Moving to the Cloud: How to Prepare and Succeed?

October 21, 2021
Hosted by Bonnie D. Graham

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The Buzz 1: “Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” (Daniel Bell, sociologist, writer, professor at Harvard University) The Buzz 2: “The great growling engine of change – technology.” (Alvin Toffler, one of the world's outstanding futurists) The Buzz 3: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Sir Arthur C. Clarke, CBE FRAS, co-wrote the screenplay for the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey) Technology investments are a big part of the budget for companies in all industries. And under that tech umbrella, one of the top priorities is to move legacy systems to the cloud. The advantages are tremendous – 24x7 access from anywhere, flexibility to get more computing power, and always up-to-date software are just a few. There’s no question about it, moving to the cloud is a smart decision. However, there are several options in the market and different types of cloud deployment. How do you choose the best one for your company? What are the first steps of a successful transformation journey? What does the roadmap look like? And finally, is your organization really ready to drive the transformation? We’ll ask Clay Caldwell at SAP and Harish Chava at Weill Cornell Medicine to discuss the concepts, drivers, and requirements that can help your company move to the cloud. Join us for "Moving to the Cloud: How to Prepare and Succeed?" on Ready. Set. Transform. presented by RISE with SAP.

Ready Set Transform presented by RISE with SAP

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Bonnie D. Graham

Bonnie D. Graham has been producing and hosting live talk radio since 1998. In 2011, working at the enterprise software leader SAP, she successfully created, produced and hosted the weekly “Coffee Break with Game-Changers” business thought leadership roundtable radio series. Over the next eight years, she developed 45 additional series that attracted millions of listeners around the world. Since becoming an independent broadcaster in 2019, she has also been engaged by other global enterprises to develop and host their radio and podcast series. What powers Bonnie’s passion for radio? She “loves speaking with smart people!”

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