The Art of Love, Passion and Understanding

May 16, 2012
Hosted by Mukee Okan

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Welcome to a conversation for the embodiment of love, passion and understanding for every man and every woman. God, Great Spirit, the Creator perfected the complementary design of men and women. There is a divine intelligence in the natural differences. Awaken and fully embrace the gender your Soul has chosen. It is how we fit together as a harmonious song, adding depth and richness to one another by being natural. What do women need to know about men? What do men need to know about women? Learn about and appreciate the ways we complement each other. No matter if you are heterosexual, bi or prefer same sex, half the world is made up of the opposite sex. We are living on this planet together. Foreplay is different, our lovemaking is different, how we think and communicate is different, our physical prowess and strength is different and it is exactly how Great Spirit designed us to be.

Sex and the Divine Design

Sex and the Divine Design

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Explicit content. Discretion is advised.

Sex and the Divine Design is conversations for humanity to reveal and unconceal Peace through the healing power of sexual energy. Imagine a world where the role of every woman is to birth the God in every man.

What is possible being at peace with the power of sex? How?
What is possible for you, your life, your relationships?
What is the natural alchemy of the masculine and feminine?

The status quo discourse says there is something fundamentally wrong with sex. We live in a world of conversations attempting to control the source human instinct, the power to procreate. It is the original Divine Design that ensures the continuation of life.

Here is an opportunity to participate in elevating, inspiring discourse. It is your invitation to participate in Mukee’s promise to the world that by the year 2030, all people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive.

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Mukee Okan

Mukee Okan

Mukee Okan is the author, source, and director of awareness and education in Sexual Well-Being as the natural expression of the Divine Design, the embodiment of Oneness. She provides an opportunity for transforming awareness and bringing balance, peace and freedom.

As an international sexual educator and mentor, Mukee loves to share what works. Her approach is practical, effective, educational and experiential. A first generation Australian, from an Estonian lineage she is also a grandmother and artist.

Her background and training is extensive. Her foundation is grounded in her Initiation as a karma sannyasin, as Swami Muktananda Saraswati, in 1984 by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, from the Bihar School of Yoga. Her training included living a yogic lifestyle in a Satyananda Ashram, in New Zealand. The Bihar School of Yoga is the most well-known educational training facility in scientific, systematic yoga practices in the world.

Mukee is certified as

A Surrogate Partner by IPSA
Rites of Passage facilitator
Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality facilitator

She has individually coached and mentored thousands of people.

Her vision for humanity is to facilitate profound sexual well-being experiences — producing outstanding educational programs, high quality multi-media resources and providing a global network of sexual healing centers dedicated to transforming lives through enhancing sexual well-being. Our Music by Mihirangi.

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April 2012

Noushin Adib

Noushin’s vision is world peace through language, as a great access to our behavior, feelings and emotions. Noushin is originally from Tehran, Iran. She is dedicated to the healing arts and her mission is to transform health care through the power of body, mind and spirit. Noushin’s work includes polarity practices to balance masculine and feminine energies within. Her healing center in Scottsdale, Arizona is DE Language Healing Arts. Delha in Farsi means The Hearts. Noushin is dedicated to being of service to others bringing happiness, peace and well-being. She is also a program leader with extensive training and experience in communication, leadership and coaching with a global organization, dedicated to bringing out the best in humanity. She is also a single mom with an amazing, talented son and a daughter who is now an Immigration Lawyer. Contact Noushin: 480-242-8518 View Guest page

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Jodi Ambrose

Jodi Ambrose is a nationally recognized Sexpert and Relationship Advice Guru and the author of the hit relationship maintenance books Sex: How to Get More of It and Intimacy: How to Get More of It . She and her husband, Grant, recently co-authored the couple's cookbook Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Reluctant Cooks and Creative Chefs. Jodi is an award-winning blogger and regular relationship contributor to Cougar Chat Radio and the Internationally broadcast Playboy Radio's, The Tiffany Granath Show. Jodi has the solution for having a happy home life and a delightfully full belly. She shares how her books are intended to work hand-in-hand with one another to help you find a wonderful balance in both the bedroom and the kitchen. With a witty sense of humor and flair for story-telling, her books are designed to bring everyone more joy in their lives. Jodi shows how you are only 20 steps away from a healthy, fun and exciting romantic life. Jodi's other writing adventures tackle happiness in other rooms of the house. She knows that being happy isn't just about one thing or another, but about an overall feeling of love, trust and playfulness. Throw a little extra spice into the boudoir and begin to truly enjoy every day of your life. Intimacy: How to Get More of It provides you with 20 steps that will help you get the kind of relationship that makes you giggle yourself silly with joy. Is it more cuddle-time you want? More overall sweetness? Or maybe you are looking to rekindle that spark that, over time, has dimmed a bit? Jodi Ambrose you tips and tricks on how to get all of that, on your own terms. Happy wife, happy life. Happy spouse, happy house. We've heard it all before. Now it's time to make it happen! Come along on this journey and discover the strategies that will help you get what you desire from the love of your life. Sex: How to Get More of It is a guy's roadmap to paradise in and out of the bedroom. Do you want more sex? Do you want less nagging? Do you want a healthier relationship? Do you want to go golfing or watch the game without getting bitched at? Find out how to do that in Sex: How to Get More of It. It may not seem possible as most guys think women are a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in a big old batch of crazy. But rest assured, if you follow the guidelines set forth in this handbook, both you and your girl will not only find more joy, but more romance as well. (That means more bedroom romping, just to be clear.) And ladies, while the handbook was initially intended for the guys, we know that some of you may have a man that wouldn't read a book if you threatened to set him on fire. If that's the case, you can instead read it yourself and then sneakily work an item or two from the 20 easy steps into normal conversation every couple weeks.You do what you need to do to get what you want. View Guest page

