The Gift of Listening

August 23, 2017
Hosted by Ariel & Shya Kane

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Episode Description

When you truly listen to another, your presence is a gift. Tune in to this powerful episode and hone the skill-set of Being Here for another. It may just transform your own life. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

Being Here

Being Here

Wednesday at 9 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane is an ordinary person’s guide to Modern Day Enlightenment! This show is an exciting exploration, which opens the door to living in the moment. Through discussions and laughter you will discover how to be satisfied in all areas of your life, relate in more honest and natural ways, remain centered during life's challenges, eliminate stress and dissolve those knee-jerk behaviors that rob you of your spontaneity and creativity. Ariel and Shya invite you to take a journey into Being Here. That is enough to simply, easily have a reality shift where you suddenly find yourself lighter, freer and more alive. Listeners will discover that there are no rules to follow or methods to learn. Being in the moment can transform even an ordinary circumstance into a profoundly moving, enlightening event. Don’t Miss Being Here! Tune in every Wednesday at 9:00 AM/PT, 12:00 PM/ET with Ariel and Shya Kane, right here on the Empowerment Channel.

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Ariel & Shya Kane

Ariel & Shya Kane

Ariel & Shya Kane are internationally acclaimed, award winning authors, seminar leaders and consultants whose transformational approach allows people to discover satisfaction and increased productivity in all areas of their lives, without working on their "problems". They are expert guides who, with great skill and humor, bring people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. Acting as Catalysts for Personal Transformation, the Kanes provide ongoing consulting and seminars for a range of clients from individuals and couples to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Since 1988, the Kanes have inspired audiences throughout the world, including the United Nations Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. Both of their books have been bestsellers and have been translated into multiple languages.

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Persephone Arbour

Persephone Arbour is an acclaimed seminar leader. Persephone discovered the early days of the Growth Movement in London in the 1970s, first on her own personal and spiritual search, and then trained as a counsellor and group facilitator in the UK and USA. Included in this time were eleven life-changing years spent as a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (now known as Osho). In 1993 she took some time out to reassess her life and work. During that eighteen-month period of retreat she had some profound experiences View Guest page

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Richard Bach

Richard Bach is widely known as the author of the hugely popular 1970s best-sellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah, and others. His books espouse his philosophy that our apparent physical limits and mortality are merely appearance. He is noted for his love of flying and for his books related to air flight and flying in ametaphorical context. He has pursued flying as a hobby since the age of 17. View Guest page

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Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is the author of 24 popular inspirational books and CD’s, including the bestseller The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment. He is a contributing writer for the New York Times #1 best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and his work has been featured on and in 101 Top Experts. Alan’s monthly column, From the Heart, appears in magazines internationally, and he hosts the lively talk show Get Real on®. Alan Cohen’s books and seminars have touched the lives of millions who have found the courage to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Visit to learn more about Alan’s work. View Guest page

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Hazel Courteney

Join Ariel & Shya as they welcome special guest Hazel Courteney, best selling author, journalist and broadcaster. The Kanes will discuss Hazel's top selling newly released book, Countdown To Coherence. Using cutting-edge scientific and spiritual evidence and inspired by her own near-death experience and its incredible aftermath, Hazel explores the nature of the universe and its rich possibilities for human development. View Guest page

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Dr. Larry Emdur, M.D.

Dr. Emdur has received Advanced Training from the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as a Internist/Pulmonologist and recognized by his peers as a Diplomate in the American College of Chest Physicians since 1996. He did his medicine and pulmonary training at the Cleveland Clinic (1979-1984) and has practiced both hospital based and office based pulmonary medicine in San Diego since 1984. He holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh (1975) an MBA from California State University (1998) and has received Advanced Training from the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Visit to learn more about Dr. Larry's work. View Guest page

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Susan Finch

Susan Finch has been teaching Voice and Speech for over twenty-five years. She is an alumna of the Juilliard School, where she currently coaches in their Drama Division and is on the faculty of NYU’s The Atlantic Theater School and Actors Connection. She co-leads Speak Up with Ariel Kane, a fun series of classes where participants discover how to express themselves with clarity and confidence in any situation. An award-winning voice and speech coach and professional actress, Susan coaches theatrical productions, actors, and corporate clients which includes Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Susan's work please visit View Guest page

