December 31, 2020
Hosted by Stephanie Parrish, C.Lt, HBO.t with Co-Host Doug Crockett, BS, MBA

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Born an ultra-preemie in 1962, Beth grew up with compromised immunity due to large doses of antibiotics given to her at birth. This created health issues throughout her childhood, causing her to be ill every winter, all winter. Beth battled chronic lung and gut issues that carried into adulthood. When her children were born with severe asthma, she dove into self-education and networking with natural practitioners in an effort to find solutions to replace the steroids and inhaled meds. Overcoming childhood asthma in her children naturally, and helping her middle daughter to overcome Crohn's Disease lit a fire and a hunger for knowledge in her. In 2005, Beth ended up bedridden for 3 years due to salmonella food poisoning that leached out of her gut into her bloodstream and poisoned her entire body. This left her with chronic IBS and an inability to digest fats and protein. Again, education and natural products came to the rescue as she fought to regain her health.

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Listen to the Vitality Health Show and empower yourself with knowledge to restore your physical, mental and spiritual health. The show is about instilling hope in those who are suffering, and it’s about healing body, mind and spirit with the best therapeutic tools available. Our mission is to provide knowledge, inspiration and real solutions. People are looking for alternatives to conventional medicine, yet there is so much information out there, and much of it is less than credible. Our vision is to cut through the hype and establish the truth about health solutions that really work. It is to lift and inspire with 21st Century knowledge and ancient wisdom, which can empower you to rebuild your health and then share what you’ve learned with others.

Stephanie Parrish, C.Lt, HBO.t with Co-Host Doug Crockett, BS, MBA

Stephanie Parrish is an internationally certified Hyperbaric Oxygen therapist, a nationally certified PBMT Light therapist and an internationally certified Microcirculation therapist with Avacen Medical. Stephanie loves people, and she loves giving them the tools necessary to enjoy better health and a higher quality of life. As Founder and CEO of Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen and Light Center over the past eight years, Stephanie has been instrumental in the clinical implementation of “Targeted Hyperbaric,” a combination of Hyperbaric and PBMT shown to produce superior health outcomes for clients. As founder of the Vitality Health Show, Stephanie is excited to share her knowledge and experience as well as the expertise of professional guests with you. Stephanie is a captivating public speaker, an excellent interviewer and an inspiring human being who thoroughly enjoys sharing the energy of hope, health and inspiration with others. The guests and topics she has planned for the Vitality Health Show is truly exciting.

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