Being a BetterWorldian Through Small Acts of Kindness

October 31, 2013
Hosted by Ray Hansell, MarySue Hansell, and Gregory Hansell

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To be a BetterWorldian, practice small acts of kindness. This week on BetterWorldians Radio we’ll focus on how listeners impact their own world with small acts of kindness and service, using Mother Teresa as an example. We speak with Donna-Marie O’Boyle, author of the book “Mother Teresa and Me.” O’Boyle discusses her ten year relationship with Mother Teresa and tells listeners the small things they can do to emulate this extraordinary person in their own lives. Tune in every week to hear new guests share how they are making the world a better place and to learn how you can become a BetterWorldian!

BetterWorldians Radio

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BetterWorldians Radio inspires you with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place. Learn how doing good leads to feeling good, and hear how small acts make a big difference, all around the world, everyday. BetterWorldians are the experts, authors, volunteers, business owners, spiritual leaders, and everyday people dedicated in their work or craft to making this A Better World. Join us! Topics include Altruism and Acts of Kindness, Positivity and Happiness, Self-Help and Well-being, Philanthropy and Generosity, Religion and Spirituality, among many others. We will be doing interviews with special guests, providing updates on the BetterWorldian movement, and taking emails and live calls from people who want to change the world. BetterWorldians Radio is a broadcast that helps Bring Out the BetterWorldian in Everyone.

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Ray Hansell, MarySue Hansell, and Gregory Hansell

BetterWorldians Radio is hosted by the family team that created the popular game, A Better World. This game rewards players for doing good deeds while helping to raise money and awareness for charities. Over 1.5 million people have performed over 8.5 million good deeds in A Better World. This game grows from the Hansells’ lifelong commitment to make the world a better place.

Ray Hansell is CEO of ToonUps, creator of A Better World. He is a serial entrepreneur, who successfully founded and took public a national marketing firm. Giving back has always been important to Ray, who supports cancer research, disabled children, and disadvantaged families. Ray wants the show to increase local and global altruism and philanthropy.

MarySue Hansell is COO of ToonUps. MarySue has been a successful entrepreneur and business executive for over 30 years. She is also an avid student of the healing arts, Positive Psychology, and spirituality. MarySue uses BetterWorldians Radio to share the transformative findings and practices that help people improve their lives and the lives of others.

Gregory Hansell is Vice President of Product Development at ToonUps. Greg conceived the original concept of A Better World. He has a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy and World Religions, and has spent over 15 years at the intersection of technology, social causes, and big ideas. Greg sees BetterWorldians Radio as a way to build a global community around altruism, optimism, and understanding.

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Betsy Anderson

Betsy Anderson is the Communications Director at The Philadelphia Foundation, a community foundation dedicated improving the quality of life in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties since 1918. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. John Arden

Dr. John Arden has over 35 years of experience providing psychological services and directing mental health programs. Since 1999 he has served as the Director of Training for Mental Health for the Northern California Region in a world renowned HMO. He has developed one of the largest mental health training programs in the United States, overseeing more than 100 interns and postdoctoral psychology residents in 22 medical centers. Prior to this he served as the Chief Psychologist for his current employer. Dr. Arden’s study of neuropsychology has inspired him to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy, synthesizing the biological and psychological into a new vision for psychotherapy: Brain-Based Therapy. His work incorporates what is currently known about the brain and its capacities with psychotherapy research, mindfulness, nutritional neuroscience and social intelligence. He conducts seminars on Brain-Based Therapy throughout the United States and abroad. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email, a Fulbright Scholar, and Lemelson-MIT Finalist, who holds four degrees from MIT, is a renowned systems scientist and computational systems biology expert. He is the founder of Systems Health(R) and the Chairman and CEO of CytoSolve. He pioneered Systems Visualization, a new course at MIT, in the Department of Comparative Media Studies. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of the International Center for Integrative Systems located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is passionate about integrating both Eastern and Western systems of medicine to create a new convergent medicine that is fully consistent with the scientific method. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Stephan Bauman

Stephan Bauman is the President and CEO of World Relief, an international relief and development organization that serves more five million vulnerable people each year through more than 100,000 church-based volunteers. Stephan’s pursuit of justice led him to transition from a successful career in the Fortune 100 sector to Africa where he directed relief and development programs for nearly a decade before returning to the United States to lead World Relief’s global operations. Stephan lives to see people everywhere rise to the call of justice and give their lives in ways that empower the poor towards real change, a journey he continues to pursue. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Amy and Matt Baumgardner

