Finding a Meaningful Relationship with Sarah Intelligator

August 11, 2023
Hosted by Cindy Stibbard

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Sarah's new book: "LIVE, LAUGH, TRUE LOVE: A Step-By-Step Guide to Dating and Finding a Meaningful Relationship from a Divorce Attorney", is written from the perspective of a divorce attorney, essentially working backwards. Delineating all of the things she routinely watches go wrong in relationships. Sarah shows the reader the pitfalls to avoid and termed the 6 main reasons relationships fall apart the "Fail Factors" or "F-Words". They are: 1) Fundamental Values, 2) Fear, 3) Foundation, 4) Fairy Tale, 5) Family and 6) Fixing. Raised by a mother who has practiced Family Law for almost thirty years, and still practices, Sarah feels as though she has been exposed to the issues Family Law practitioners encounter on a daily basis, her entire life. Sarah has also been a yoga instructor since 2000, and a spin instructor since 2004. She continues to teach. Sarah incorporates her experience as an instructor into her lawyering style. Teaching has enabled Sarah to maintain calm even under the most rigorous of pressures. It has provided her with the invaluable opportunity to command the respect and attention of any group of individuals she addresses, and it is her nurturing nature that gravitated her, both, to teaching and to the practice of, specifically, Family Law. FREEBIE: Is This Still My Forever Person?

Divorce ReDefined: Changing the Experience of Divorce

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We are having raw and candid conversations that you need to be having. Conversations that will improve your life: Contemplating Divorce: Things You Can Do First, How to Have Tough Conversations, How to Save Money On Legal Fees, The Importance of A CDFA in Your Divorce, Blending Families, How To Set Boundaries, Starting New Relationships, How To Deal With A High Conflict Ex, Mindfulness in C0-Parenting, Improve Your Sex Life, Dating After Divorce, Family ReOrganization, How Friendships Change in Divorce, Post-Divorce Finances, ReDefining YOU After Divorce, Getting Back in the Game: New Career Path

Cindy Stibbard

Cindy Stibbard is the driven and compassionate entrepreneur and CEO behind Divorce ReDefined, her Vancouver-based separation and divorce coaching practice. Divorce can be a messy, stressful and particularly raw experience and few truly understand the process, know their options or how to most effectively cope with and manage this major life transition. After going through her own high-conflict divorce, this passionate and determined mother of two, became inspired to help others successfully navigate this difficult time in their lives. As a Certified Divorce Coach® and Certified Divorce Specialist, Cindy created her unique practice to help people on an international level through every stage of their divorce and beyond to redefining themselves in their new chapter of life. Her support is multidimensional: from helping those only contemplating separation or divorce identify and manage their most pressing fears, to thoughtfully and cost effectively navigating the divorce process itself, through to re-defining life beyond divorce.

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