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Dr. Elke Franzki

Dr. Elke Franzki received her medical degree at the University of Hamburg in 1974. She did her gynecologist training at Wandsbek-Hospital in Hamburg (1976-1981) and has retained a private practice since 1981. She has additional training in acupuncture, Therapy for Sexual Disorders (Masters-Johnson) and Neurological Linguist Practice. And is a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She is married and lives with her husband, Dieter in Hamburg, Germany and has two grown daughters. Elke also sings and performs in an ensemble called "Singsucht" (addiction to singing) and writes the "Intimate Column" in the german magazine “Meins” for women over 50. Visit to learn more about Elke's work. View Guest page

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Gerry Gavin

For over twenty years, Gerry Gavin has been working as a Communication and Empowerment Specialist, helping individuals to reach their full potential by teaching them how to listen to their body, mind and spirit. He does this through a combination of modern day alternatives therapeutic techniques, coupled with ancient sharmanic practices. He is a workshop facilitator, speaker, life coach, medium and creator of the very successful Angels and Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct communication with their angels and guides. Gerry lives on a small horse farm in new Jersey, with Gail, David, Wyatt, Annie and about thirty other wonderful farm critters. Visit to learn more about Gerry's work. View Guest page

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Amy Gideon

No matter what you do in your life you are always selling something – either you are selling your limitations, complaints and story or you are actively engaged in making a difference by “selling” the things you are enthusiastic about. Join Ariel and Shya and special guest Amy Gideon as they discuss the magic of Sales as Lifestyle. Amy is co-owner and sales director of TAG Online, the company that has designed and hosts the Kanes’ wonderful website, She co-owns TAG Online with her husband of 21 years, is the mother of two boys (5 and 8 years old), has a black belt in Tae-kwon-do and is president of her local PTA of one of the largest elementary schools in Montclair, NJ. Amy has also inspired many with her weight loss of 35 lbs. Tune in and discover how to inspire others with a brand new “sales” technique. View Guest page

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Andy Gideon

Andy is co-owner of TAG Online, a full service web company, with his wife Amy and father of Alex and Aidan. View Guest page

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Michael Hanko

New York City voice teacher Michael Hanko founded his program FreeBody FreeVoice in 2003 to help singers and others discover a new level of skill and wellness. His holistic approach, designed to allow students to experience a magical unleashing of their full potential, includes vocal instruction, Alexander Technique, and bodywork. Michael teaches private lessons in his studio in Chelsea and group classes at various venues. He also performs regularly, most recently in his original one-man show Platoon Lieder. For more information on Michael's work please visit View Guest page

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Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson has been seen on Oprah, CNN, The Final Word, 30 Days and The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble. She was featured in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. Alex is a certified health and nutrition counselor. She studied with ground breaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is accredited by Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In her books, Vegan Cooking For Dummies, Living Vegan For Dummies, and The Great American Detox Diet, Alex offers remarkably sane – and tasty – advice on how to detox, live healthfully and feel fantastic. Alex enjoys a busy, healthy life in New York City with her family and a lively boy cat named Sue. She is currently working on her next book and series of workshops, and proves that living a healthy life is most definitely far from boring. Visit to learn more about Alex’s work. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky, M.D. is a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University Medical Center and is a practicing urologist with University Urology Associates, one of the largest urologic practices in the New York City metropolitan area. Additionally, Dr. Kaminetsky is the Medical Director of Manhattan Medical Research, a state of the art multi-specialty clinical research site in Manhattan. He is a highly regarded urologist and skilled in treating all urologic disorders and performing minimally invasive prostate surgeries. Dr. Kaminetsky’s academic interests include the study of both male and female sexual dysfunction, which has led him to become a national and world thought leader. Dr. Kaminetsky work has been published in several journals which led to a nationwide recognition and development of various treatment schemes for patients with sexual and erectile dysfunction, including the creation of Dream Cream, a topical formulation for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Moreover, Dr. Kaminetsky is an experienced principal investigator who participates in national research studies that explore pharmacologic and diagnostic techniques for various urologic disorders. He is currently conducting studies addressing premature ejaculation, ED, male and female sexual dysfunction, BPH, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, voiding dysfunction, and hypogonadism. He has been a Sub-Investigator on a multitude of various diseases, including Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Influenza, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Osteoarthritis, and Acne. His hospital appointments include New York University Medical Center and New York Downtown Medical Center. Dr. Kaminetsky has been consulting for several pharmaceutical companies including Slate, Pfizer, Auxilium, Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline and American Medical Systems. Visit to learn more about Dr. Kaminetsky's work. View Guest page

