James Kennedy gets the phone call no father ever want to receive. Now he fights to save your child!

April 30, 2013
Hosted by Bradley DeHaven

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After discovering that your beautiful son is found lying face down in a gravel lot, dead from an overdose after his “friends” dumped him out of fear of legal trouble, James retreats to the darkness before he awakes to a mission. His mission becomes a selfless journey to spare others his fate. James discovers he is not alone as kids overdosing are seen as a liability to those who are with them. Kids are abandoned at parties, tossed in bushes, driven past hospitals before being tossed out of a car and leaned against their parent’s front door in the middle of the night to die. The 911 Good Samaritan law allows fellow drug abusers to call for help and potentially save the life of someone who is overdosing. This became the law of the land in many states including California where James and his tragic story helped to gain the votes necessary to pass this law. James will march for reform and quick actions against the dirty doctors who sold his son drugs for cash and will continue to do so as the California Medical Board twiddles its thumbs and protects doctors over patients. James’s tireless effort to raise awareness and cause reform is a testament to the loss of a son he will forever grieve and a passion to honor the memory of Joseph Ryan Kennedy, forever 28 years old.

Afflicted By Addiction

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Our guests include parent activists and treatment professionals from all across the US and politicians who are active with RX reform. These people have almost all lost a child to addiction and have huge lists of followers who share the same fate. I am a father who has been on the front lines of addiction as opposed to a doctor with a degree in addiction and a 2 year old. Parents in the throes of addiction need to know they are not alone and parents of younger children need to understand that addiction can happen to anyone. Not one of the parents who lost a child to addiction every thought their child would become an addict. Not one addict ever thought they would become addicted. The road to addiction is clear when you look back and I will share the wisdom of those who have traveled this road to help other avoid the Hell of addiction.

Bradley DeHaven

A passion to help others with understanding addiction has brewed inside Bradley DeHaven for years. Having been surrounding by addiction his entire life from father, step-father, brother and then his own son caused Brad to dig deep inside to discover what defined himself as a man, a husband and a father. Brad wrote his first book "Defining Moments" from an odd perspective while he relived the thoughts that rushed through his head as he was undercover, wired and setting up a dangerous drug dealer in a parking lot less than a mile from his home. The deal was made to get Brad’s addicted son out of a prison stint and into rehab where Brad believed his son belonged.

Brad’s second book; "The Addict Among Us" is an 18 month journey. Brad interviewed over 400 parents and addicts and discovered many teachable moments. He believes these dramatic interviews will open the eyes of the "not my child" club and educate them so they do not join the club of so many of us who never saw addiction coming. Brad was honored that Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack who is a true champion of this cause, read this manuscript and graciously offered to write the "Forward" to The Addict Among Us.

Brad’s other specialties are as Author, Public Speaker, and raising awareness and education regarding prescription drug abuse. He also is no stranger to radio, having once hosted a financial radio program.

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