.” >View show

Gloria and Heidi Horsley

Letter from the host, Maureen Kedes

When I was first approached about doing a show with VoiceAmerica, I thought, “Why would I want this? Who would want to listen to me rant? It’s going to cost me money. What benefit will I get? I don’t know how to do this.” But, something told me to dive in and ignore the negatives. I got a sponsor rather easily, actually received an income check on my first 13 episodes, got total support and teaching and patience from the VoiceAmerica staff, especially my Executive Producer Jon Missall. My Engineer Justin Jackman is such a pro – they make it so you cannot mess up! After the first nervous show, have honed my craft and feel like an old radio pro. I have been hired to host another independent radio program and to narrate an award-winning documentary. The status I get from the radio show is unbelievable. Rather than the 15 years plus experience and remarkable track record I have within my industry, new business prospects are more impressed with the fact that I have my own show on VoiceAmerica! Strange but true. Furthermore, I have been able to network and meet people after having them on as guests. I have gotten several clients out of having my show on the VoiceAmerica network. The value of the status and recognition of being associated with VoiceAmerica.com cannot be measured. Take a look at their line up and you will see why VoiceAmerica is number one! Thank You >View show

Maureen Kedes

Jordan Kimmel, Host of "Magnet Investing"

For the last several years I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting Magnet Investing on VoiceAmerica Business. The network’s reach and professionalism comes across weekly as I continue to receive great feedback from both listeners as well as from my guests. I have been fortunate to have hosted many of this era’s most notable and successful investors as well as noteworthy and famous authors, business leaders, and thought leaders from the fields of ethics, trust, and management. Without exception, I have received only positive feedback about the high quality of the production from my guests. They love your website and how the episodes are achieved for easy future listening. I know my guests and listeners benefit from your technology. As media continues to be re-shaped, I can count on VoiceAmerica to be out front on the cutting edge. “Magnet Investing” with Jordan Kimmel is available on demand, 24/7. Thank You >View show

Jordan Kimmel

Co-hosts, "Xtreme Radio" Presented By FitnessRX For Men Magazine

Voice America has given us a great platform for our weekly broadcast and the quality and professionalism by the entire staff is second-to-none. From Randall Libero, to Jeff Gerstl, Randy Jackman, Brad Komer and our engineer Michael, we have had every question answered and our shows go off without a hitch each and every time. We wouldn't want to be heard on any other hosting service. Thanks, guys! >View Channel

Joe Pietaro & Gregg Valentino

David William Gibbons, Host, “In Discussion”

With many years in broadcast and production, one always is reminded with every due diligence to realize the importance of paying tribute to individuals and firms holding significant vision and passion for their industry. In bringing In Discussion to Voice America as a candidate for its technology platform, I have been impressed beyond words for the manner and dedication to which this programming has been supported with the highest regard. As a product reflecting very cutting edge principles it is challenging in the day to day production intensity, to realize the importance of those behind the scenes whose knowledge and respect ensures detailed and accurate delivery. Their exactness and hard work reflects the vision led in any environment of that leader who holds strong values and earnest support of its hosts and presenters. In many years I have seen and been privileged to meet those who meet these criteria. However, in these changing and demanding times those efforts of maintaining an ever expanding vision is most rare. The devotion to an industry held at Voice America by its founder Jeff Spenard, displays acute awareness to the rare individual who believes in his product and service. I am delighted in these difficult times when friendship and professionalism is at its greatest in this individual, who has constantly crossed the constant barrage of roadblocks most evident and expected in creating such a program with style, true belief and never-ending dedication. For this I could not see a comparable organization either in the United States or Great Britain that would be able to match the commitment to which Voice America and its founder offers so eloquently and with the highest ethics to this program.” Thank You >View show

David William Gibbons


I have never experienced a more thoroughly run, competent and professional company as VoiceAmerica. From the first conversation to the airing of my show, careful thought and attention went into every detail with guidance and care. It is, simply, a wonderful experience. > View Show


I’ve only had one show so far. Thanks for allowing me to brag about it along with giving me a deeper rapport with my guests. My brand name has increased already. I have had a bunch of listeners so far and received one referral from it; and it should be a good, long term client. In addition, I just did a local radio show today. A listener from my show referred me to her boss who owns the station.


One day I transposed a telephone number as I always do, and found myself at the switchboard of VoiceAmerica.com. Within 10 minutes I had bought my first hour of airtime. Within 2 years I had reached 1 million people. None of this would have been possible without the talent, technology, management, and leadership at VoiceAmerica. I love what I do and am honored to be part of a family of other hosts that have the courage to take their message out on the airwaves over one of the largest and fastest growing networks in the world–VoiceAmerica >View show

The Dr. Pat Show – VoiceAmerica Empowerment


Given my very full schedule, I very reluctantly agreed to give hosting my own show a try. Much to my surprise, my show, Turning Hard Times into Good Times has become far more successful than I ever imagined it could be thanks to various factors not the least of which has been the technical and business support of VoiceAmerica. I have my own executive producer and engineer who work with me every week. Also, the management has been very helpful and flexible in working with me to meet my needs in building up this show, which by the way has become a profitable business. Although this is a web based radio business, it’s just like operating a terrestrial radio show with fewer hassles. So at age 62, I have found a new career that has given me a new lease in life as I approach my golden years. > View show

Turning Hard Time into good Time – VoiceAmerica Business


When I was first approached about doing a show with VoiceAmerica, I thought, “Why would I want this? Who would want to listen to me rant? It’s going to cost me money. What benefit will I get? I don’t know how to do this.” But, something told me to dive in and ignore the negatives. I got a sponsor rather easily, actually received an income check on my first 13 episodes, got total support and teaching and patience from the VoiceAmerica™ staff, especially my Executive Producer and my engineer--they make it so you cannot mess up! After the first nervous show, I have honed my craft and feel like an old radio pro. I have been hired to host another independent radio program and to narrate an award-winning documentary. The status I get from the radio show is unbelievable. Rather than the 15 years plus experience and remarkable track record I have within my industry, new business prospects are more impressed with the fact that I have my own show on VoiceAmerica™! Strange but true. Furthermore, I have been able to network and meet people after having them on as guests. I have gotten several clients out of having my show on the VoiceAmerica™ network. The value of the status and recognition of being associated with VoiceAmerica™ cannot be measured. Take a look at their lineup and you will see why VoiceAmerica™ is number one! > View Show


I am TOTALLY excited about being part of the VoiceAmerica family. They are the TRUE pioneers of Internet radio which has become the exciting NEW media platform. Being able to broadcast from my home, the VoiceAmerica™ studios or on location through my computer on the VoiceAmerica™ brand has been a dream come true. The GREAT people at VoiceAmerica™ are the TRUE pioneers of this ever growing media. They are visionaries when it comes to making on demand radio/TV through the World Wide Web. VoiceAmerica™ is the Global GIANT when it comes to introducing the WORLD to the EXCITING landscape of NEW Media. I am PROUD to be a member of this GREAT Company. > View Show