Reject Diets and Reclaim Your Food Voice

March 30, 2022
Hosted by Dr. Ellen Albertson

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Many women struggle with their weight, especially at midlife. Hormonal changes can influence your appetite, including how much you eat and what you're craving. These hormonal changes can also cause you to store more fat. While you may be tempted to diet, dieting is not the answer. Dieting is not sustainable, and predicts weight gain not loss. Plus, dieting increases stress which can also trigger emotional eating and weight gain around your waistline. What's the answer? Reclaim your food voice and learn to eat intuitively and in this week's show you'll learn how to do it! I'll be dishing with registered dietitian Julie Duffy Dillon about how you can ditch dieting forever and learn to listen to your intuitive wisdom around eating. Plus, Julie will also share her wisdom around PCOS (polycystic ovary disease). You'll lean what PCOS is, what to do about PCOS cravings, and how it can impact menopause. In the second half of the show we'll shift gears and talk about heart disease the leading cause of death in US women, with Tim Bilbrey. He's developed an award-winning home-based system to help cardiac patients, and will share an innovative solution for supporting cardiac patients.

Rock Your Midlife

Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

ROCK YOUR MIDLIFE will help you get real, discover who you are, and give you the tools to navigate your life. Based on Dr. Ellen’s (aka The Midlife Whisperer™) groundbreaking work, it’s your midlife roadmap – the blueprint you need to roll with change, transform yourself, and create a fabulous next chapter. Whether you’re struggling with menopause, want to find work-life balance or live more authentically with passion, Rock Your Midlife provides answers on how to deal with major midlife challenges and transform them into opportunities. Each week, we'll explore big picture changes using seven pivotal steps that will empower you to become who you want to be fast… without frustration, discouragement, or confusion. Each episode will focus on one of these steps: Know yourself, love yourself, energize yourself, reprogram your brain, empower yourself, rehab your relationships, and enlighten yourself.

Dr. Ellen Albertson

Dr. Ellen is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Radio Talk Show Host, Reiki Master, and Mindful Self-compassion Teacher. Known as The Midlife Whisperer™, she helps women raise their vibration so they have the energy, confidence, and clarity to make their next chapter their best chapter. A bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and expert on women’s wellbeing, Dr. Ellen has appeared on Extra, the Food Network and NBC World News and has been quoted in Psychology Today, Forbes, Eating Well and USA Today. She has written five books and articles for SELF, Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping. Her latest book is, Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself and Make Your Next Chapter Your Best Chapter! She brings over 30 years of counseling, coaching, and healing experience to her holistic practice and transformational work. She lives on the Champlain Islands of Vermont with her high-tech, raw-food loving partner, Ken and her tree climbing Border Collie, Rosie.

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