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John Thunderwolf Ardagh

John Thunderwolf Ardagh is a father, grandfather, husband, psychotherapist, educator, musician, corporate speaker and shamanic practitioner. He started his adult life as a professional musician in 1969 while still at the University of Toronto studying music. Throughout his 30 years as a professional classical musician, John performed with many of the most prestigious classical ensembles in Toronto. His interest in education began with a degree in music education from the University of Toronto and continued for many years as a music teacher of individuals and groups. It was his curiosity about performance anxiety that led him in to the world of spiritual practice as a way to cope with its effects. He began his exploration with meditation but over the years moved on to a panorama of disciplines such as yoga, aikido and Zen Buddhism. It was his desire to apply the principles and practices of this broad spectrum of spiritual disciplines to his work as a performing musician. The discoveries he made brought him the realization that spiritual practice must be brought to every moment of daily living. The demands of single parenthood in 1980 and his discovery of shamanism in 1985 brought John deeper insight and compassion for himself and others. This realization manifested as a desire to share this knowledge and experience with others. His continuing quest for knowledge led him to complete a Masters degree in psychology and training as a psychotherapist. Since that time he has been counseling individuals with a focus on self awareness, self responsibility and living life in an authentic way. He has also been teaching worldwide providing classes, lectures and workshops for personal self growth and development. Helping others discover how to live an authentic and relaxed life has come through his many and varied workshops which reflect his many and varied talents. Of special interest to John is the work he does with sexuality, performance anxiety, men’s healing as well as death and dying. Over the years he has brought an insightful, unique and engaging way of teaching that includes humor and care in helping others to heal their pain and find their naturalness. To contact: 416-461-5002 Email: View Guest page

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Atarangi Muru and Manu Korwea

Atarangi Muru and Manu Korwea are both Maori healers from Aotearoa – New Zealand. See Their healing training started at a very early age. Today Atarangi and Manu help people return to the dawning light that is at the core of their cells and reignite the memory of wellness and joy. They embody a powerful ancient skill set that is nearly extinct in the world today. While Maori external modalities range from deep tissue to gentle massage, they also work with the invisible world and the subtle energy bodies that extend beyond and within the physical form. Their sessions often include healing music, prayers and a wealth of knowing. Hear Manu Maori Healers became widely known through the work of master teacher Hohepa Delamere, fondly known as Papa Joe and Atarangi Muru Maori Healer. In 2000 Maori Healers went international when Papa Joe and Atarangi took their healing arts to the world. With each international journey they provided opportunities for other Maori Healers trained by Papa Joe to travel with them. Papa Joe passed over on 21 September 2006. Knowledge of the special nature of Maori Healers has continued to spread far and wide. was established by Atarangi to enable people worldwide to keep connected with the Maori Healers in her network. Atarangi continues to travel abroad and provide other Maori Healers with the opportunity to share their services at international levels. She is now one of Maoridoms most respected healers. Her work is deep, unique, uplifting, enlivening and rewarding physically and spiritually. She is an example of the ‘living works’ of ancestral teaching. To the many who have met Manu, “he can be very basic, cussy and sometimes downright rude”. Yet inside this man, hides a wealth of knowing (knowing and knowledge are two different things). Contact:; and read much more here : View Guest page

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Moewai Aterea

Moewai is based in New Plymouth, in the Taranaki region of Aotearoa – New Zealand. She is a powerful image-maker for all, and is especially dedicated to empowering Maori women through the art of carving. Moewai is an extraordinarily talented carver, with a natural grace and open-hearted presence. She loves to provide healing spaces for women through the spiritual arts of her ancestral lineage. Her training is profound and she loves to share the knowledge of the Elders as it was passed to her through many years of passionate commitment. View Guest page

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Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a lecturer and personal consultant who has lectured on creativity and human performance technologies from UCLA, USC, and Pasadena JPL to the Smithsonian Institute. Holding a fourth dan in Kenpo karate, he was for three years Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine. He also hosted the “Hour 25” radio show on KPFK Pacifica Radio for four years. A master hypnotist and sports psychology coach, he prepared World Champion martial artist ScottSonnon for his winning performance at the World Martial Arts games in 2010, and with Sonnon created the best-selling TACFIT Warrior mind-body exercise program, based on Soviet research into human performance. The course is available at In addition, Steven Barnes has published twenty-five novels and over three million words of science fiction and fantasy. He’s been nominated for Hugo, Nebula, and Cable Ace awards. While his television work includes Twilight Zone, Stargate and Andromeda, his “A Stitch In Time” episode of The Outer Limits won theEmmy Award, and his alternate history novel (a tale of Islamic Africans colonizing the Americas prior to Europe) LION’S BLOOD won the 2003 Endeavor. His GREAT SKY WOMAN and SHADOW VALLEY, adventures set 30,000 years ago in East Africa, were published by Ballentine/One World Books in 2006 and 2009. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, award-winning author Tananarive Due, and son Jason. You can contact Steve: and View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mukee Breezes Love

