The J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center

April 23, 2011
Hosted by Terri-Sue

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Therapeutic horseback riding is not only good for the body, it is good for the mind and spirit as well. Be sure to tune in for this discussion on the many benefits therapeutic riding can provide. Learn how this very special therapy can raise self-esteem and empower those who encounter the power of these majestic animals with self-confidence and pure joy.

Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind

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Frame of Mind is a program that mainly focuses on various means of obtaining a healthy, well balanced life. We will also consider the benefits of combining modern science with ancient healing practices such as Ayurveda.

We will help develop a community of people who want to enrich their lives with new ways of looking at the world and all who inhabit it. In so doing, you can create ways that we can live and work together harmoniously and peacefully for the good of mankind and our planet Earth.

If we believe that we can create peace in the world exponentially, our mission becomes to lead by positive example. If we learn to live and think healthier, we begin to explore and focus on our strengths. Once we determine what our strengths are, we can use those gifts and talents to help others to heal. Helping others fosters congeniality. Congeniality facilitates peace and love.

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Terri-Sue is an elementary school teacher. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

She began taking classes in Ayurveda at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California and was inspired to learn more about alternative means to heal the mind, body and spirit. Terri-Sue shares her learning experience with you as she continues to gather knowledge and a clearer understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle through prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise and healthier nutritional choices. Although her expertise is in teaching, her journey in learning about holistic healing as well as mainstream health and wellness practices continues to unfold as she interviews various guests in their specific areas of expertise.

Her accomplishments include being named 1999 Teacher of the Year for the Long Beach Unified School District. She has also been a mentor to aspiring Cal State University student teachers. She is also a writing coach.

Terri-Sue is an aspiring author of children’s books and maintains membership in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has two published poems, one of which received Honorable Mention in a nationwide contest for teachers. She has earned a certificate in Art and Creativity for Healing. Terri-Sue belongs to the Institute of Noetic Science, which promotes peaceful living globally, while learning more about each other as a human race.

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Marilyn Addison

Marilyn began her journey with essential oils over twenty-five years ago. At different forks in the road she used essential oils to energize, inspire, rejuvenate, calm, and heal her body, mind and spirit. In recent years, essential oils became an occupational necessity. As a successful leader in the banking industry, she realized that the work environment was one where most people have minimum control with conditions such as fluorescent lights, inadequate heating and air systems; stale air, employees who smoke or have colds and flu. These conditions had adverse affects on their body, mind, and spirit. She began to share her custom blends with friends and colleagues and their transformation was evident. She realized if she could bring harmony and balance to those in her immediate environment, she knew that there was a larger audience that she could reach. She studied aromatherapy at the American College of Health Sciences and became a Certified Aromatherapist. View Guest page

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Donald Altman

Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, is a practicing psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, Emmy-Award-winning writer, and Vice President of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME.ORG). He is known for the way he makes mindful living and spiritual values accessible through his writings and workshops. Donald Altman is currently an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling, where he teaches The Contemplative Dimension in Education and Counseling. He is also a faculty member of Portland State University’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Program. A prolific writer, Donald’s most recent book is One-Minute Mindfulness: 50 Simple Ways to Find Peace, Clarity, and New Possibilities in a Stressed Out World. He has written several other highly acclaimed books, including The Mindfulness Code: Strategies for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Unhappiness, which was selected as “One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010.” He has also authored the pioneering mindful eating books, Art of the Inner Meal and Meal By Meal. Donald has also written for television and documentaries, and has had numerous articles appear in print. View Guest page

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Wendy Ansel

Wendy Ansel, creator and founder of Rocks and Runes, has over twenty years experience in the trade. Born in Boston, she left her family at the age of 18 and toured Europe. She then moved to Australia, acquired dual citizenship, and traveled the Outback for over twelve years. There, she developed her relationship with nature and learned the art of listening to the earth. She also traveled extensively through Southeast Asia. Her travels include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Nepal, and an 8-month stay in Japan. Her company,Rocks and Runes specializes in the metaphysical properties of semi-precious gems and minerals. She believes that physical upsets, imbalances, and diseases are created from emotional stress or trauma. To counteract that stress, we seek natural remedies, in the form of gemstones and crystals. Her philosophy is, “If your car is broken, consult the manufacturer; if your body is broken, consult the earth.” View Guest page

