Special Encore Presentation: “Love God. Live Truth - An overview of the Torah” (part 1)

January 15, 2010
Hosted by David Gibbons

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Theology and explanation are brought to listeners in academic and practical form in the series “The Torah.” C.L. Mitchell and John Core will be Gibbons long-term guests in the exploration of the “Torah” and its significance in the Biblical journey. With thought provoking and intense passion for the works of the Old and New Testaments, explanation of the words of God provide practical applications in today’s world. This first program of an important series, evaluates the authorship of the Torah and its controversy in the academic world. As such questions are raised discussing the implications of accepting a theory such as the documentary hypothesis? Is there sufficient evidence for Mosaic authorship of the Torah and at least a second author, when we come to the latter section of Deuteronomy? Also, what is the agenda (s) behind such theories as the JEDP Hypothesis? Further, who was Moses and given his troubled history, why would God use such an individual to author the foundational pages to the whole of scripture? What does God's willingness to use a troubled character such as this man so profoundly say to us and offer by way of hope?

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