Developmental Milestones ... Small Interventions to Big Triumphs

November 8, 2023
Hosted by Lynn McLaughlin

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We're discussing the crucial topic of developmental milestones and early intervention for children. Drawing from her own experiences and extensive expertise, Theresa shares invaluable insights and practical advice on helping your child reach their full potential. Discover why early intervention is key and why it's essential to trust your instincts as a parent and the importance of creating a nurturing environment from birth to three years, where children can develop vital skills, especially in communication. She introduces the CDC developmental milestones and offers actionable recommendations to seamlessly incorporate them into your daily routine. - Learn about engaging educational tools like the Carrots and Cake app, designed to promote educational and healthy screen time habits. What's the "Wait Until 8th" movement and the significance of limiting technology use. - Explore the subtle cues that can reveal your child's progress and potential challenges. Shared attention, reaching out, and laughter are indicators of linguistic development. - Embrace your child's interests and play styles. Discover practical strategies for helping children with focus so they can thrive. Understanding their interests and observing their play can be instrumental ... acceptance, patience, and mirroring positive energy. - How well-intentioned assistance can sometimes hinder a child's growth. Learn about the power of allowing children to struggle, problem-solve, and build resiliency. Our guest emphasizes the difference between "helping" and "doing" and encourages parents to empower their children to ask for help or tackle tasks on their own. Self-care is presented as a selfless act, and techniques like EFT tapping are discussed. Theresa offers free ebook with excerpts from , as well as insightful articles, engaging TikTok content and her course, "Breakthrough Parenting Solutions".

Taking the Helm

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My current mission is: To empower children by helping them discover the essential stepping stones they need to strengthen their emotional well-being. The vision is: To cultivate confidence, empathy, responsibility, and self-awareness in children, equipping them with the skills to regulate their emotions in a positive way. Our children deserve to be emotionally healthy as they grow through youth into adulthood. As adults, if we model these behaviors for our children and incorporate them into our own daily lives, imagine the synergy we can create! We have become accustomed to wait for symptoms before we seek help, both emotionally and physically. It's time to change our way of thinking from reactive to proactive. Let's learn what we need to now so kids growing up have skills and strategies to use for life, in this very challenging world.

Lynn McLaughlin

Lynn McLaughlin has served in many roles as an educator … Superintendent, Principal, Vice-Principal, Teacher, and Educational Consultant. As a best-selling and award-winning author, Lynn has now teamed up with her niece, Amber Raymond, to co-author a children’s book series titled, “The Power of Thought”. Both are passionate about being proactive when it comes to children’s mental health. When children learn to manage their emotions at a young age, they learn to problem-solve and find positive solutions to everyday situations. Lynn has hosted the podcast, Taking the Helm for over three years. One of her guests might be the change agent you need in your own life! Lynn’s professional speaking experiences have been local, provincial, and international. She offers virtual and in-person interactive presentations geared toward parents and school communities focusing on emotional well-being. Dedicated to community causes, Lynn is a member of 100 Women Who Care Windsor/Essex and is a Rotarian. As a brain tumour survivor, she works tirelessly to support the goals of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

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