Mukee Breezes Love, is about creating the first Sexual Healing Education center as model for Centers all over the world. Right now there is a perfect property near Byron Bay, ready-to-go. Mukee is seeking an investor who is also inspired by this vision. Imagine our world transformed through enhanced sexual well-being, where sex is brought from the shadows into the light and discourse is opened and reframed to embrace our natural beauty and evolutionary potential. Imagine now a Center established and dedicated to fulfilling this vision of healing humanity from the core essence of human being to inspire, elevate and expand consciousness. The Sexual Healing Center is a unique space where men, women and couples can access educational information and experiences to expand their concept of sexuality and discover how to utilize its power to awaken, evolve and transform. Every Center will be located on expansive property with exquisite landscaping welcoming guests in beauty and ease to allow the outside world to fade and the inside world to open to exploring the divine design of sex. From 1-day and weekend programs, longer intensives to live-in programs, there will be something for everyone who seeks to awaken and energize their life force energy to embody, empower, align and be in harmony with existence. There will also be conferences, community events, including yogic programs, meditation courses, Rites of Passage ceremonies for all ages and other offerings. To ensure the integrity of the mission and vision of the Center, all activities will operate at standards that exceed legal and ethical requirements. To ensure worldwide accessibility to the Sexual Healing Center and its activities, housed within it will be a fully operational Mult-imedia Broadcasting Center that can stream classes and programs online, produce educational materials, publications, documentaries, webinars, and much more. The programmatic offerings and the multi-media products will create a self-sustaining funding stream that will support operating expenses along with ongoing education and outreach efforts. A vibrant community consisting of resident staff, visitors, program attendees and community members will be at the heart of the Center. There will be abundant opportunities for short and long-term participation to engage in the beautification and care of the space as a way of life. One of the main objectives of the Center is to amplify what is possible when one becomes at peace with the Power of Sex. We believe that when people are free from the guilt and shame around the expression of their sexuality, they can then be free to share their unique gift and contribution to the world. You are invited to contribute to the actualization of this vision and join us in the production of peace on earth through sexual healing, as it is through honoring our sexual life force energy that we will free ourselves to be part of the solution for our collective evolution. Transforming lives — discovering what is possible being at peace with the Power of Sex. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Amara Charles

Amara Charles Keeps the Fire states: if there is any single thing which I believe most strongly, it is that we all have the need for happiness in our intimate relationships. What is required is honest communication, the ability to listen and enough personal power to ask for what you want. The way to win the utmost joy in life is to cherish the people closest to you by supporting their dreams and treating them with gratitude and respect. Internationally renowned sex and intimacy author Amara Charles has facilitated Spiritual Sexuality programs around the world since 1989. Her dynamic, insightful and often provocative presentations inspire her audiences to uplift their relationships to profound levels of intimacy and sexual pleasure. Amara’s best-selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is the first to reveal the Shamanic sexuality teachings from the Nagual Tradition. She is also the author of Erotic Touch for Two, Aching to Open and Conscious Sexual Agreements. Published by Inner Traditions - Bear & Co, her books are now available worldwide. Amara is one of the few master teachers authorized to teach Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops. She is also the first White Tigress initiated on Western soil into the ancient Taoist Sexual Arts. She draws from both traditions to teach the Taoist Restoration and Shamanic Sexual Practices for men and women. Amara has been a guest on BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national and international sexuality conferences, radio and TV shows. She also has created Rites of Passage Ceremonies for parents and teens and is committed to transforming people’s relationships to live with greater sensitivity, awareness and love. She currently lives in Phoenix Arizona. Contact View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Daka Dan

Daka Dan’s mission is to transform the conversation of sex and sexuality in the world by bringing light into an area many shroud in darkness. He teaches women, men and couples how to connect spiritually and sexually. He believes open conversation and informed discussion of sex brings greater awareness allowing greater personal freedom and choice. Dan is known for his patience, wisdom, warmth, sincerity and kindness bringing transformation and hope to many. He is the Director of AESA - Advocates and Educators for Sexual Awareness, promoting a loving, joyous, conscious world through sex-positive education and coaching. He works with clients in a variety of areas of sexuality including dealing with trauma and body image issues, and other areas that prevent people from being present with their partners. 720.515.0080 View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Laura Doe

Laura-Doe is a pleasure coach, comedienne, singer/songwriter, writer and an internationally renowned educator. She is passionate about supporting people to understand and to cultivate the potent healing power of their natural capacity for pleasure. She fulfils her passion by offering workshops and sessions through the yOniversity (, writing and performing theatre, comedy and songs for her comic cabaret 'Vaudeville of the Vulva'. She fulfils her passion by offering workshops and sessions through the yOniversity (, writing and performing theatre, comedy and songs for 'Vaudeville of the Vulva' ( &, creating and distributing educational and simply beautiful vulva art ( and maintaining a Facebook cause called The Vulvalation ( View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ian Ellington

Ian is a Somatic Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Conscious Integrative Breathworker, Tantric/Taoist Bodyworker, and Sacred Intimate. On the Tantric Path since 2000, Ian has trained extensively, including The Body Electric School, Bodhi Avinasha and Ipsalu Tantra, Rudy Ballentine, Jack Painter, Michael Casteel, Mantak Chia, Margot Anand's Love and Ecstasy Training with the Institute for Tantra and Meditation, and numerous others. He will soon complete a four year certification program in Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics with Ann Bradney. Ian is a grateful devotee of the works of Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Harvey, and Osho. After many years of working with women as an Ob/Gyn physician, he has now devoted his life to working with men and couples who seek deep personal transformation and growth. He offers private individual sessions and group workshops and can be reached through his website at or View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Claire Flynn

