The Power of Real Food - an in depth discussion about nutrition

February 22, 2023
Hosted by Cecilia Zapata-Harms

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Taking our guests title on her website: Real Food LifeStyle for the Real World is exactly that. Our guest Lisete Andre Cleary is a functional nutritionist. Her own journey into her own health is something all of us can relate. In her own words: "Having spent nearly 25 years in the healthcare space, it’s unlikely you’d categorize me as having limited wherewithal about my own health. Yet, for many years I struggled with digestive issues, poor sleep, fatigue, and brain fog, as well as anxiety and body dysmorphia. I was burning the candle at both ends, in therapy, underweight and suffered with, sometimes severe premenstrual symptoms, which I now realize were hormonal imbalances in my body. And in an attempt to “fix me”, I bought into the hype (fad diets, experimenting with fasting, liquid meals, over-exercising - you get the idea), but the benefits never lasted." Join us on Feb. 22nd and learn about a better path to your health and wellness using real food as your medicine.

Women, Life and Science

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We are women, living a full life, have a professional career in science or in some form or another have been involved in the industry. We have stories to tell and knowledge to impart. We overcame challenges, uncertainties and continue to navigate the ever evolving professional and personal balance. We share in kindness and we share openly. We are grateful for many things. We have little regrets but easily forgive ourselves for our missteps. Women, Life and Science is the open forum for dialogue, knowledge presentations and story-telling.

Cecilia Zapata-Harms

Cecilia has held leadership positions in strategy, joint venture startup and program administration. Her career spans more than 30+ years in life science/biotechnology and healthcare industry. Cecilia started her tenure as a strategic planning manager at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research in the early 1990s, as Program Administrator for the Molecular Pharmacology, Clinical Research Division held a Project Officer role for the National Cancer Institute. She has led the development of clinical research network and oversaw all operational functions for the program. Cecilia was also involved in many status biotechnology startups. In the summer of 2017, Cecilia returned to her life science and biotechnology roots as Chief Executive Officer for 3rdEyeBio, LLC. Cecilia has been known to say that she is like the Jill of all Trades. In my toolbox are a multitude of different sets of skills and expertise that can be applied to almost all industries. Passionate about global health access, innovative approaches to access novel treatments especially for our rural communities, military and developing countries. The joy for me in my work is to find an outside of the box solutions, connect the dots, and see innovators realize the vision, their road map accomplish them and are successful.

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