Workplace Violence Series: The Human Factor - Training to be an Elite Performer even under Duress

March 26, 2013
Hosted by Pamela Hill

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Bruce Siddle and his Human Factor Research Group are internationally known authorities in the study of combat human factors. Mr. Siddle is credited as the pioneer who initiated the study of survival stress and how it impacts performance under stress. His pivotal research has changed the way law enforcement and the military special operations teams approach training and combat preparedness. In an effort to bring his unique research and thought provoking methodologies to the business world, we will explore Mr. Siddle’s research into the world of the elite performer in an attempt to find out what makes them tick. As Mr. Siddle shares his findings and unique wisdom, those of you thrust into the role of crisis manager will gather teaching lessons that all executives, emergency response and crisis management teams can use in honing their own performance.

Fear is Negotiable: Business Survival Skills 101

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Fear is Negotiable: Business Survival Skills 101 will focus on risk mitigation and business preparedness steps in a practical and realistic way, for any sized organization in any industry. This show will drive risk and preparedness topics from discussion to action, and really educate about why businesses must prepare, and then provide the knowledge to get it done. The topics we cover are related to current “hot topics,” such as workplace violence, technology resilience, emergency communications, the psychology of disaster, or cyber-attacks. At other times when there are no “hot topics”, issues covered will range from threat assessment, to human resource issues related to emergency management, to best practices in risk mitigation.

Pamela Hill

By trade, Pamela Hill is a business professional with over twenty five years of experience in business continuity planning, disaster and emergency preparedness for a wide variety of industries.

After a successful run as a VoiceAmerica Host on Fear is Negotiable: Business Survival Skills 101, covering emergency preparedness in businesses, she decided to switch gears to talk about her true passion, dogs and their uniquely close relationship with humans.

Pam’s love affair with all things canine started when she was young, where she traveled throughout the west coast competing in dog shows with her client’s dogs, and also in obedience events with her own dogs. That was a long time ago, but the love of dogs was like a siren song, calling her back.

Now, Pam is focusing the show on education and creating awareness of all the ways dogs and human enrich each other’s lives.

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