Impact of Languages on our Society

December 15, 2021
Hosted by Mahesh Joshi

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United Kingdom loses upwards of 80 billion GBP per year to a disproportionately monolingual workforce, Switzerland attributes 11% of its GDP to its culture of multilingualism and the policies that sustain it. Listen to Wikitongues cofounder and director Daniel Bögre Udell and programs director Kristen Tcherneshoff on how languages impact our society. Today some 7,000 languages are spoken and signed around the world, but acute challenges facing linguistic communities—from forced assimilation to political exclusion—could make 3,000 of those languages fall silent by the end of this century. Such a loss would take a tragic toll upon our collective spiritual, cultural, and ecological knowledge. In response, Wikitongues is building a “language revitalization accelerator” that gives marginalized people resources to launch mother-tongue projects in their communities. Wikitongues, a nonprofit organization working to safeguard and revitalize endangered languages around the world, has been awarded The 2021 J.M.K. Innovation Prize.

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Mahesh Joshi

Mahesh is a true Global Business Executive with extensive experience in developing, managing and growing global businesses. He brings in the perfect balance of academics and practical experience in understanding of global affairs and businesses. He has lived in three continents (Asia, Europe and North America). He has conducted business from all three continents as well as studied in these continents which has allowed him to build a very rounded personality with understanding of different cultures and value systems. He studied at Delhi Technological University in India for engineering degree, and Murray State University in Kentucky for MBA. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in the USA and the Advanced Management and Leadership Program at Oxford. He is currently pursuing his Masters in International Strategy and Diplomacy at London School of Economics in London. His diverse educational background has allowed him to not only build his intellect but also provided exposure to people from various cultures in a learning environment.

He has managed global business successfully at large multinational corporations in senior leadership roles, including General Manager of the business unit at Ingersoll Rand Inc. and President of a business at Cameron International as well as Group President, Energy at Circor International. In his current position, he is responsible for growth in the area of global business.

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