Angels R' With Us

November 16, 2022
Hosted by Serene Grace

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Episode Description

What are ANGELS? Are they beautiful, winged creatures with bright halos around their heads that are depicted in magnificent, Renaissance paintings and most importantly, in the Bible? Are angels male, female, or androgynous? All we know, as humans, the angels have been assigned by God to watch over us from the heavens and serve as messengers and protectors against the evils of the Earth. Angels are very mysterious in their origins, which makes them legends to us and a great source for HOPE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Within this episode, I will be discussing how the angels are guiding humanity towards higher, spiritual vibrations today, along with providing a guided meditation to connect with them.

Shining Bright With Serene Grace

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Ready to shift your outlook and find your shining purpose in life? Are you seeking to empower yourself and create a positive impact within today’s world? Everyone has a sparkle within them that has a spiritual imprint to follow with free will and choices, along with divine guidance. This platform is to inspire empowerment and expand your mind, body, and spirit to awaken and transform yourself. You can expect me and my guests to raise awareness on empowerment, etiquette, and spirituality. So, let’s sparkle together!

Serene Grace

Blessings! My name is Shannon Grace, but I prefer to be called Serene Grace (or Lady Grace) in the holistic community. I started my holistic career about 20 years ago. As a Transformation-Intuitive Life Coach, I empower people to take back control in their lives and give them the tools to make improvements in areas of love, career, business, spirituality, self-confidence, grieving, and over-coming fears. Today, I work full-time (globally). So, please connect with me. I am here to inspire mind, body, and spirit.

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