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Karen Bauman

Karen Bauman personally experienced the profound depth of healing that comes through therapeutic relationships and bodywork that takes the whole person into account. Transitioning from a career as a college professor, she chose to complete 1000 hours of training in neuromuscular therapy followed by over 400 hours of advanced training in Myofascial Release, as taught by the foremost authority John F. Barnes. Since graduating in 2006, Karen has maintained a private practice as the owner of Release in Motion, helping clients gain relief from acute and chronic pain. As a former college professor, Karen enjoys educating clients with life-long skills for actively healing themselves. Karen also is a frequent lecturer on the unique role of fascia in the healing process and how Myofascial Release compliments other therapeutic modalities to accelerate results. Karen is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and served on the board of the California chapter for 2 years. View Guest page

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Donna Brandt

Donna moved to California after graduating with an engineering degree where she met her husband, Bruce. While living in Santa Ana Heights, we bought two racehorses and kept them in our backyard. We rode every chance we could. After our first child was born, we decided horses were too much work, so we moved to Huntington Beach. There, we had our second child, Jamie, who has severe developmental delays and autism. It wasn't until after our third child was born that I heard about the Therapeutic Riding Center. Jamie started riding with TRC at about 8 years old. She flourished. Pretty soon I was a sidewalker and horse leader. Ten years later, she is a board member and instructor. Her entire family is involved with this unbelievable program. They all have volunteered and have helped with the fundraisers. She has seen first hand what this program can do for children and adults with all different types of disabilities. It builds confidence and self-esteem where there is usually little, as well as the obvious benefits of hippotherapy. View Guest page

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Juan Carlos Briseno

Juan Carlos Briseno grew up in Mexico and spent some time in the United Kingdom during his younger years. He created a training hybrid between logistics, project management and emotional intelligence. He conducted this training in the UK, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Argentina. He has been working for the Chopra Center as a Program Consultant since January 2009. His skills include being a Project Manager and Emotional Intelligence trainer and have earned professional certification as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Tennis Trainer. View Guest page

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Brenda Burger

Brenda Burger, LMT, TFT, NMT, CST owner of La Quinta Healing Arts Inc., decided to treat herself to a vacation swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas June of 2007. On the last day and the last dolphin encounter of the week’s retreat, Brenda swam a distance away from her human pod members to have a moment of quiet bliss. Seconds later a large dolphin appeared within an arms length from her, slowly swimming around and around, curiously and with great visual (eye to eye contact) and sonar wave attention. Brenda felt the powerful sonar wave energy move through the core of her being. So overpowering was this experience, she had to mentally ask the dolphin after what had to be at least ten revolutions around her, to stop. In a flash the dolphin was gone and Brenda changed forever. A few months later, she was introduced to sound wave therapy which sound therapists use to help others experience music as vibration through their body while lying on a water filled mattress, feeling the music as vibrations. A few days after experiencing the sound wave table technology, she had a vision to recreate a virtual experience of her moments with the dolphins. She named this experience, Virtual Dolphin Therapy. View Guest page

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Dana Butler-Moburg

For the past 13 years, Dana has been the executive director for the J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center in San Juan Capistrano. The Shea Center is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs. In the last 13 years, the Center has quadrupled its operating revenue to a $2.3 million annual operating budget while growing services to serve over 471 clients with special needs each year at the Center. With 11 full-time staff and 11 part-time and contract staff, the Shea Center is one of the largest therapeutic equestrian centers in the U.S. Her work was recently recognized with the Founder’s Award by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association national organization for making a meaningful impact on the entire industry of therapeutic riding. In 2009, she was also named one of “20 Women to Watch in Orange County” by OC Metro magazine. View Guest page

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John Childers

John Childers is a Yoga Teacher-Therapist-Consultant. John began studying yoga in 1987 as an extension of his meditation practice. He was one of the original teachers to launch YogaWorks of Orange County and created the first 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification at his studio Full Spectrum Yoga. John Childers has taught over 17,000 yoga classes, workshops and private sessions in the last 20 years. His style of Yoga focuses on a full spectrum integration of body, breath and mind. His goal is to help restore health and well-being through the practice of hatha yoga, while empowering everyone to grow in wisdom and compassion. He invites us to directly connect to our inner teacher-healer-guide so that we may know the difference between medicine and poison in our yoga and life. View Guest page