Claire, began her coaching journey in 1985 as a match maker in Australia's leading dating agencies at the sweet age of 15. Here Claire empowered clients to release un-resourceful behavioural patterns and past relationships thus enabling them to meet and have a fulfilling relationship with their ideal partner. In 1986 Claire, being the youngest student at John Keogh's four week Mind Power Seminar, was asked by John to stand and speak in front of 400 people and tell them what she had learnt from the experience. Claire was given a wonderful gift that set a foundation for her to handle her many future challenges. Claire was born in Victoria and was raised on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland. At the age of 14 Claire left school and her home and moved to Sydney. Her family life became divided and she didn’t know how to fit in. She followed her horse riding instructor Stephan to Sydney with her devoted love and passion for horses. Stephan being her friend and mentor since the age of seven took her under his wing where he taught her that anything is possible. This was one of many lives changing moves. She worked at his horse stables at centennial park where Stephan continued to teach her advanced horse riding skills. Although she had a fantastic lifestyle she was curious to see what else life had to offer. In 1988 Claire ventured over the Nullarbor plains of Australia to Perth where she continued working in the dating game. Here is where she meets the love of her life. This was short lived, with him passing on a few years later. Claire then numbed the pain with drinking and partying until she fell pregnant in 1996 and later married a kind Man. After spending some years as a stay at home mum raising two beautiful daughters Claire wanted to go back to work. Her passion as a match maker was somewhat in the past. So Claire decided to sell Real Estate and match people to houses instead. She ended the marriagw in 2006 feeling unfulfilled in a loveless brother sister like marriage. It took a near fatal motorbike accident six months after her separation to shake her world. Hitting a car head on with an impact of 140 kms an hour smashing open her pelvis, lacerating her vagina, and with nerve damage, punched lungs and many broken bones. Life had no option but to change. She had no feeling from the waist down except for the left leg. She found herself not being able to orgasm or feel anything at all. Using the visualization skills she learnt from John Keogh's Mind Power back in 1986 is what she believed helped her heal herself. This led her onto her new found journey of Sexuality, Orgasms , Sex Toys, Tantra and Relationships. Today Claire works as a Sex and Intimacy Coach in her own successful Practice, Intimate Options, empowering clients to overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into a loving fulfilled life. Working with Mind and Vagina connection, increasing libido, body image, helping women achieve orgasm, reigniting passion and connection for couples , helping men that have pre-ejaculation issues, erection issues. Sexual healing, massage and energetic work. How to balance your Masculine and Feminine energies. Living as a sexual being 24/7 using sexual energy. Today Claire works as a Sex and Intimacy Coach in her own successful practice, Intimate Options, empowering clients to overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into a loving fulfilled life. Claire is a trained sex coach, performance coach, Matrix therapy practitioner, Timeline therapist, NLP practitioner, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, author and bodywork practitioner. She is the co-author of ‘You Can Live the Life of your Dreams’ sexuality chapter. She offers individual programs for singles, couples via phone or skype. Workshops and events can be booked around the globe when Claire is touring. Her educational programs on female anatomy and orgasms are reinforced by her own healing journey. Claire provides education on how to choose safe toxin free sex toys and practical ways to use them for a variety of orgasms. Contact Claire at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Andrew Heartman

Andrew Heartman is a surrogate partner intern who is pursuing certification from the International Professional Surrogates Association. Andrew is devoted to healing separation— between different aspects of ourselves; between who we are and who we are meant to be; between the masculine and feminine, both among us and within each of us. He is devoted to full freedom of vision, full freedom of emotional expression, and full freedom of action; truly fulfilling relationships; greater intimacy and greater authenticity in the way we relate to each other; correcting inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and others; to honoring humanity in all its forms and shapes. Andrew is devoted to love. His clients are primarily women aged 30 to 80, who experience limitations in their intimate relationships and/or sexuality that they wish to overcome. He recognizes the extreme sensitivity of the issues his clients deal with, and feel that my most important function as a surrogate partner is to create a safe emotional environment. People have told him all his life that they feel safe around him. He has been pursuing personal growth through relationships since he has been old enough to have them. Andrew says: I feel most alive when exploring interpersonal communication, intimacy, relationships, and personal growth. Although it has not been in any formal way, I realize now that I've been doing this work all my life. Surrogate Partner Therapy has been proven to be very healing for people who have experienced trauma in relationship and for those who have difficulty in attracting, creating, and/or sustaining intimate, healthy bonds with loved ones. It is true that engaging in relationship gives one an opportunity to heal these deep seated issues, but without the proper tools, it is easy to fall back into old patterns of behaviors and to deepen the record groove of distress. In Surrogate Partner Therapy, an extremely safe and nurturing environment is created by establishing a temporary relationship with a highly trained professional in which to learn and implement these tools. In this carefully designed container of loving exploration and acceptance, almost any limitation can be transcended. Surrogate Partners are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of those people who for one reason or another lack sexual experience. The point of surrogacy certainly is not so that someone may lose his/her virginity; there are much easier and less expensive ways to do that. Instead, the focus is on overcoming the limitations that have prevented this person from having intimate experiences. As levels of comfort and confidence are increased through surrogacy work, these skills can be applied to real life circumstances readily and easily. Sometimes people with disabilities are not privy to the sensual realms of their bodies. In Surrogate Partner Therapy, a safe and accepting environment is created for disabled people to explore and experience the sensuality of their own unique, physical vessel. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

John Kent

John Kent leads Shamanic De-arrmoring Healing Intensives worldwide. He is a Spiritual Warrior – committed to integrity and quality in sharing what works.. He is a hunter, martial artist and shooting instructor. Apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path since 1996, John underwent deep spiritual sexual transformation through his training and practices with Thunder Strikes. John brings a natural, balanced masculine presence that is truly rare. He is committed to sexual healing and education for all. His care for the people and his giving spirit enrich and nourish the de-armoring process. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994. info@shamanic View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ã…sa Kullberg

