Revisiting Past Lives

June 10, 2020
Hosted by Roz Kincaid

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“Could it be déjà vu?” “Why do experiences seem so familiar?” “Why does any kind of hurt, pain or trauma seem to keep popping up as a recurring theme in my life?” “What about past lives and reincarnation?” Join Roz Kincaid and her guest, Tracey McKee in an in-depth conversation on Past Lives and Past Life Regression and get answers to all of these questions. In this episode of Soul Healing Conversations, Roz and Tracey discuss how we can understand why we do the things we do, why we have some of the experiences we have and how we can find healing through Past Life Regression.

Soul Healing Conversations

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Are you healing from past pain? Feeling a little overwhelmed with life and looking for ways to stay balanced and grounded? Perhaps you’re already on the path to enlightenment and you’re looking for new methods to aid in your journey.

When we seek healing, we want to quickly move on from the pain without taking time to digest the wisdom that comes from those experiences. Then we find that the pain pops up unexpectedly, masked as anger, fear, resentment or other negative emotions that can hold us back. Even once we’re on the path to raising our consciousness, we can still get a little stuck.

No matter where you are in your journey, Soul Healing Conversations is a safe space for those seeking to find balance, healing, and transformation. Roz and her guests get real about healing your past and seeing life from an elevated perspective. Conversation topics range from how to master your energy to manifesting the best version of your life. Join the conversation and be healed.

Roz Kincaid

Roz is an intuitive, a healer, a mother, a Senior IT Project Manager, as well as an entrepreneur who owns Soul Healing with Roz in Manassas, Virginia. Her formal training as a Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic and Evidential Medium, along with her natural gifts, enables her to connect with Spirit for divine guidance. She uses that knowledge and ability to support her clients as they grow into the version of themselves that their soul desires.

Understanding the lessons from our experiences and using that wisdom to step into our power is essential to creating positive and lasting change. Roz is dedicated to supporting people as they navigate their process of healing and personal transformation in this faith walk called life. Her passion for empowering people to take ownership of their own happiness is what motivates her to enlighten others on ways to heal and evolve into a higher level of consciousness along their soul’s journey.

She brings a down-to-earth vibe and an authentic voice, spreading messages of love, acceptance, empowerment and healing, all in the vein of “keeping it real.” Roz is here to guide you in your emotional and spiritual journey and to sound the alarm for you to level up!

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