A Cybersecurity Expert’s Real Life Identity Theft Experience

January 7, 2023
Hosted by Rebecca Herold

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Everyone is a target for identity thieves. Even the most brilliant cybersecurity and privacy experts. Why? One significant reason is because when those organizations and individuals who possess and use your personal data do not effectively secure that data, they leave it vulnerable, leaving YOU at the mercy of cybercrooks. Listen in to hear my riveting conversation with Christine Abruzzi, cybersecurity expert with 30 years of experience, and owner of Cacapon Cyber Solutions describe her current real-life experiences in helping a family member who is an identity theft victim. • What tipped them off that something was wrong? • How they first react and respond? • How did this identity theft situation occur? • What actions are they taking to clean up the victim’s credit files? • What are the lessons learned? • How can listeners protect themselves, family and friends from being identity theft and fraud victims? Christine answers these and many more questions. See more about Christine at https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-abruzzi-738aa913/ See the identity theft & fraud resource list mentioned during the show at https://privacysecuritybrainiacs.com/privacy-professor-blog/ It will be posted on 1/7/2023 #Privacy #PrivacyManagement #RiskManagement #CyberSecurity #DataSecurity #Cybercrime #PersonalData #Awareness #Education #IDTheft #IdentityTheft #IDFraud #IdentityFraud

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There are more information security and privacy threats than ever before. As more technologies emerge, more surveillance tactics are used, and more artificial intelligence systems are deployed, cybersecurity and privacy risks grow exponentially. Rebecca has spent her entire career working to improve information security and privacy protections, by not only raising awareness of the issues within businesses and other types of organizations, but also by raising the awareness of these risks in the public and helping them to understand how to better protect their own personal data, allowing them to take their privacy protections into their own hands. Rebecca offers information about these existing and emerging security and privacy risks and provides fresh insights into the impacts of exploiting these risks, and gives guidance, tips, expert advice and news, with fascinating guests, to help all organizations, and the general public, understand what they need to do to mitigate these risks.

Rebecca Herold

Rebecca has 25-plus years of systems engineering, information security, privacy and compliance experience, is CEO of The Privacy Professor(R) consultancy she founded in 2004, and Co-Founder/CEO of Privacy Security Brainiacs online services, where Rebecca engineered the systems and created all the content, including automated risk assessments and training courses. Rebecca has authored 20 books, contributed to dozens of other books, and published hundreds of articles. Rebecca led the NIST Smart Grid Privacy Subgroup for 7 years, a member of the NIST Privacy Framework development team, and is a NIST Cybersecurity for IoT Program team member. Rebecca has provided expert witness services for HIPAA compliance, IoT security, privacy and location tracking, retirement community members’ personal data misuse, and other cases. Rebecca was co-founder and officer of the IEEE P1912 Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices Working Group, and is on numerous advisory boards. Rebecca was Adjunct Professor for the Norwich University MSISA program for 9 years. Rebecca has received numerous awards, including named as a Top 100 Women Fighting Cybercrime and a Cybersecurity Woman of the Year. Rebecca has provided keynotes on 5 continents and is frequently interviewed on TV and in international publications. Rebecca holds the following certifications: FIP, CDPSE, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CIPT, CIPM, CIPP/US, FLMI. Ponemon Privacy Fellow. Rebecca is based in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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