Ã…sa has studied languages at universities in Sweden and France. With a background as a rebirther, dance therapist and body worker she is a natural choreographer of energy. Ã…sa is also a sannyasin and has dance and meditation training from Poona. Ã…sa apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1990. She is the founder and director of the Swedish Rainbow Dragon Lodge, a shamanic school for self-growth and development through ceremonial alchemy. She has been practicing, studying and training spiritual sexuality under the guidance of Thunder Strikes since 1992. Ã…sa brought the Shamanic De-armoring to Sweden in 1998, and she teaches ongoing workshops in conscious sexuality. Spiritual sexual healing and awakening is at the heart of her mission and giveaway. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Porsche Lynn

Porsche is an amazing, powerful diversified woman who follows her passion in life, believes that it is her duty to heal herself, life and others. Porsche says: My mission in life is to heal the broken and make the weak strong. Contact Porsche: Mistress Porsche Lynn-Facebook; Den of Indomitus-Facebook; Porsche Lynn-Facebook Den of Indomitus: 602-340-1775. Porsche Lynn has spent most of her adult life in the adult business arena as a sex worker of some type. She began her career in 1982 as a Peep Booth Girl/Burlesque Performer/Stripper, in Lansing, Michigan. Porsche moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to pursue a career as an Erotic Magazine Model and Porn Star. She has graced the pages of Penthouse, Hustler, Chic, High Society, Chic, Cheri and many others. Porsche starred in her first Adult Film in 1986 and has over 700 XXX-rated films to her credit. She signed a contract with Dino Ferrari Productions, which enabled her to travel to Europe for over 4 years, starring in over 30 films. Porsche Lynn’s legs were insured by Lloyds of London for One Million Dollars, giving her the title “The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs.” Porsche Lynn has been inducted in the AVN and the XRCO Hall of Fame, the 50 Greatest Legends of Erotica and has received many different awards for her on screen performances. She had an incredible Burlesque Show, touring the United States and Canada for over 10 years. Porsche made the transition to Dominatrix in 1996, with her own private Dungeon in Los Angeles. She later moved to New York City where she continued to hone her skills, as a Dom, co-owning a large commercial Dungeon. She currently owns and operates the Den of Indomitus located in Phoenix Arizona as the Head Mistress. Porsche has always felt that sex was a completely natural, sacred act. Sexual expression through art being a healthy act of beauty. It has always been her mission, to show women and men equally how to be empowered through her sex work, as a joyous expression of the orgastic gift of Great Spirit. Porsche is also an Apprentice of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. She is also an accomplished Martial Artist, studying many different styles and currently teaches a program known as PAW-Prepared Aware Warriors. Porsche is also an NRA instructor in several different disciplines, competitive shooter and held the Ladies Stock Auto World Championship in 1999, as well as many other championships. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Brian McFadin

Brian McFadin is the creator and leader of The Upward Spiral Movement. He has evolved a body of powerful and life altering work that brings Freedom, Power, Ecstasy and Play into women’s everyday lives. Brian is a contributing author to the book The Audacity of Humanity, as well as guest blogger for a number of women’s organizations. He regularly speaks at conferences and campuses internationally, and is in demand as an expert on the topic of women’s power and fulfillment in intimacy, and in work and business, and the surprising connection between the two. Brian has worked with men, women and couples for years, however women have always been attracted to and inspired by his work and have usually made up most of his clientele globally. Brian believes that the world is yearning for the full expression of awakened women’s ferocious love. View Guest page

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Mihirangi is of Ngāti Rākeiora, Ngāti Waikorara, Ngāti Rāhiri and Ngāti Pākehā descent. Shining with the power of a woman connected to her roots, Mihirangi is a fearless and authentic performer and artist. The magic of her art is her intimate connection with her listeners and audience and her ability to lift people’s lives through her music and stories, her infectious laughter and open presence. Mihirangi’s music has captured and mesmerized audiences both nationally and internationally. Currently based in New Plymouth, in the Taranaki region of Aotearoa – New Zealand, Mihirangi loves to share her ancestral lineage worldwide. It has been said that watching Mihirangi perform is akin to watching alchemy; she literally turns what seems like nothing into gold. View Guest page

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Ina Laughing Winds Mlekush

Ina Laughing WInds is a Marriage Counselor, Sex Counselor, Metaphysical Minister, Master Hypnotherapist and Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality facilitator. Ina says: The Counseling I love to do, I have been in private practice since 1985 as a Marriage Counselor for Traditional Marriages and Alternative Lifestyles. Since 1992 I have focused on Sex Therapy, Relationship Solutions and Dating Consultant. Issues that are prevalent are; resolving the frustrations of sexual dysfunctions, incompatibility, improving communication and intimacy skills and introducing individuals back into being sexuality after losing a loved partner or being sexually celibate. I help individuals understand that Sex Education goes beyond the bedroom. It is your life force energy which promotes health and longevity. It is what gives you the energy to be the best you can possible be for yourself, life and others. I teach men and women about their basic instinctual differences and how to communicate respectfully with each other. They learn how to rejoice in those differences and to discover caring ways to live together and make good agreements. With good agreements their sense of hope awakens, which supports a healthy intimate relationship. The Grandmother Elders say, Men and woman are different and equal My expertise specifically in the sexual field with MEN is teaching them how to manage their sexual energy to resolve early ejaculation and take Pride in being a Man. My expertise specifically in the realm of sexuality with WOMEN is teaching female ejaculation and the Joy of being a Woman. The Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings originate from the ancient Mayan and Toltec Shamanic Tradition and teach the power and beauty of being a sacred sexual human being. Ina says: I have been an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Shamanic Path since 1981. I have facilitated Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops since 1984 presenting this ancient body of sacred sexuality knowledge to an international audience. Some of Ina's other works includes: TV documentary, “Good Sex Guide”, United Kingdom and Europe; “Sex TV” documentary for City TV, Toronto, Canada ; HBO Real Sex in America documentary as a participant with SwiftDeer or Thunder Strikes; founder of the Deer Tribe and Elder on the Twisted Hairs Counsel; Featured guest speaker many times on NABC Talk Radio and Radio Talk America; Published monthly articles in “Play Time” magazine Phoenix, AZ since 2002.; Author of “Improve Your Sex Life & Relationships One Bite at a Time”; Creator of “A Sexual Journey, Sounds of Intimate Desire” CD and“Manage Your Sexual Energy; Resolve Early Ejaculation” a 70 minute DVD. Receive a 10 minute free video on Managing Your Sexual Energy, Resolving Early Ejaculation. See Ina on her YouTube Channel SexualSolutionsVisit Ina's Smart Sex Store for hand picked Books with her personal review; CD's and DVD's that are educational and promote healthy Sexual Relationships. Contact 623 465 9151 and visit her web site View Guest page

