A Capitalism for the People. Gold for the People

July 24, 2012
Hosted by Jay Taylor

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Doug Groh visits for the first time and Luigi Zingales returns to further discuss “A Capitalism for the People.” True free market capitalism levels the playing field and rewards suppliers who meet market demand rather than brown nosing and patronage activities, which is why Prof. Zingales moved to America. But now he sees an avoidance of competition and elitism to the detriment of all but the ruling elite. How can we move back toward a free market America? Meantime, how do Americans hang on to what they have against a socialist assault aimed at those who have been rewarded in the past by their merits? Tocqueville Gold Fund mining analyst Doug Groh will talk about the gold share values and how owning the shares may provide some respite for retaining and increasing wealth for those who have chosen to save the fruits of their labor. We will ask Doug if he shares Rick Rule's optimism for the gold share markets at this time and ask him to comment on some of his fund's favorites.

Turning Hard Times into Good Times

Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Jay Taylor’s show will explain the real underlying causes for plunging stock prices, plunging home prices and growing unemployment. By correctly diagnosing the cause of America’s economic decline, rather than listening to excuses from Wall Street and Washington, Jay will offer winning investment ideas to protect and increase wealth.

Topics to be discussed will include the cause of the decline of: our monetary system and our economy, the housing markets, the equity markets, and commodities, Why gold and silver are rising in value and how investors can profit from the direction of these markets through specific stocks, ETF’s and precious metals will also be discussed. Turning Hard Times into Good Times is broadcast live every Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor has been able to more than double his newsletter’s model portfolio from 2000 to the present even as the S&P 500 was in the process of losing 50% of its value!

The insights provided to Jay came from a history professor in 1967 who advised Jay that when countries go off a gold or silver standard, hard economic times are sure to follow because nations begin to think they do not need to work hard and save to enjoy a better life. Indeed there is no free lunch and a gold standard reminds people of that every day.

Jay watched his professor’s prophetic words come true when in 1971, President Nixon completely detached the dollar from gold. Not surprising to Jay, the price of gold skyrocketed in the late 1970s as inflation wiped out vast amounts of wealth from average Americans. To protect his own wealth Jay began to invest in gold and gold mining shares and in 1981 he began sharing his success and insights in his newsletter. In 1981 Jay began writing a subscription newsletter that has earned his subscribers countless thousands of dollars over the years.

Jay’s insights as to the real cause of our problems has enabled him to find investment strategies that work. Diagnose a problem correctly and you have a chance for success. Diagnose a problem incorrectly as the establishment does and you are sure to fail.

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