Amy and Matt Baumgardner are co-authors of From This Day Forward: A Love Story of Faith, Hope, and Forgiveness. From This Day Forward is the story of Amy’s addiction to alcohol, the impact it had on their marriage, and the guilt Amy felt after a drunk driving accident left their 5 year old daughter in critical condition. Amy and Matt share how they weathered the storm of addiction and rebuilt their family and marriage one day at a time. Amy and Matt live in southeastern Pennsylvania and have three children. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dale Beatty

In 2004, Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty deployed with the North Carolina National Guard to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2004 while on a patrol route that was littered with highly active insurgent operations, the vehicle Beatty was riding in was ripped apart by anti tank mines. The explosion was so severe that it left Beatty a double amputee below the knees. Thanks to support from the Iredell Homes Builders Association and many members from the local community in and around Statesville, NC, a specially adapted barrier free home was built for Beatty and his family, with Beatty serving as general contractor. As a result of all the support from his community – Dale Beatty and his battle buddy John Gallina wanted to help other Service Connected Disabled Veterans with their housing solutions. Together they co-founded Purple Heart Homes with money from their disability checks to help Veterans and their caregivers from all eras. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Anne Beiler

“Auntie” Anne Beiler is best known as the founder of Auntie Anne’s Hand Rolled Soft Pretzels – the world’s largest hand rolled soft pretzel franchise. However, her journey to become a leading female entrepreneur began years before the first pretzel was rolled. In September of 1975, Anne and her husband experienced a parent’s worst nightmare – the loss of a child. This event propelled Anne into years of darkness during which she nearly lost her husband, her family, and her faith. Out of her pain came purpose and the desire to persevere towards success personally and professionally. Today, Anne finds her purpose as a public speaker, inspiring business communities and encouraging women across the globe. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake, author of Three Simple Steps, is a serial entreprenuer. He was founder and CEO of QOL Medical LLC, a company focused on solutions for rare diseases that he started in 2002 with a few thousand dollars. Its virtual business model was unique in an industry crying our for change, it was the top grossing nonemployer in the United States, and it sold in 2010 for over $100 million. In 2006 Trevor founded ANU, a unique not-for-profit he dedicated to developing low side-effect cancer drugs. In 2011 he co-founded Kalvi Medical LLC and is its CEO. Trevor has worked in the UK, Europe, and the United States with companies such as Lipha, 3M, and Biogen and has won many industry awards, including marketing professional of the year. A graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College in the UK, he has a degree in radiography, and an MBA from Durham University, also in the UK. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Caroline Boudreaux

Caroline Boudreaux founded The Miracle Foundation in 2000, after she visited India for the first time. From the first moment she met a group of more than 100 orphaned children and witnessed their beautiful smiles and incredible potential, she committed her life to helping them realize that potential. Caroline was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and attended L.S.U. where she earned a B.S. in psychology. Prior to her nonprofit work, she had a successful career in media advertising. For her achievements with The Miracle Foundation, Caroline was presented with the Hope Award in 2005 and the Impact Award in 2008. In 2009, she was invited to join the Young Global Leaders, a community of the World Economic Forum. She has been featured in various forms of media, including CNN and “One Peace at a Time,” a 2009 film by Turk Pipkin. In 2011, Caroline completed a prestigious course on Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century at Harvard University. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dale Brantner

Dale Brantner was appointed President & CEO of CURE International in 2012 after serving for many years as Senior Vice President, responsible for leading the organization’s spiritual ministry and development efforts. Dale has significant international professional and pastoral experience, including serving as department head of biblical studies, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew and then president of Theological College of Zimbabwe from 1996 to 2002. Prior to coming to CURE, Dale was an associate pastor at West Shore Evangelical Free Church in Mechanicsburg, PA. He also served as adjunct faculty member of biblical studies at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. Dale has a master’s degree from the Evangelical Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree from Messiah College. He has done both undergraduate and graduate work in Israel as well as Ph.D. work at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy and the creator of The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude. Sarah's work celebrates quiet joys, simple pleasures, and well-spent moments. By reminding us to search for the small and the sweet in our daily round with appreciation and awe, we find the beauty in the everyday. Millions of women, including Oprah Winfrey agreed and discovered unexpected contentment and solace in their own lives. Now Sarah introduces the magic of gratitude to little children and their families in her debut children's book, The Best Part of The Day, a delightful and reassuring journey through the seasons. Sarah lives in Southern California near her daughter, Kate, and their beloved animals. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Crystal Brown