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Pineaha Murray

Maori elder and spiritual healer, Pineaha Murray is the author of the recently published book, A Seat at the Table of My Elders. In this personal account he tells of the ancient forebears’ place in the northern tip of NZ - the Three Kings, Tom Bowling Bay and Parengarenga Harbour. Memories, history, myths and legends unfold and provide a rich personal story and a social history of northern communities. As a spiritual healer, Pineaha can diagnose any problem that ails people physically. His main theme is to heal spirit first then the physical last to balance first the water and fire then the organs of the body. He does all these things within minutes with the use of a pendulum. Then he uses maori prayer to heal and bring back balance to the body. Then the immune system does the rest. Pineaha will check your house, the grounds and vehicles and bad vibrations around them and families anywhere in the world. For more details contact Pineaha or call NZ 09 409 7784. View Guest page

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Shantam Nityama

Shantam Nityama has pioneered his own revolutionary form of bodywork, designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to superconsciousness. Nityama’s wisdom and dynamic insights on male/ female relating, spirituality, sexuality and living authentically have facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of the thousands of people he has worked with over the last 25 years. A disciple of Osho for 30 years, Nityama also utilises his expertise in numerous healing modalities, including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Bodytalk, Advanced Medical Qi Gong, Bowen technique and Neuro-Structural Integration technique. Nityama’s gift of perceiving where energy is held in the body and knowing how to connect with men and women to catalyse a shift in that energy is unparalleled. He uses his depth of perception, compassion, and energetic bodywork to invite you to drop inside your body to shift the patterns, conditioning and tension which limit the expression of your beauty and life force. View Guest page

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Mukee Okan

Mukee is an international sexuality educator and mentor. Mukee loves to share what works. Her extensive experience includes Tantra initiation and education since 1984; Shamanic spiritual sexuality since 1990; Surrogate partner in the Western medical model for sexual healing since 1995 and individual sessions with thousands since 1990. Mukee says I love to inspire, support and encourage your full sexual expression, vitality and passion — guiding you in easy ways to enhance the quality of your sex life. It doesn’t matter what your current state is, with my simple practical approach you will experience immediate results. Mukee offers programs ranging from private coaching sessions, phone consultations, evening seminars, one day programs, women’s programs, retreats and intensives. She is available for speaking engagements and introductory educational programs in your community. View Guest page

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Hirini Reedy

Hirini Reedy is a special Maori man from New Zealand. Steeped in the spiritual wisdom teachings of his Maori ancestry, Hirini has walked his own path in the Pakeha (modern) world while still maintaining his cultural values. With a distinguished career in the military and qualified as an engineer, Hirini has strived to balance both the spiritual and scientific, the metaphysical and physical within his current roles. He is mastering the ancient art of shape-shifting within the modern environment. There is more to Hirini than meets the eye, with an easy-going manner he can often generate powerful energy fields quickly using prayer, incantation and movement. He says: we must be conscious of who we are as we interact, walk and engage with daily life. We can forget that we are multi-dimensional beings who can transcend the densities of current life, exceed the limitations of current thought. We have forgotten a lot. We must remember who we truly are. He is the founder of Aio Koa, a maori inner-martial art that uses the natural environment and seasons as teachers of mind, muscle and movement. Hirini is considered a modern sage by many. View Guest page

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Dianne May Ryan

Dianne has been involved with Rites of Passage in Australia for at least 15 years and is co creator and facilitator of rites of passage programs for puberty girls — National Contemporary Rites of Passage Program for Puberty Girls'— Pathways into Womanhood for the Pathways Foundation and assists on Pathways to Manhood. She is a Founding member of Women’s Wellbeing Association and co creator of a transformative program ‘Womanhood’ for the association. Dianne is a spiritual woman passionate about transformation, community, and healthy loving, sexual relationships. Dianne is a mother and soul mother to a blended family of 5 young men and 2 teenage daughters. Together with her beloved partner Malcolm believes these relationships have been her greatest life teachers. Email: 07 3206 4239 and View Guest page