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Carla Sridevi Cohen

Carla Sridevi Cohen had a career as a vice president in public relations and a subsequent career as a manager of development in film. She had no energy and after two years of exhaustive tests and doctors telling her they couldn’t help her, she was left with a diagnosis of Epstein Barr. She was introduced to TM, which gave a boost to her psychic abilities. The TMers came to her home and one of them told her she was a healer. She later attended an energy balancing session and was again told she was a healer. Carla really had no idea what that meant, but a series of gifted teachers started showing up in her life to help her learn. She has taught healing in the US, Mexico, Greece, Ireland and along the way, became a trusted authority on essential oils. Besides maintaining her healing practice, she has been teaching and developing classes on essential oils for 11 years throughout So Cal at yoga studios, LA Harbor College and Cal State University Long Beach. View Guest page

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Ina Cover

Ina Cover was in the Olympic Development Program for soccer as a teenager, and started at center midfield all four years at George Washington University in D.C. (where her name is still on the record books for assists). She's been in great shape her whole life, but since coming to The Perfect Workout she says, "This is the strongest I've ever felt! Even though I ran a lot for soccer, this is a better feeling. I have more balance in my body, and my upper body feels much stronger. I have definition in my arms - I've never seen that before!" Ina's clients like the fact that she does things "by the book." Her detail-oriented technical knowledge, combined with a tough approach that doesn't let them off easy, and a healthy dose of encouragement helps clients get the most out of every workout. Ina also manages the Newport Beach studio, and things are on a roll. The studio is growing, clients are improving their health, and she has a great group of trainers who are hitting their individual goals. The Perfect Workout has had a positive effect on Ina's whole life, and she says she goes home happy and fulfilled. View Guest page

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Davidji travels the world with Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon teaching meditation, stress management, and personal transformation at Chopra Center workshops, retreats and programs. Before arriving at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, he spent almost 25 years in the corporate world. Shortly after watching the twin towers fall, he left New York on a journey of self-discovery that took him to England where he met Dr. Chopra and then on to India where he discovered his greater purpose. Within the nurturing environs of the Chopra Center, and under the daily guidance of co-founders Deepak Chopra & David Simon, davidji became the Center’s Chief Operating Officer, a Certified Perfect Health Ayurvedic lifestyle educator, the Center’s lead Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. On November 1, 2009, he took on the roles of Dean of Chopra Center University and Vice President of New Development. Every month he empowers and transforms thousands throughout the world to be the calm amidst the chaos, the stillness within the storm, and the fulfillment of their most passionate beliefs. View Guest page

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Dr. Ram

Dr. Ram is a licensed Ayurvedic Physician (BAMS) in India and Nepal and a Master Herbalist who headed a panchakarma retreat center in South India and currently as a partner for last 6 years with The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda . Dr Ram has helped build and sustain a growing community of people passionate about the value of Holistic medicine specially Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. He has written numerous times in an Ayurvedic Q&A column for LA Yoga magazine. He has given several national and international seminars and workshops on the Ayurveda and Health, as well as speaking at the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine and giving a talk at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore on insomnia. In addition, he is an ongoing lecturer at National and international Ayurvedic schools. He is interested in the disorder of insomnia and together with his team of expertise performed a 6 month double blind sleep study to investigate the potential of several herbs and amino acids in mitigating sleeplessness. The result of this study was a formulation called The Sleep Solution. He is currently developing several other herbal formulations. Dr. Ram is very interested in Yoga and has studied extensively with Yoga masters in India. He is involved with and loves the difference that it is making in the lives of the people of Nepal. He is deeply influenced by the teachings and thoughts of the seer and philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, and is grateful that he can pursue a way of living that involves practicing Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine and devote time for health education and awareness to his clients. View Guest page

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Jack Ebner

Dr. Jack Ebner is one of Southern California’s most innovative and influential leaders in the field of wellness and holistic health. He is a practitioner of the healing arts, an educator, and the founder of the Omadawn Wellness Center and Yoga Studio. He has published a chapter in the textbook, Chiropractic and Head Pain and is presently working on his own book, Ayurvedic Cranial Therapy. Dr. Ebner has earned a B.A. degree in Psychology, a B.S. degree in Human Biology, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Ebner has advanced training in Ayurveda through the California College of Ayurveda, and is a certified practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine by the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. He is a certified yoga teacher through the Sivananda Yoga International organization, and authorized to teach meditation by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi of Benares. Dr. Ebner can be reached at 562-799-2423 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 562-799-2423 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or may be e-mailed at View Guest page