Crystal Brown is the founder of Two Dollars Can Change a Life, a non-profit dedicated to promoting random acts of kindness in the Philadelphia area. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bob Buford

Until the sale of his company in July 1999, Bob Buford served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Buford Television, Inc., a family-owned business that started with a single ABC affiliate in Tyler, Texas, and grew to a network of cable systems across the country. In 1994, Buford wrote Halftime, a book that came out of his mind and heart on how to find meaning and fulfillment in the second half of our lives. In 1997, Bob launched the Halftime organization, an initiative of Leadership Network to help successful people convert their faith into action and effective results. The mission of Halftime is to develop strategy and resources to equip business/professional leaders to achieve maximum leverage and return on the investment of their time and resources measured in changed lives and healthier communities. Bob is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and of the Owner Managed Program at Harvard. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Robert Butera, Ph.D.

Robert Butera, Ph.D., has studied meditation and yoga since 1984. As the Founder of YogaLife Institute in Devon, PA, he trains yoga instructors and yoga therapists and publishes Yoga Living magazine. Bob studied yoga at The Yoga Institute of Bombay and later obtained his Ph.D. in Yoga Philosophy a the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Masters of Divinity from The Earlham School of Religion. Bob has worked with teachers and students throughout Japan, Taiwan, India and the United States. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sheva Carr

Sheva Carr is the architect and Director of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program, the CEO of Fyera! and the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids. She is a Director and Delegate to the United Nations, and featured as a "love luminary" in Marci Schimoff's New York Times bestselling book "Love for No Reason." As a doctor of Oriental Medicine and HeartMath trainer, she has authored several books (most recently "Being the Source of Love"). Through her alliance with, Sheva helps to bring young Israeli and Palestinian woman together in retreat settings, where they have become fast friends and global peace builders. Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and inner peace, in order to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on consciousness, health, performance, creativity, and social change, to create cultures of personal and global peace. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll brings more than 30 years of production, finance, and marketing experience to his role of CEO of Summertime Entertainment. Carroll is a producer of the Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return starring Lea Michele, Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, Patrick Stewart, and Martin Short scheduled for release in May 2014. For this animated feature, Carroll has managed the more than $100 million franchise. He applied his vision to launch the company into the new digital realm, including social media, mobile apps, and virtual worlds. Based on his passion for the series, he acquired rights to the Ozthemed books from Rodger S. Baum (greatgrandson of original Oz author L. Frank Baum). And he has overseen the multimilliondollar licensing and merchandising of the campaign for the Legends of Oz franchise. A graduate of the renowned Goodman School of Drama/ DePaul University in Chicago, Carroll has applied his skills in executive production and funding to more than a dozen films. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Steve Cook

Known as one of Philadelphia’s top hospitality entrepreneurs, Steven Cook is the co-owner of Zahav, Percy Street Barbecue, and Federal Donuts, together with Michael Solomonov. Cook’s distinctive restaurants have received a lion’s share of national and local publicity. In 2012, Food & Wine magazine named Cook and his business partner, Chef Michael Solomonov, among the country’s top “Empire Builders,” admiring their devotion “to reinventing overlooked cuisines.” Prior to starting Cook + Solo, Cook was the owner and executive chef at West Philadelphia’s beloved Marigold Kitchen, where he first partnered with Chef Solomonov. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and the French Culinary Institute, and left a job as an investment banker in New York City to return to his Philadelphia roots and pursue a career as a restaurateur. Today, he is counted among the city’s most successful. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is known to millions as the friendly face and soothing voice of Catholic motherhood. Her frequent appearances on radio and television, her many books, and her speaking engagements are the public face of a life devoted to seeking holiness in the context of a happy Catholic family. Donna-Marie’s decade-long friendship with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta led to a long correspondence and meetings around the world. Following in the footsteps of Blessed Teresa, Donna-Marie became a lay Missionary of Charity and founded a branch of the lay Missionaries of Charity. Today, Donna-Marie is passionate about encouraging others to follow in the footsteps of her blessed friend, caring for the poorest of the poor. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Tom Costello

