Queen Elizabeth Died of a Broken Heart: Why & What It Portends

September 13, 2022
Hosted by Dr. Carole Lieberman

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Episode Description

Beloved Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 - and sent the world into a tizzy! You will hear how the Queen died of a broken heart and how Dr. Carole knows this - even before the autopsy results are in. You will also hear what caused it. Queen Elizabeth's death has affected the world - sending many into mourning. We admire her ability to keep her people safe for over 70 years, through World War, terrorism, Covid19, and countless other dangers. But, she isn't only missed for her cleverness and devotion, she's missed for her bright smile and sense of humor - on display in the video with Paddington Bear for her Platinum Jubilee. We miss her like she was our 'granny'. Now, even before she's buried, the world has gone mad. There are family struggles laid bare. Fortunately, Meghan Markle, the last person the Queen wanted to see, was kept away from her death bed. But, Meghan has not left England and is, in fact, bringing her children over for the funeral - in order to steal more of the limelight. King Charles III is encouraging the 'fab four', Meghan, Harry, William and Kate, to make a show of burying the hatchet, though it cannot be buried for long with Harry's tell-all book due out before Christmas! Even if Harry wanted to bury the book instead, it would be nearly impossible - not with the Publisher having sunk millions into it, and Meghan having sunk her hopes for vindication and more attention into it. King Charles made a lovely speech, but it contained hidden meanings, and though he claims that, as King over all British people, he will not promote his prior causes, he seems to have gone back on this already - by asking for foreign dignitaries to only use transportation that saves the environment (one of his causes celebre.) And the madness has gone 'round the world. A professor from Carnegie Mellon University (and some other racists) have taken this opportunity to shout mean words and rejoice at the Queen's death. Others shout, 'Down with the Monarchy!' and see this as an opportunity for mob rule. When Queen Elizabeth was alive, there was a sense that 'all was right with the world'. Now, with the world in a tizzy, we see just how much her calm kept it together. Dr. Carole is an Anglophile, having lived and studied in London, and for many other connections to the Royal Family.

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