Providing Critical Education for Seniors on Fraud & Other Issues

March 13, 2023
Hosted by Ron Roel

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As we get older, it becomes increasingly clear that one of the most important resources we need to thrive in our later years is information: clear, accurate, comprehensive information that helps us live safely, with dignity and security—especially as many of us age in place. In today’s episode, Judy Serino, a Community Service Representative and Home Care Consultant for Home Instead, talks about her wide-ranging role providing critical information and education for seniors and their families—particularly about fraud prevention, but also about topics like immunity and disease prevention and dementia care. Fraud and scams have been a stubbornly persistent problem affecting seniors, and the damage they inflict seems to have gotten worse during the pandemic and its aftermath. Judy will identify some of the most prevalent scams and schemes—everything from romance fraud and gift card scams, “spoofing” phone calls, phishing and imposter scams. She’ll talk about ways seniors and their families can protect themselves from becoming victims of scams and resources that can help. A passionate senior advocate, Judy will also talk about other educational programs she provides to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as managing difficult tasks, such as dementia care for older parents.

45 Forward

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Thanks to advances in medicine and health, most of us are just at half-life when we reach our mid-40s, with many potentially productive years ahead. But there’s no road map to prepare us for this period. That’s where 45 Forward comes in.

My show provides you with strategies to shift the traditional waiting-for-retirement model to a journey of compelling life chapters. Each show tackles an aspect of health, finance, family and friends, housing, work and personal pursuits as part of an integrated plan. Experts discuss topics like revitalizing relationships, creating mini-retirements, managing the maze of technology, finding your next homestead and caring for aging parents.

The show instills confidence, and hopefully some comfort, amid the stresses permeating today’s society. Fear of the future is not knowing how to prepare for it. 45 Forward does not proffer prefabricated answers, but helps you shape your life amid the daily anxieties of our time.

Ron Roel

I’m a veteran journalist who spent a wide-ranging career covering business, politics and social issues, the last two decades focusing on the blend of diverse life skills I call successful aging.

I have written extensively on aging topics, spoken at conferences, radio and TV shows, and launched several entrepreneurial ventures, discovering along the way that the path to aging well also requires an unexpected entrepreneurial vision. I spent 20 years as a writer and editor at Long Island’s daily newspaper, Newsday, helping to found Act 2, a weekly section for 50-plus readers. I created, a website offering practical advice and inspirational essays for people ages 40 and above. I have been a volunteer and consultant to AARP Long Island, writing articles, advocating for seniors, and developing action plans for the AARP Age-Friendly Communities initiative.

I am active in programs and organizations that support seniors, such as the National Aging In Place Council and the Senior Umbrella Network. I have developed a special expertise in family caregiving, as one of four brothers who took care of their mother for almost 25 years. I regularly collaborate with many professionals who provide services and support for older Americans, and I am completing a book for caregivers on Long Island, “The Caregiving Navigator/How to Plan, What to do, and Where to Turn When Caring for you Aging Loved Ones. And Yourself,” scheduled for publication in early 2021.

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