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Red Jen Ford

Red Jen Ford is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach and Seasonal Eating Expert. First as an environmental engineer, then as a management consultant, she spent 13 years juggling her demanding corporate job with her need for healthy & tasty food, plenty of exercise and a fulfilling life. Conquering that challenge to find balance, she realized her true calling was to help others do the same. Jen learned through her own struggles with food and body image issues that it’s important to let your diet change with the seasons to optimize energy levels and immune function. Managing a farmers’ market has deepened her understanding of seasonal eating and through the bridge of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda; she has integrated seasonal living and yogic principles into her cooking classes, lectures and private practice! In Jen’s health-coaching practice, she specializes in working with individuals who are ready to take control of their health and drop the extra weight while increasing their energy without dieting, deprivation or counting calories. Jen also consults with organizations to help them define and implement wellness strategies, and she is so proud of her most recent achievement, the online cooking course, “Simply In Season – Fall Recipes That Celebrate Healthy and Easy Seasonal Food.” View Guest page

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Laura Galuhn

As Director of Wellness Services for the Yoga Shakti Wellness Center, Laura brings a variety of skills and associated experience to the Center. She has been a registered nurse for over 30 years (primarily in the operating room). She has studied Ayurveda for about 12 years and graduated from the California College of Ayurveda as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and a Pancha Karma Specialist. In addition to her formal training, she brings to her clients a lifelong interest in natural health and well-being. View Guest page

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Ann Marie Holmes

Ann Marie Holmes, author and international consultant, presents Feng Shui principles in a totally new western way, incorporating depth psychology, intuition, Native American spirituality, and quantum physics, to help people develop an interactive relationship with their physical environment. Ann Marie Holmes was a member of the famed Findhorn Community in Scotland, and is a pioneer environmental intuitive. She is a Feng Shui Specialist and a teacher of Earth Spirit Living for over two decades, working with more than 1,000 clients & students. A dynamic presenter, she speaks at conferences and on TV and radio programs & gives retreats on Hawaii. She is the author of award-winning Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature Into Your Home. To learn more, visit her web site at View Guest page

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Dorothea Hover-Kramer

Dr. Dorothea Hover-Kramer has been a clinical nurse specialist and psychotherapist for more than thirty years bringing self-healing principles to people who seek body/mind/spirit healing. Her latest book "Healing Touch: Essential energy medicine for yourself and others" (Sounds True, 2011) opens doors to physical and emotional self-care and is filled with specific, energetic exercises as well as fascinating stories, the scientific and research base of the work, and multiple resources for accessing the worldwide networks of the nationally accredited Healing Touch Program. View Guest page

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Andy Kelley

Andy Kelley prides himself on being a "regular guy" who is able to reach an audience that might not otherwise be inclined to meditate. On that premise, he founded The Boston Buddha with the mission to help average, everyday people feel better about themselves, by Meditating, or as he likes to say, “getting out of their own way”, so they can be more effective in their careers and happier in their lives. Andy is a certified meditation instructor for the Chopra Center. He’s also a graduate of Jon Kabat-Zinn's The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program at the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School. He teaches young and old, from professors to carpenters, moms and dads... in fact the programs have morphed to include an Elementary Courses for kids ages K - 5, another for teenagers and Workshops for Corporations as well. View Guest page

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Seth Lantz

Seth Lantz is the Whole Body Team Leader for Whole Foods Market Huntington Beach. He has 10 years of experience working with nutritional supplements, natural body care products, and herbal teas. As a Track and Field athlete and Biology major in college, Seth developed an interest in nutrition and its effects on the body’s performance. This interest, combined with his years of work with natural products, has provided him with an understanding of the profound impact that what we put in and on our bodies can have on us. View Guest page

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Catriona Mac Gregor

Catriona is the award winning author of "Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth" which won a Gold Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in 2011. She is the coauthor of Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and the Planet, along with Carolyn Myss, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Masaru Emoto, Fritjof Capra, Thich Nhat Hanh, et al.. Catriona's work has been covered in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, NPR Radio, The Shirley MacLaine Radio Show, NPR, and the Today Show. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Catriona MacGregor

Catriona is the award winning author of "Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth" which won a Gold Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in 2011. She is the coauthor of Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and the Planet, along with Carolyn Myss, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Masaru Emoto, Fritjof Capra, Thich Nhat Hanh, et al.. Catriona's work has been covered in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, NPR Radio, The Shirley MacLaine Radio Show, NPR, and the Today Show. View Guest page

