Sustainable Leader: Enhancing Yours and Others' Personal Safety

December 28, 2023
Hosted by Monique Daigneault

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Episode Description

In a broad sense, environmental wellness is the focus of protecting resources and enhancing personal safety. You are shaped by the environment around you and that has an impact on how you lead. The truly ‘Sustainable Leader’ embraces environmental stewardship at home and at work by taking part in conservation activities. And they are also attentive to their own and others’ personal safety in and out of the workplace. In this multi-part Sustainable Leader series you will hear about this topic through engaging solo shows featuring your host, Monique, as well as her guests who are subject matter experts in this field. Don’t miss these exciting episodes that will help you lead more effectively by making your environment safer and more sustainable. The second episode of this series addresses the area of environmental wellness that ties into personal safety. Any place that your physical body is located is considered your physical environment. Anything that goes on in your physical environment can impact you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. So, it is critical that your physical environment be safe in all those ways and be a place that reduces fear, vulnerability, and contributes to your empowerment. That is your responsibility to yourself as an individual. In addition, as a leader you are responsible for the personal safety of your coworkers within the workplace. If you have not already, you need to take steps to strongly influence policies related to workplace violence, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other acts that put the safety of employees at risk. If you are not aware of the policies, then become aware of them. Workplace safety is not just the responsibility of Human Resources. It is everyone’s responsibility. Listen in to this engaging episode as your host, Monique, discusses how you can lead better by enhancing this dimension of environmental wellness.

Leading with Intention

Thursday at 9AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Challenges in the workplace and within teams is only increasing as companies struggle to transition to a post-COVID 19 remote work situation. These unstable times have stretched companies and their leaders beyond their capacity, and they do not know how to maintain a balance of authority, empathy, compassion, and assertiveness toward their coworkers, much less continue their own career trajectory. Leading with Intention offers support, encouragement, and tools to help corporate leaders address their personal shortcomings and emerge from these unprecedented times as well-rounded, self-assured leaders. The show focuses on execution - helping leaders learn how to improve soft skills, leadership competencies, and work-life balance. Most importantly, how to ensure that their organization is in alignment from the top down, including leaders and their direct reports.

Monique Daigneault

Monique Daigneault is the President and CEO of MD Consulting. She has been a trained executive coach since 2003 and, as an Accredited Master Coach, has logged over 3,000 coaching hours with corporate executives on six continents, in over 15 industries. Monique helps clients set goals, pinpoint the root cause of business problems, explore solutions, address workplace dysfunction, and implement sustainable and measurable changes. She helps clients unpack how their conscious and unconscious behavior impacts their leadership abilities. The outcome of her process gives them more acute insights about their workplace relationships and the ability to drive bigger change throughout the organization. By engaging in her proprietary process, Monique’s clients also build business agility, resilience, and influence. Monique is a survivor of childhood trauma, workplace micro-trauma, and has Complex PTSD. Despite that she has achieved seven business certifications, an Associate and Bachelor of Science in Management, and a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is a contributing author of two self-published books, as well as the author of her newest leadership book which she is currently pitching to publishers. Monique has leveraged her traumatic past and made it her mission to shift behavior in the workplace and empower leaders to be more impactful and influential.

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