Tom Costello is the Founder of The Joy of Sox, a Philadelphia-based organization that serves the needs for new socks for the homeless of the Philadelphia region. The Joy of Sox began when Costello found out that people rarely donated new socks to the homeless. Since 2010, The Joy of Sox has distributed more than 115,000 pairs of socks. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto

Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto co-founded the Integral Heart Foundation when they moved to Antigua Guatemala in 2009 with one dog, Pancho, now they have two more, Anju and Bella! As an Irish immigrant who fully embraced the American Dream, Mick’s life path brought him from his native home in Athlone, Ireland, to New York City where he founded several successful businesses, to the publication of a book on the future of human potential - The Uncommon Path - to his current work in the slums surrounding the the Spanish Colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. Debora graduated from the University of Madrid as an educator of mentally handicapped children. She spent the following 10 years working with her skills in the Spanish healthcare system. Debora is also a trained facilitator of the Big Mind Process, a counseling tool that combines Western psychology and Zen teachings, which she uses in this work. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal empowerment. The knowledge he shares is a culmination of 41 years of cross-disciplinary research. As an educator he travels full time around the world teaching people how to be more self-governed and empowered in all areas of their lives. He teaches them how to develop their potential, clarify their life and career direction and live inspired and fulfilled lives. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha, a community blog that features stories and insights from readers from all over the globe. She runs the site as a group effort because she believes we all have something to teach and something to learn. Since it launched in 2009, Tiny Buddha has grown into one of the most popular inspirational sites on the web, with more than 2 million monthly readers. Lori is the author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions, Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself and the Tiny Wisdom eBooks series. She’s also co-founder of the online course Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Gary Dixon

Gary Dixon is the President of The Foundation for a Better Life. He formerly served as vice president of Bonneville Communications where he directed the creative development of many successful campaigns, including Homefront, Major League Baseball, Children’s Miracle Network and the American Cancer Society. He has also been a speaker at regional and national advertising conferences for the American Advertising Federation and a keynote speaker for various events. Gary has a master’s degree in communications from Brigham Young University and a bachelor’s in broadcasting from Texas Tech University. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dave Donaldson

Dave is the co-founder of Convoy of Hope, an international organization providing disaster relief, building supply lines, sponsoring Health and Job Fairs, drilling wells and the Nurturing Hope nutrition program. Since its inception in 1994, Convoy of Hope has helped over 50 million people worldwide. Dave also launched a global initiative for Convoy called HopeExperience where business, government and church leaders can spend one week abroad experiencing the culture, and exploring ways to lift people out of poverty. Donaldson is also President of Charity Awards International which celebrates public and private figures that devote themselves to working for others. He has coordinated White House briefings, roundtables and conference calls between community and government leaders and in 2003, was appointed to serve on his National Council for Mental Health and Substance Abuse and to chair the Faith-based Committee. Dave is the author of several books including: The Faith-based and Community Initiative, The Compassion Revolution and newly released, Relentless – Pursuing a Life that Matters. Dave earned his BA from Evangel University and Master’s Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher received two Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal as the lovable "Miss Fine" on CBS’s hit series The Nanny, which she both created & executive produced. An accomplished author, Fran received the prestigious NCCS writer’s award for Cancer Schmancer, which along with Enter Whining, were both New York Times best sellers. A 14-year uterine cancer survivor, Fran turns lemons into lemonade and pain into purpose through her leadership as a cancer advocate. Her mission is to shift America’s focus toward proactive health care and healthy, toxin-free living. She believes that that the best cure for cancer is not getting it in the first place. As Founder, President & Visionary of the non-profit Cancer Schmancer Movement, she focuses on three prongs to fight the disease: Early Detection, Prevention, and Advocacy. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Aria Finger

