Biotechnology/Genetic Modification and Ethics

September 4, 2022
Hosted by The Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Teen Team

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Episode Description

Another scientific episode from our very intellectual teens at Express Yourself! In segment one, Keerthi humorously describes biotechnology. She looks at the advantages of biotech. Biotech can help produce healthier foods, since genetics can be altered through biotech, scientists can increase the amount of healthy nutrients in crops. Changing the genetic code of crops could also cause fewer pesticides to be used, more efficient farming, and higher output levels. Scientists could use biotech to modify the genetic code of humans by fixing genetic deficiencies and diseases. In segment two, host Ruhani tackles women in Stem and shares books she rates about women in biotech and science. In 1970, women only made up 7% of all STEM spaces, despite making up 38 percent of all US workers. In 2019, women comprised 48 percent of all US workers — and in 2022 they make up 27 percent of STEM spaces. Biotechnology is divided into five branches— human, environmental, industrial, animal and plant. These five branches help us fight hunger and disease, produce more safely, cleanly, and efficiently, reduce our ecological footprint and save energy. Women have played and currently play an important role in each but still do not hold enough CEO positions. In segment three, our A.I. expert, Kevin, shares A.I. and Us,” which talks about how A.I. can and does affect our lives. He discusses how A.I. plays a role in biotechnology and genetic modification. Biotechnology, while it sounds quite complex, is probably one of the earliest sciences used by man as it involves not just fancy machinery lasering tiny cells but also the general domestication of plants and animals. There are a multitude of ways that A.I. assists farmers, some of them predicting the crop yield of the harvest several weeks in advance and gauging the general market price of said crops. Of course, there is so much more, so tune in for the full report. • Follow us: • • • Instagram:

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