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Fred Mandell

Fred Mandell has earned a reputation as a highly innovative business leader, author, widely collected sculptor and painter and catalyst for personal change. He has helped thousands of individuals and their organizations internationally to develop their creative skills and enhance their personal and professional growth. A highly regarded speaker and teacher, Fred’s insights have moved thousands to view their lives and work in new ways. As a result of his coaching, mentoring and consulting he has been called "a great compass" and "life changer". In 2012, Fred will be launching the Coaching for Life Change Artists on line program designed to provide coaches with the tools, techniques and concepts to help clients unlock their personal creativity and successfully navigate change in their lives. View Guest page

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Shira Miller

Southern California Concierge Holistic Menopause Doctor for Men & Women. Dr. Miller is board-certified in internal medicine and is an expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the Wiley Protocol. She also has been practicing integrative, functional, alternative, holistic, nutritional, wellness, age management, and anti-aging medicine since 2006. Prior to opening her own private practice, Dr. Miller worked as a clinical research consultant at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, as an urgent care physician at the VA Oakland Outpatient Clinic, and as an integrative doctor at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, Cenegenics, and the Hall Center. She has been a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) since 2005, and on its board since 2009. "When Mother Nature quits, I'm here to help you keep your mind, body, and sex life healthy as you age! View Guest page

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Angela Neve

Angela Neve, NMT, MT-BC is a board-certified neurologic music therapist and co-owner of The Music Therapy Center of California. She has been working as a music therapist for over seven years in the San Diego area with children, teenagers and adults with autism. She has published several products including the In Harmony program, an educational product targeting speech and social skills through music. She is the music director of Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse and stars as Miss Angela. She currently serves as the Phase 3 Early Intervention Director for the Autism Tree Project Foundation in which she trains preschool teachers on inclusive music strategies, she also serves as the entertainment director for Autism Speaks. She has presented locally and nationally for organizations such as Kids Included Together, the Autism Education Network, and the American Music Therapy Association. As a sibling of a brother with special needs, Angela has seen the power of music in making changes in her brother Luke's life, and is dedicated to bringing that passion to the clients and families that she serves. View Guest page

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Lisa O’Bryan

Lisa O’Bryan has been a certified I-ACT (association of colon therapy) therapist since 2006. She has been a massage therapist since 2003 and a Reiki Master since 2000. In addition, she is a hypnotherapist. Lisa brings a holistic and relaxing energy to her colon hydrotherapy practice. She believes that colon hydrotherapy can be the most beneficial type of therapy one can do for the overall health of the body. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Cal Orey

Author-Intuitive Cal Orey is a Northern California-based accomplished author and journalist specializing in topics such as health, nutrition, science, and pets. She holds two degrees in English (Creative Writing) from SFSU. Her books include the popular Healing Powers book series (published by Kensington), translated in more than 15 languages and purchased by OneSpirit book clubs from Good Cook to Literary Guild. The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, and Coffee are also available at online and local bookstores. (She is also a phone psychic for two international networks and is a repeat guest on national radio shows such as Coast to Coast and The Mancow Show.) Her websites are and . View Guest page

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Diana Pipaloff

Diana’s path into Eastern Philosophy began at age16, with martial arts, becoming vegetarian and studying psychology. Diana sought a true teacher and an authentic spiritual practice, which led her to the practice of yoga. She pursued yoga with passion and devotion. She continued her Yogic studies with her BA Degree in Health Psychology from UCI and her Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Certificate. In 1999 she met her Teacher Jnana Nanda Bharati and began intense studies in Yoga and the Vedic tradition. Immediately, Diana knew Jnana Nanda Bharati was a true Yogi, rooted in the Spiritual realm while in this world. She has taught her to put her spiritual lessons to practice in daily life. Diana is the director and co-founder of Yoga Shakti Wellness Center, where she teaches the life transforming work of Shakti Yoga, conducts Teacher Training programs and continues to inspire students to live happy, healthy, and free and connect to their true selves. View Guest page

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Andrea F. Polard

Dr. Polard's training as a psychotherapist included various psychodynamic therapies, mind-body therapy, Buddhist-oriented therapy, Zen meditation, and mindfulness practice. When she discovered that happiness was indeed possible for all, she decided to share with others the necessary, consciousness-building skills for it. As writing had long been her passion, Dr. Polard soon started on "A Unified Theory of Happiness: An East-Meets-West Approach to Fully Loving Your Life" -- a project that took her twelve devoted years to complete. It is a book that is not only to inform, but delight the reader. Since then Dr. Polard founded the Los Angeles Center for Zen Psychology, offering Zen psychotherapy, consultations, workshops, training, and meditation groups, based on both Western and Eastern thought. She lives with her husband and their three children in the quiet mountains of Topanga. For more information, please visit View Guest page