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Swami Shankardev Saraswati

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati is an eminent yoga Acharya (authority), medical doctor, yoga therapist and internationally acclaimed author and seminar presenter. He has toured extensively throughout India, Europe, the USA and Australia teaching yoga, meditation, psychology, philosophy, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda. His teachings integrate western psychological medicine and psychotherapy with eastern methods of mind-body development. A direct disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, he lived in the Bihar School of Yoga India for 10 years (1974–1985), where he was trained to teach the highest practices of yoga-tantra. During this time he wrote and edited many of the books on Yoga and Yoga Therapy published by the Bihar School of Yoga. These include Yogic Management of Asthma and Diabetes, The Effects of Yoga on Hypertension, and The Practices of Yoga for the Digestive System. With his partner Jayne Stevenson he is the cofounder of Big Shakti which produces Guided Meditations, Online Courses and Seminars for health, wellbeing and spiritual development. Big Shakti combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. It provides you with information and practical skills to gain health and wellbeing. Big Shakti has made these ancient sciences accessible for those who desire deeper knowledge, but lead busy lives. Choose the type of learning that suits your lifestyle. Here you will find information on how to use our Guided Meditations, eCourses, eSeminars, Articles and Learning Blogs. Shakti is the creative power in you. It enables you to create health and to evolve yourself. Shakti is your glow, your feeling of wellbeing and your love for life. When shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness so that you experience yourself as a universal being. Shakti is the essence of health, happiness and meaning and purpose in your life. Anything that has shakti is alive, luminous and desirable and possesses great creative power. Without shakti you could not act, think or feel in any way. View Guest page

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Swami Shantimurti Saraswati

Swami Shantimurti Saraswati has been learning, practising and teaching Tantric techniques for 35 years. There are few people around who have lived the life of a traditional yogi – living in Himalayan caves with advanced yogis and traveling with sadhus. Many of us have read stories about Himalayan masters or seen glimpses during visits to India, but most have never experienced it. It is a hard life and only serious yogis are accepted into this inner circle. Shantimurti has lived that life. He has spent extend periods with highly accomplished yogis and seen many wonders. In yoga, experience is everything and Shantimurti has lots of it. He has managed a number of ashrams over the last 35 years and seen many of the unusual situations that sometimes come with advanced yoga practice. He has trained many sannyasins, yoga teachers and students. Shantimurti loves to share his wisdom whether it is about the finer aspects of chakras, asanas, pranayama, or stories about the people he has met; famous teachers like the Dalai Lama, B.K.S. Iyengar, Swami Muktananda or the many unknown but exceptional yogis that he has met along the way. He also has many interesting stories about his time with his guru – Paramahansa Satyananda of the Bihar School of Yoga, India – who initiated him into sannyasa in 1976. Shantimurti is a leader among yogis and is passionate about sharing yoga with the world. He lives at the Ohui Retreat Centre in the Coromandel and travels teaching yoga in Auckland and internationally. He is registered with Yoga Alliance as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and is currently based in New Zealand. For further reading on chakras we recommend Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Theory of Chakras by Hiroshi Motoyama. Shantimurti is available for private consultations. He also travels to the USA, The Netherlands, Ireland. Singapore to teach. Ashram Yoga conducts an excellent Yoga Teacher Training program. Contact: View Guest page

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Makuini Ruth Tai

Makuini Ruth Tai is from Aotearoa New Zealand. Aroha provides the guidance for all that she does. In 1990 Makuini left her career as a teacher trainer for the state education system and became a seeker of truth. To help cover her education she stepped onto an entrepreneurial path through self publishing, building construction, network marketing, workshop facilitation and hosting spirit journeys within Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. As an Ambassador for Peace she has represented her country at peace events in Korea, USA, Moorea and Rapanui. As a Maori spirit guide she has hosted as little as 6 people from 3 countries and as many as 75 people from 25 countries. Her unique presentations on whole brain learning and human potential are enriched by her explorations into Aroha - Love and The Sensuous Universe. Until now she wasn't calling it by this title. Makuini is passionate about life and living. In April 2011 she returned with her husband Wayne to his homelands at Tapapa. There they are supporting Wayne's birth family (includes all extended members) to revitalise their marae the hub of a traditional village following eco-sustainable principles. It will be a first for modern marae in Aotearoa New Zealand. Read more at In the spring time (from September in Aotearoa New Zealand) Makuini will launch her new Aroha Light Language website. In the meantime her facebook page is Makuini Ruth Tai. Email: View Guest page

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Batty Thunder Bear

Batty Thunder Bear, an Authorized Medicine Teacher in the ancient Native American Twisted Hairs tradition, has 27 years experience as a teacher of Spiritual Sexuality, Shamanic Healing Techniques and Ceremonial Alchemy. He enjoys sharing his love for the wonders of life and knowledge that works in seminars and ceremonial journeys worldwide. Born 1947 in Vienna, Austria Batty feels lucky to be part of a generation that not only initiated a sexual revolution, but also was for a short while able to travel freely into many different cultures to learn and live there. He spent the 60's and 70's with many journeys through Europe, Asia, Africa on his search for meaning and purpose of life, studying in different shamanic and tantric traditions. When he met 1980 SwiftDeer and Hyemeyohsts Storm in Austria, he made the Sweet Medicine SunDance Way his path with heart. In 1984 he moved to the USA to live and study with SwiftDeer. Now after 32 years apprenticeship to the path his love is to lead Ceremonial Medicine and Adventure Journeys to Power spots in the whole world, especially to Mexico, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand and places of power in the Southwest of the USA. As workshop teacher, he offers a wide spectrum of Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings. Topics include various levels of: Chuluaqui-Quodoushka: Spiritual Sexuality; Shamanic Healing Techniques; The Way of the Warrior; Crystals - Tools for Healing and Dreaming; Controlling the Dream; Ceremonial Alchemy and Magick; Roadmaps for Dharmic Lifestyles and Relationships. His intent in these workshops and events is to translate the wisdom and knowledge of an ancient shamanic tradition to the specific needs of modern societies without losing the beauty and alchemical power in that process. His personal way is to empower the individual to approach enlightenment by ‘lightening up’, gaining knowledge and learning through pleasure. The next ceremonial Medicine Journey is October 2012 to Aotearoa, Land of the Eternal Light, New Zealand. On this special journey we celebrate the birth of our New Self into the 5th world. Both the Elders of the Twisted Hair Council and the Maori Elders of Aotearoa agree that by now over 50% of the worlds population have closed their Karma Book and are ready to assemble a complete different reality. This will not just happen by itself but will need some natural and pleasant refinements in our connection to the Everything. This journey takes us deep into the magical dreamscapes of the Maori people. They too embarked along the West Coast of America many centuries ago onto their epic journey of the Seven Canoes to new lands where they found a new home in Aotearoa, the Land of the Eternal Light. Contact: View Guest page