As Chief Operating Officer, Aria Finger oversees the business development, finance and campaigns departments at, the national not-for-profit that empowers millions of young people to take action around causes they are passionate about. With her cause-related marketing experience, Finger has managed initiatives with Johnson & Johnson, Aéropostale, Sprint, American Express and other top brands. She has spoken at numerous conferences including a panel on youth unemployment at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. During her tenure at, Aria launched their Teens for Jeans campaign which now clothes half of all homeless children in America each year. Finger is also the Founder and President of TMI, a subsidiary agency of that advises brands and organizations on young people, technology & social change.Aria earned a BA in economics and political science from Washington University in St. Louis, and completed the Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Aria currently serves on the board of the NYC-based not-for-profit Care for the Homeless, was one of the first ten World Economic Forum Global Shapers and is an adjunct professor at New York University. Aria has been highlighted in the New York Times, Fast Company and was named to the 2012 Crain’s New York Business list of “40 Under Forty” and featured on the cover. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Alan Fox

Alan Fox has degrees in accounting, law, education, and professional writing. He has been employed as a tax supervisor for a national accounting firm, established his own law firm, and founded a commercial real estate company that owns and manages more than seventy major income-producing properties in eleven states. He sits on the board of directors of several non-profit foundations, focusing on children, wellness, health, and education. Fox is also the founder, editor, and publisher of Rattle, one of the most respected literary magazines in the United States. He is well known for the publication of his conversations with noted American poets, including several Pulitzer Prize winners. Fox has energetically researched and tested People Tools his entire life. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D.

Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D. has been advancing the science of positive emotions for more than 20 years. She is currently Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she directs the PEP Lab. Her books, Positivity and Love 2.0 have been translated into more than 20 languages. Barb’s award-winning research, funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, reveals how your positive emotions were sculpted by the discerning chisel of Darwinian natural selection to serve as life-giving nutrients for growth. Barb’s scientific contributions have influenced scholars and practitioners worldwide, in disciplines ranging from business to healthcare and beyond. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, NPR, PBS, The Atlantic, The Economist, Oprah Magazine and elsewhere. She has twice been invited to brief His Holiness the Dalai Lama on her research. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Danielle Gletow

In 2006, Danielle Gletow and her husband, Joe, became foster adoptive parents in NJ and since then their lives changed forever. Danielle and Joe fell in love with the children they met in the foster care system and vowed to create a way for more people to support children who’ve been victims of abuse and neglect in the US. Believing that these children deserved their voices, Danielle and Joe invested their own money in creating One Simple Wish in 2008 and have since become passionate advocates for children in foster care and those that have been impacted by the system. In March 2013, Danielle was named a CNN Hero for her work supporting kids in foster care. Danielle is a frequent presenter at events throughout the country focusing on foster care, children’s rights and social innovation. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rev. Andy Greenhow

Rev. Andy Greenhow is the Minister of Stewardship, Congregational Partnership, and Belonging at Broad Street Ministry, a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality to all of Philadelphia, particularly those least likely to receive it anywhere else. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), having received his Master of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was the recipient of the C. Frederick and Cleta R. Mathias Memorial Prize in Worship and Pastoral Ministry. Prior to seminary, he served as a long-term volunteer rebuilding homes destroyed by the floods following Hurricane Katrina at Project Homecoming, a disaster recovery and community redevelopment non-profit in New Orleans. His undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto were in Cinema Studies, Political Science, and Near & Middle Eastern Studies. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture. Founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom, and an Advisory Board Member of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, he’s been an invited speaker at Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide. He has several audio programs and his free Just One Thing newsletter has over 96,000 subscribers. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kim Harvey

Kim Harvey is the co-founder of Angels & Doves, a non-profit with the mission to end bullying. With a background in psychology, Kim travels to schools to speak with students about the effects of bullying. Kim is the creator of a line of NO Bully products; shirts in five designs and eight sizes, school notebooks and matching backpacks. Kim is the author of The Bully Book, a workbook for children that teaches about bullying and aggression. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Amy Hollingsworth

Amy Hollingsworth is the author of The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, the story of her longtime friendship with Mister Rogers and the simple faith he shared with all of his neighbors. Hollingsworth is also author of Gifts of Passage: What the Dying Tell Us with the Gifts They Leave Behind, Holy Curiosity, and most recently, Letters from the Closet. Before writing books, Hollingsworth wrote for various magazines and was a writer for eight years for a national television program. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in both English and psychology. Hollingsworth was named one of USA Today’s Top 100 People of 2010 for her influence on pop culture and featured in the documentary by MTV News VP/producer Benjamin Wagner titled “Mister Rogers & Me.” View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ryan Hreljac

