Why Involve an Architect?

May 24, 2012
Hosted by Steven Clipp, AIA

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Building a custom home without an Architect is analogist to performing an operation without a surgeon, most of the time the result is adequate but not spectacular. Also if knowledge is power – all of the power is in the hands of the contractor. Finally, when things go wrong they can go very wrong - but seldom do with an Architect involved..

Winning the Dream Home Race

Winning the Dream Home Race

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If you think of building a custom home or renovating an existing home as a race, most people who leave the starting gate do finish. However, very few are WINNERS. Winning means creating a home that relaxes us and strengthens our bonds, in which waking is a joy and coming home a reward. Winning is a home that speaks to our inner soul. Winning is creating an investment that returns at better than the norm, no matter the market conditions.

Most of us have a dream home in our minds but live in houses that are mass produced to standard plans and standard expectations. We can do better!

Most of us only build a dream home once in our life. We learn much along the journey, but primarily in hindsight. It is possible to achieve a design winner and to achieve a wonderful living environment. It is possible to realize a winning long term investment. My goal is to impart the knowledge that makes this possible.

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Steven Clipp, AIA

Steven Clipp, AIA

Steven Clipp, AIA is Principal of Steven Clipp Architecture in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. He is a Registered Architect with almost thirty years of experience and the winner of numerous awards including ‘Best Home Design in North Carolina Under 5000 Square Feet.’ SCA now limits its practice to the design of high end custom homes and renovations.

Steve Clipp has spent years thinking about the psychology of space, how people relate to it and how space can be manipulated to affect the user’s behavior. On over 500 retail stores he honed the art of motivating shoppers to become buyers. Now, his homes are crafted to find peace, elicit joy and bring families together.

Steve Clipp is also of Scottish ancestry and analytical bent. Money, whether his or his clients, has to be spent wisely. Each expenditure on a home has to make sense and be at the lowest, but fair, price. He has shown through his work that a well designed home will sell more quickly, at a better price. Even in this market he has never had a home resell at less than what the owners originally invested.

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