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Shya Kane

Shya Kane turns 75 this February and his energy and enthusiasm for life inspires people who are young enough to be his grandchildren. Leading transformational seminars for close to 40 years and award winning author of 5 books, his approach to living in the moment has touched the lives of millions. View Guest page

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Karen Lee

Karen Lee, Personal Nutritional Consultant, provides guidance and information on choosing nutritional programs and products from Golden Neo-Life Diamite (GNLD) to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. She is a graduate of Duke University with a BA in psychology, a mother of three children and lives in Montclair, NJ. Visit to learn more about Karen's work. View Guest page

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Dr. Ivan Misner

Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. BNI was founded in 1985. The organization now has over 7,000 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. Last year alone, BNI generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in $8.6 billion dollars’ worth of business for its members. Dr. Misner’s Ph.D. is from the University of Southern California. He is a New York Times Bestselling author who has written 20 books including his latest release; Who’s In Your Room? He is a columnist for and Fox Business News and has taught business management at several universities throughout the United States. In addition, he is the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute – a referral training company with trainers around the world. Called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and one off the “Top Networking Experts to Watch” by Forbes, Dr. Misner is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on business networking and has been a keynote speaker for major corporations and associations throughout the world. He has been featured in the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York. Times, as well as numerous TV and radio shows including CNN, the BBC and The Today Show on NBC. Dr. Misner is on the Board of Trustees for the University of LaVerne. He is also the Co-Founder of the BNI Charitable Foundation and was recently named “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Red Cross. He and his wife, Elisabeth, are now “empty nesters” with three adult children Oh, and in his spare time!!! he is also an amateur magician and a black belt in karate. View Guest page

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Menna van Praag

Menna van Praag is an Oxford graduate, journalist, and chocolate aficionado. She lives in the UK with her gourmet husband, Artur, who runs a mobile vegetarian café and their son Oscar.
Menna has worked as a reader for BBC Films & TV and as a script editor for a number of independent production companies. She self-published her novella, Men, Money & Chocolate, which nine months later sold to Hay House and today has been translated into 26 languages – so far. The sequel, Happier Than She's Ever Been, followed a year later. The House at the End of Hope Street was published by Penguin in 2013. Random House published The Dress Shop of Dreams (Jan, 2015) and published The Witches of Cambridge (Feb, 2016). Allison & Busby has published all three novels in the UK and Menna is currently working on her new novel, The Three Acts of Aubrey H. Gagné. For more insights and inspirations, visit Menna’s Website: View Guest page

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Pat Sayler

Pat is the Former Chief Officer, Equi-librium, whose birthday is Feb 1st at which time she will turn 73. Pat is an avid equestrian among other talents, whose enthusiasm and passion for life is inspiring! View Guest page

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Simran Singh

Simran Singh, Visionary, Life Coach, Talk Show Host, Publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Founder of C.H.O.I.C.E. (Collaborating Holistic Organizations Inspiring Conscious Empowerment) and Creator of BELIEVE…Choices for Conscious Living, utilizes the mind, body, and heart to support individuals in realizing authentic personal expression by tapping inherent power and potential via self-inquiry and conscious choice. Through honoring and illustrating value for each step in the journey, her products and services bring to awareness one’s inherent value. View Guest page

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Dave Stern

Dave is a DevOps Engineer at FiftyThree, a technology company that builds tools for mobile creation. Dave and his wife Pam are parents of Gavin and twin girls, Maia and Leyla. View Guest page

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