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Valencia Porter

Dr. Porter is the Medical Director at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. Board Certified in both General Preventive Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, she was the recipient of a Bravewell Collaborative scholarship for the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona. A graduate of USC – Keck School of medicine, she also has a Master’s of Public Health degree with a focus on Environmental Health. In addition to Western medicine, Dr. Porter is an expert in many complementary healing modalities including medical acupuncture, meditation, yoga, Healing Touch, Ayurveda, and Mind-Body medicine which she combines in her practice at the Chopra Center. View Guest page

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Teresa Anne Power

TERESA ANNE POWER, avid yoga practitioner for the past quarter-century, is the author of the The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. Her book has won eight awards, including receiving a Gold Medal in the Mom’s Choice Awards. For the past eight years she has taught yoga to young children, both in schools and at local organizations, and has spoken at numerous libraries, schools, book stores, yoga studios, and school conferences. Teresa has also taught Teacher Training Seminars at Children’s Bureau and Pathways to help children from all walks of life be exposed to the health benefits of yoga. She is a member of the Society of Book Writers and Illustrators and The Independent Book Publishers Association, and writes articles about children’s health on She lives in Pacific Palisades, California with her husband and two teen-age children. For more information, please visit Teresa’s website at or contact her at View Guest page

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Dr. Anthony Rassouli

Dr. Anthony Rassouli (Who goes by Dr. A or Anthony) graduated from USC’s school of dentistry class of 97’and is a former member of the USC Clinical Faculty. His practice stays on the cutting edge of latest advancements by maintaining memberships with prestigious professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Orange County Dental Society, South Coast Dental Academy, Invisalign Study Club and Nobelbiocare’s study clubs. He has, most recently been recognized by Invisalign as a Premier Preferred Provider. His state of the art practice offers digital x-rays, Cerec one visit crowns, Invisalign, STA (single tooth anesthesia) system and is equipped for a full range of dental services making his office a true one stop shop. Dr. Rassouli strives to treat his patients with care, making them comfortable and making their treatment pain free. View Guest page

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Barbara Reuer

Barbara Reuer, PhD, NMT-F, MT-BC, is known internationally for her expertise in music-centered wellness and music therapy. She is Founder and CEO of MusicWorx Inc., a consulting agency based in San Diego, CA, and is Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization Resounding Joy Inc. Dr. Reuer has more than 30 years of clinical experience in schools, older adult facilities, hospices, medical and psychiatric hospitals, corrections facilities, substance abuse and eating disorders programs, health spas, as well as teaching at community colleges and universities. She provides workshops and seminars (wellness, community building, stress management and pain management) nationally and internationally for health care professionals, educators and corporate clients. She has been interviewed in print media and television at the local, national and international levels. Dr. Reuer is a 2008 Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative Awardee for excellence in pain management has served as President of the National Association for Music Therapy and is recipient of the American Music Therapy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. View Guest page

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Dr. Jeffrey Rubin

Jeffrey B. Rubin Ph.D., is the creator of meditative psychotherapy, a practice that he developed through insights gained from decades of study, teaching and helping hundreds of people flourish. The author of the critically acclaimed books "The Art of Flourishing," "Psychotherapy and Buddhism," "The Good Life" and "A Psychoanalysis for Our Time," Dr. Rubin is a practicing psychotherapist and teacher of meditation in New York City and Bedford Hills, New York, and has taught at various universities, psychoanalytic institutes and Buddhist and yoga centers. He lectures around the country and has given workshops at the United Nations, the Esalen Institute, the Open Center and the 92nd Street Y. A blogger for Huffington Post and Psychology Today, his pioneering approach to psychotherapy and Buddhism has been featured in The New York Times Magazine. His website is View Guest page

