The Effects of War: PTSD and the Interventions that Help Veterans

July 1, 2022
Hosted by Phyllis Ayman, MS/SLP, CDP, CADDCT, CDCM, CMDCP

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After leaving military service, former Marine Corp Lt. Col. Ted Blickwedel became a social worker who worked with veterans living with PTSD. We met Blickwedel last week as he described stepping out of his role as a social worker into one he never expected: one of a whistleblower. In his book, Broken Promises, he described counselors being pressured for increased productivity resulting in their own stress and burnout, while the ramifications reduced quality of care received by veterans at the VA. In this episode, Blickwedel's expertise as a counselor is on display. It's clear there's a range of evidenced based treatment interventions that can be effective for veterans experiencing symptoms associated with PTSD. Not only do these techniques go a long way in ameliorating the symptoms associated with PTSD, improvements could impact improved personal relationships, whether they be friend or familial, as well as improve overall functioning. Beyond veterans, it's brought to light that these techniques are universally accepted for improving symptoms associated with many of the emotional and psychological challenges in people's lives. Jerry Strayve, co-author of 'Broken Promises' brings a perspective more aligned with those of us who do not have up close and personal experience with veterans who have experienced PTSD. Strayve was open, and indeed displayed his own vulnerability, when describing the impact of these interviews on him personally. His impressions of veterans who have successfully completed programs addressing their PTSD punctuates the point that quality of care for veterans, and especially those with PTSD, is a moral imperative.

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Phyllis Ayman, host of Seniors Straight Talk, is a speech and language pathologist, certified dementia practitioner, trainer, and best-selling author who’s dedicated to improving quality life and quality care for older adults in our families, communities and nursing home residents. She’s best known for her communication skills, empathy, unwavering high standards, and believes strongly that care treatment of older adults is a direct reflection of society’s attitudes towards adults the elder years of their lives. She’s passionate about meeting the needs of our culturally diverse senior population and understands the root causes faced by nursing home residents after working in 50 nursing homes. Phyllis is passionate about teaching what she learned from helping your parents to how she can help you. Phyllis is an accomplished author and featured speaker and an accomplished trainer for both the public and private sector. Her latest book Dignity and Respect: Are Our Aging Parents Getting What They Deserve? became an instant Amazon bestseller. She’s published several articles and courses for healthcare workers and caregivers and holds a trademark for the word “IMpathy” (tm).

Phyllis serves as a board member of the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, is an advisory board member to Olive Community Services based in Los Angeles, California and served as a member of the COVID19 National Health Care Coalition.

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