At 23 years old, Ryan Hreljac is the founder of the Ryan’s Well Foundation, an organization committed to delivering access to safe water and empowering people of all ages to make a difference in the world. Amazingly, Ryan’s journey began at age six when he was shocked to learn that people in Africa were dying because they didn’t have clean water. Ryan took it upon himself to raise money by doing chores and public speaking, and with the support of his family, friends and community, built a well in Uganda. Since then, Ryan’s Well has helped build 878 wells and 1120 latrines, bringing safe water and improved sanitation to 823,238 people in 16 countries. Ryan studied International Development and Political Science and graduated from the University of King’s College in Halifax. He serves on the board of the Ryan’s Well Foundation and continues to speak around the world on water issues and volunteerism. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dan Karslake

Dan Karslake is an award-winning American film director and producer. His film, For The Bible Tells Me so, won nine “Best Documentary” audience awards at prestigious festivals across the country, it was on the short list for a 2008 Academy Award, and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His work was singled out by many organizations, including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Dan graduated cum laude from Duke University with a B.A. in Public Policy Studies. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Benjamin LaBrot

Dr. Benjamin LaBrot is the founder of Floating Doctors, a seafaring medical group that provides free healthcare for people in remote coastal regions. While studying to become a doctor in Ireland, Ben made private medical missions to Thailand, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Enormous need everywhere he went, combined with the belief that the privilege of becoming a doctor comes with the responsibility for ALWAYS being on-call, have led Ben to combine his love and knowledge of the sea with his talent for medicine and service to create the Floating Doctors. Floating Doctors is an all-volunteer group of men and women from all walks of life united in their passion for the healing arts and a desire to serve. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Melissa Lake

As the Executive Director of the ONEHOPE Foundation and Director of Social Impact for ONEHOPE, Melissa Lake leads one of the world’s first social impact organizations. In her current role, she is responsible for the foundation’s brand, social responsibility, and external nonprofit partnerships. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California, Melissa visited Tanzania where she taught English to 40 kindergarten students. Inspired by this trip, Melissa knew that her true passion in life lies in helping people and contributing to the greater good. This passion led her to graduate with a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship from New York University. In addition, Melissa spent three years at Google, where she was the assistant to the President of the Americas Operations and the first associate at Google Ventures. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rich Lalley

Rich Lalley is responsible for the overall direction of the organization, which includes: development, communications, organizational strategy and developing strategic partnerships and community programs. Prior to joining Operation Warm in 2009 as VP Development, Mr. Lalley served as President of the Rotary Club of Winnetka-Northfield, IL and he currently serves Rotary District 6440 as Assistant Governor. Mr. Lalley brings over twenty years of brand marketing and advertising experience to Operation Warm, most recently as Vice President of Advertising & Brand Management for Discover Financial Services. He is a past recipient of Brand Week's Marketer of the Year and Ad Age's Marketing 100 awards. Mr. Lalley is a graduate of Michigan State University, where he studied advertising. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and everyday life. Jenn has been a consultant at Zappos from its start-up days in 2003 to the $2B business it is today. One of her creations, the Zappos Culture Book, has become a global symbol of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability. In 2010, Jenn led the launch and management of Tony’s first book (Delivering Happiness) which has sold over 550,000 copies worldwide and hit #1 on bestsellers lists like the New York Times and USA Today. Delivering Happiness has evolved from a book to a bus tour, and now a company and global happiness movement represented by people from over 110 countries. Today, Jenn’s dedicated to growing the Delivering Happiness movement so we can all pay happiness forward! View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jim Liske

Jim Liske joined Prison Fellowship as chief executive officer in July 2011 and assumed the additional title of president in 2013. Since taking the helm of the world's largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, Liske has led the organization's efforts to foster the moral rehabilitation of prisoners through faith-based programming, advocate for restorative criminal justice policies at the state and national levels, and mobilize churches to be agents of positive change in the lives of those affected by the cycle of crime and incarceration and in their communities.