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Silvana is a certified and licensed massage therapist from Huntington Beach, CA and a native of Uruguay. She specializes in deep tissue massage and focuses on back, neck and shoulder pain as well as injuries often found in musicians, drummers and guitarists. She has worked her magic on the necks, arms and lower backs of rock stars Kenny Loggins, Blink 182, SUBLIME with Rome, Everlast and other tensed artists. This spring and summer her clients will include Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Def Leppard of Poison. She has over 15 years experience in the medical field and over 1000 hours of education in bodywork and Reiki energy work. She also has advanced Aromatherapy Practioner certification. Silvana has combined her passion for bodywork, music, and nature to create Forest Nymphs, an all vegan organic bath and bodyline. Some of her creations have been featured on HGTV’s 15 Handmade Gifts ideas and many national, international magazines and beauty reviews. Her products can be found in several stores, including Whole Foods Market coming in 2012. She believes that making a positive difference is the key to a less painful world. View Guest page

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Sherry Staiger

Sherry Staiger has been active her whole life and has always led an active life style. She teaches yoga, spinning classes, pilates, and Zumba. Her well rounded lifestyle is at the core of her healthy approach to life. Taking care of your mind, body soul connection is what yoga offers…helps you to release stress and focus on the present with breath work and proper alignment which can correct and improve posture and even lead to s stronger body. Classes like Zumba and Spinning (indoor cycling) can help with the cardio vascular system which helps to maintain body weight and keeps the joints well oiled with the synovial fluid which we tend to lose as we mature in age. Sherry has two adult sons who live active life styles because of her setting the example in their early childhood. And of course eating a healthy diet is just as important. At 48, Sherry has never been healthier or stronger and with such a sense of peace and confidence from within. View Guest page

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Dr. Ram Tamang

Dr. Ram Tamang is a licensed Ayurvedic Physician in India and Nepal and a master herbalist who headed a panchakarma retreat center in South India and is currently a partner with the Healing Gardens of Ayurveda. Dr. Ram Tamang has studied yoga extensively with yogic masters in India. He has written numerous question and answer articles on Ayurveda for LA Yoga Magazine. In addition, he has held several national and international lectures, seminars and workshops on Ayurveda and Health at various Ayurvedic schools around the world. View Guest page

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Gordon Wheeler

Gordon Wheeler, PhD, is internationally-known for his teaching, training, and writing in Gestalt therapy, coaching, and education. He has served as President of Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California since 2002, where he also served for some years as CEO. His written work, including a dozen books and over 100 articles in the field, has emphasized the evolution of Gestalt theory as the basis for relational and developmental self-theory, integrating the body of Gestalt psychology research with the Gestalt therapy tradition. Gordon’s areas of exploration include relational development, self and shame, couples and intimacy, multi-cultural issues, gender and men’s issues, leadership and coaching, and lifelong integral education, as well as post-Holocaust issues and Gestalt Systems Constellations. Gordon and his wife Nancy Lunney-Wheeler have a large and growing blended family and make their homes at Esalen and in Santa Cruz California. View Guest page

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John Whiteman

John is an inspirational speaker and author with Hay House publishing. His first book 9 Days to Feel Fantastic (Spring 2012) is based on his experiences as a professional Troubleshooter helping people whose businesses and personal lives were in crisis. Through his work John has found that there are 9 Elements which when incorporated into your life, lifts your energy vibration, makes you happier, and helps you to find and live your life’s purpose. These practical steps form the foundation to a philosophy of life he calls The Way which brings your Mind, Body and Spirit together as one, helping you to be the person you were meant to be and live a life filled with happiness and flow. To find out and read more about John and The Way he regularly writes, posts and speaks on his Website on Facebook and on You Tube View Guest page

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Laurie Zagon

Art & Creativity for Healing classes and workshops are taught by Founder/Director Laurie Zagon and her team of 25 certified Art4Healing® facilitators. In 2004 Ms. Zagon was honored by Mission Hospital with the “Spirit of Giving” Award for her contribution to the community. Ms. Zagon received her Master of Fine Arts at Syracuse University in New York and her undergraduate degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. A fine arts professor for over 14 years at the City University of New York, she taught design, color and light theory, and painting. For over 25 years, Ms. Zagon has facilitated Art & Creativity For Healing workshops. Using her method of Art4Healing®, she has helped thousands of children and adults process stress, illness, grief and fear in hospitals and nonprofit community organizations throughout Southern California and the U.S. The Art4Healing® method was initially developed in New York, in 1987 as an art workshop to help busy Wall Street executives deal with stress. Laurie’s work in color and light is well known not only through her paintings but also through published works. She is also the co-author of the book The Power of Color: Creating Healthy Interior Spaces and most recently, Art for healing: Painting Your heart Out . View Guest page

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