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John Thunderwolf

John Thunderwolf and Mukee Breezes Love Quodoushka in Australia and New Zealand; Both Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality facilitators, John and Mukee conduct annual Q programs in Australia and from time to time in New Zealand. They are both apprentices of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and love to share what works especially in the sexual arena. They are both dedicated to providing a safe and loving space to journey into the Unknown. The Australian Quodoushka participants described the last Q1 as a ground breaking phenomenal experience of self-discovery, pleasure and connectedness; the most powerful, transforming, liberating program helping to embrace my natural sacred sexual self. The next Q1 in Australia with Mukee and John near the Dandenongs, for singles and couples is Oct 17 - 20, 2013. Q1, 2 and 3 is available near Byron Bay, Australia in March/April 2013. Please go to for all events. View Guest page

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Kristin ‘Golden Ring Snake’ Viken

Kristin ‘Golden Ring Snake’ Viken, a native of Norway, currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. With studies in Philosophy and Comparative Religion at the University of Bergen, Kristin apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1989. Through her spiritual training and experience, she has achieved a level of excellence that inspires and transforms. Kristin is an experienced, authoritative and enlivening guide. She inspires full orgasmic expression through her exceptional practical knowledge and training. She knows how orgasm opens the channels of energy in the body for vibrant health and well-being. Kristin is an inspirational authority leading spiritual transformational groups and facilitating spiritual sexuality studies for men and women. Kristin is a highly respected and beloved Sweet Medicine Sundance teacher for students around the world, leading programs and retreats all over the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. She leads Recapitulated Shamanic Dearmoring programs globally. Shamanic De-armoring is an intense healing process that loosens past pain tapes held within the body, frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores one back to a natural balance. This process utilizes vibratory machines, specific pressure points, breathing techniques, and the movement of one’s sexual energy to loosen, break up, and remove the body’s armor. We are much more than our body, we are more than we have even imagined ourselves to be. As sacred humans, we are a magnetic attracting thought space, interconnected with all forms of all things within Creation. Yet, most of the time we walk around asleep to the grandeur of our potential, consumed by what did or did not happen to us in the past and worried about whether or not it will happen in the future. For a moment, consider yourself as a cell within the body of the Great Spirit. Remember a glimpse of knowing, a flash of illumination, or maybe a dream of enlightenment. Rather than casting it aside as impossible, acknowledge that you too have been called to awaken into a greater awareness of Truth. We live at a time of a “quickening” within human evolution. A de-armored body welcomes, rather than fears, this quickening. Listen to an interview about De-armoring with Kristin as well as the current RSD schedule at View Guest page

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Kyle Winn

A coach's coach, Kyle has coached thousands of people for over 3 decades. From "start-up" entrepreneurs to senior executives in Fortune 100 companies, he has empowered people's commitments throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe including Russia during the first 3 years of Perestroika. His work reliably is conducted in an environment he refers to as . . . "The Work Zone™... A way of being that creates an experiential field of study for leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication. Distinct from the kind of study that explains in order to understand, the Work Zone™ is designed to leave participants living inside of and being empowered by the abstractions: leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication." (© Kyle Winn) From the first engagement Kyle's clients are launched into a future that ensures the end of business as usual. His incomparable coaching method sustains itself in the very being of clients and does not wear off. Rather, his work with others unfolds, expands and wears on. You may connect with Kyle to schedule a complimentary session through email @ or View Guest page

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Razel Wolf

Razel Wolf has pursued many passions in her life as an actress, teacher, choreographer, model, organizer, dancer, ceremonialist, project manager, and life counselor. As a rites of passage specialist, Razel facilitates powerful experiences for all ages and all life transitions. She has crafted a weekend experience to educate and empower women in the peri and menopausal stage in their lives. The Menopause Workshop with Razel encompasses teachings and practical experiences encompassing the cycles of the Feminine, the physical body, hormonal changes and womb care. This is just one arena of her expertise. Contact Razel: 602-280-9900 For programs: View Guest page

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Sara Shining Shield Woman

Sara Shining Shield Woman is a mother of two teenagers. With her husband she has participated in a number of rites of passage ceremonies throughout the eighteen years of their marriage. Each ceremony has provided an experience that has brought balance, beauty, stability, appreciation and celebration to every transition within their marriage and family life. View Guest page

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Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood is passionate about women’s sexual health and wellbeing. After years of personal and theoretical study, she channels her vast knowledge and experience in her work with men, women and couples seeking to enhance intimacy and increase their range of pleasure and sensation. She is the founder of SensualU which she created to spread her mission to inspire women and their partners to connect to their core selves through ongoing, live conversations that provide resources to explore and examine their sexual history, bring awareness to their present experience and fuel their expanding desire to empower themselves as sensual beings. These conversations are shared through voice and body in relationship to ourselves and our partners. Find out more about Elizabeth at She can be reached at View Guest page

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