As the leader of Prison Fellowship, Liske has visited more than 100 prisons and jails throughout the United States to dialogue with inmates and prison leaders about how our nation can create more humane, transformative correctional facilities. He speaks frequently with legislators and prison officials about the importance of faith- and values-based moral rehabilitation for prisoners, and the need for a fundamental shift in America’s approach to criminal justice. A native of Alpena, Michigan, Liske earned a master’s of divinity from North American Baptist Seminary in 1986. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Denver Seminary. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Weldon Long

In 2003, Weldon Long walked out of prison, broke and homeless. By 2009, he had built an Inc. 5000 company with over $20,000,000 in sales. His incredible journey from poverty and homelessness to a life of wealth, happiness, and peace of mind is the result of creating an unstoppable Prosperity Mindset, which is embodied in his book The Power of Consistency. Mr. Long is an entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and an award-winning author. View Guest page

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Trudy Ludwig

Trudy Ludwig is an award-winning author who specializes in writing children's books that explore the colorful and sometimes confusing world of children's social interactions. She has received rave reviews nationwide from educators, experts, organizations, and parents for her passion and compassion in addressing relational aggression – the use of relationships to manipulate and hurt others. Trudy wrote her first book, My Secret Bully, after her own daughter was bullied by some friends. Since then, she has become a sought-after speaker, presenting at schools and conferences around the country and educating students, parents, and teachers on the topic. Trudy is a member of the International Bullying Prevention Association. View Guest page

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John MacPhee

John MacPhee brings 20 years of leadership and management experience from the business and not-for-profit settings to The Jed Foundation. Prior to The Jed Foundation, he served as president of Strativa Pharmaceuticals, where he oversaw commercial operations, clinical development, medical affairs, alliance management and business development. Previously, he worked at Forest Laboratories, where he led the launches of treatments for depression, anxiety and Alzheimer's disease. Well versed in the challenges faced by college students, John serves as a board member for Bottom Line, a nonprofit organization that provides guidance counseling to disadvantaged urban youth to help them get into college and graduate. He earned a BA from Columbia College, an MBA from New York University and an MPH from Columbia University. View Guest page

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Greg McKeown

Greg McKeown is the author of the best-selling book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Greg writes, teaches, and lectures around the world on the importance of living and leading as an Essentialist. He has spoken at companies including Apple, Google, and Facebook and is among the most popular bloggers for the Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn’s Influencer Group. He co-created the course “Designing Life, Essentially” at Stanford University and serves as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. Greg holds an MBA from Stanford University. Learn more at View Guest page

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Josey Milner

Josey Milner is part small town teen, part road-worthy country starlet, and at only 18 years old, she turned heads and changed hearts with her debut US single, “Not Pretty Enough.” The song thrusted Josey into the country music spotlight, launching her anti-bullying campaign with Angels and Doves, earning her a 2013 Independent Country Music Award nomination for Promising Young Artist, a Top 10 Hottest New Artist designation, and a Number One single on the world’s first independent country music chart, Indie World. Josey’s latest single is the aptly titled, “Cowgirls.” View Guest page

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Steve Moeller

Steve Moeller is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, business consultant, and life coach. He has trained thousands of investment advisors to help their clients flourish in retirement. A student of many disciplines, including anthropology, positive psychology, peak performance, neuroscience, indigenous wisdom, behavioral finance, and quality of life, Steve founded Endorphin Zone New Media to share his holistic strategies for flourishing with people of all ages and walks of life. View Guest page

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Dr. Andrew Newberg

Dr. Andrew Newberg is Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine. Newberg is considered a pioneer in the neuroscientific study of religious and spiritual experiences, a field frequently referred to as – neurotheology. Dr. Newberg has published over 150 research articles, essays and book chapters, and is the co-author of five best selling books, including Why We Believe What We Believe and How God Changes Your Brain. View Guest page

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Carey Palmquist

Carey Palmquist is the Executive Director of Operation Warm. Warming the hearts, minds and bodies of children, Operation Warm and Coats for Kids Foundation inspires hope and empowers communities by providing NEW winter coats to children in need throughout the U.S. Since 1998, Operation Warm has provided the gift of warmth to more than 1.2 million children. View Guest page

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Carey Palmquist

Carey Palmquist is responsible for assisting First Book's leadership team execute on new ideas for growth strategy and innovation. Carey joined First Book after 4+ years as Executive Director of Operation Warm, a national non-profit providing brand new coats to low-income children.

