Surviving Out Loud

February 24, 2022
Hosted by Dr. Veirdre Jackson

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What does the word survive actually mean? We can use it so freely, a form of exaggerative humor, such as surviving a long meeting or “I survived” after a difficult exam or even a hot summer day. Yet to someone who moves from a place of having been victimized, to claim the term survivor is significant and honorable—this word holds much meaning and heavy weight. The definition of survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. A survivor is a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died. If we stop and think about what we have survived, I imagine we would have many stories of different forms of survivorship. I am a survivor of a near death experience. I am a survivor of cancer. I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I am a survivor of a stroke. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I am a survivor of sex trafficking. In this show segment we will explore the idea of surviving out loud and what it looks like to live beyond a hardship loudly enough to be heard. Dr. Heather Evans will share about some of her work with survivors in the USA and beyond from survivors of human sex trafficking and other forms of trauma, to survivors of genocide in the country of Rwanda. Through data from a research study of sex trafficking survivors, we will explore themes of post traumatic growth and evidences of how survivors from horrific, unspeakable forms of trauma can grow beyond survival.

Living Strong: The Flip Side of Adversity

Thursday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Resilience isn’t about bouncing back, but bouncing forward. Living Strong: The Flip Side of Adversity brings powerful stories and fearless conversations from experts in the field of business, relationships, emotional, physical and mental health, and faith-based communities together to give practical insight on how there is always a flip side to every story. Each episode creates a brave space that combines proven lessons from neuroscience, powerful tools from authentic connection, key principles from life lessons, and practical promises from faith-based insights. Trauma, toxic stress, broken habits and hurting hearts don’t define destiny, but peace isn’t passive. It requires an exchange. To create a flip and access peace in the middle of the pieces, you are challenged to make an exchange of the lies that have kept you mentally hostage in basement moments for a Steps of Growth framework, which cultivates a shift toward growth planning and forward movement.

Dr. Veirdre Jackson

Dr. Veirdre Jackson is a woman pursuing her purpose and passion, to share her belief that she has survived her pain to be love and light for others on their journey to walk out their promise and live abundantly. As an author, speaker, veteran educator, trauma trainer, business consultant and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, she has connected with thousands of men and women from around the country, cultivated leaders, forged community- based initiatives, built ministry teams and implemented relationship-based programs that deeply impact communities, organizations and individuals from the inside out. Her gift for turning complex concepts into practical approaches for healing shows up in her first book, 16 Principles for Abundant Living, which is a foundational guide for women’s empowerment. In her book and video series, Fearless Conversations with a Limitless God, women and men tackle breaking the cycle of toxic thoughts that keep individuals in hiding places.

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