Prior to joining the non-profit sector, Carey served as Vice President of Operations for a state-of-the-art, multi-billion dollar cancer treatment company where she was responsible for all operational aspects of the company's flagship treatment center in Oklahoma City. She has also served in the capacity of human resources executive in the healthcare, technology, and financial industries.

Carey serves on the board of The Institute for Global Youth Development Programs, holds a Master's of Management from Cambridge College and is a certified Six Sigma Green and Black Belt. View Guest page

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Jacqueline Patterson

Jacqueline Patterson is Chief Development Officer at Northern Children’s Services, a non-profit that supports the healthy development of children, while stabilizing their families to build stronger communities. View Guest page

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Dr. Matthew Della Porta

Dr. Della Porta is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of California. Using his expertise in health and wellness, Dr. Della Porta assists business professionals in cultivating optimal employee performance, engagement, and organizational health while helping the bottom line. He has given evidence-based recommendations to a variety of organizations wishing to emphasize employee wellness in their corporate cultures. Dr. Della Porta is also passionate about communicating complex research findings to general audiences. To this end, he has given presentations to several organizations wishing to learn more about the latest positive psychology research and how it can applied in the real world. In addition, Dr. Della Porta writes a column offering advice on the pursuit of happiness on; several of these articles have been featured in the Huffington Post. View Guest page

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Dr. Stephen G. Post

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D. is the best-selling author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping. He speaks widely on themes of benevolent love and compassionate care at the interface of science, health, spirituality, and philanthropy. His work has been featured in periodicals such as Parade Magazine and O: The Oprah Magazine, and on such media venues as The Daily Show, John Stossel, 20/20 and Nightline. He has addressed the U.S. Congress on volunteerism and public health. In 2001 he founded the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love in 2001, named by Sir John Templeton, who personally selected Post as President. The Institute is a free-standing non-profit that researches and distributes knowledge on selfless love. View Guest page

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Stephen G. Post, Ph.D.

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D. is the best-selling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People and The Hidden Gifts of Helping. He is Professor of Preventive Medicine and Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Stephen speaks widely on themes of benevolent love and compassionate care at the interface of science, health, spirituality, and philanthropy. His work has been featured in periodicals such as Parade Magazine and O: The Oprah Magazine, and on such media venues as The Daily Show, John Stossel, 20/20 and Nightline. He has addressed the U.S. Congress on volunteerism and public health. View Guest page

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Glenna Salsbury

As a professional speaker and consultant, Glenna Salsbury provides keynotes and seminars nationally and internationally. Bubbling with enthusiasm, high energy and humor, Glenna’s topics include leadership, change and quality performance. Her client list is comprised of many Fortune 500 companies and numerous associations. Glenna graduated from Northwestern University and holds a Masters Degree from UCLA and a Masters from Fuller Seminary. Glenna has appeared on Good Morning America, the ABC Mike and Maty Show and is a well-known author, appearing in the New York Times Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is also the author of her own bestseller, The Art of the Fresh Start. View Guest page

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Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson is a “serial pro-social entrepreneur.” In 1983, inspired by a little boy battling an inoperable brain tumor, Peter conceived of the Starlight Children’s Foundation—an international charity dedicated to granting wishes for seriously ill children. In 2005, Starlight merged with Starbright World, an online social network for seriously ill children (also founded by Samuelson) to become the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starlight has raised over $1 billion and served 60 million seriously ill children. In 1999, Peter founded First Star, a separate national charity that works to improve the public health, safety, and family life of America’s abused and neglected children. In 2008, Peter founded Everyone Deserves A Roof to distribute a mobile single-user homeless shelter on wheels. Peter is a graduate of Cambridge University and producer of dozens of Hollywood films including Revenge of the Nerds and Arlington Road. View Guest page

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Jay Scott

Jay Scott is the Co-Executive Director of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. When his daughter Alexandra “Alex” Scott decided to hold a lemonade stand to help doctors find new treatments and ultimately a cure for all childhood cancers, including her own, Jay and his wife Liz supported Alex’s mission every step of the way. After cancer took Alex’s life they continued Alex’s legacy of hope. What started as the vision of one little girl has been embraced by a team of 100,000 volunteers. Jay speaks frequently to groups including businesses, schools and community groups, in addition to participating on panels at national conferences. Jay’s speaking topics include the story of Alex as the impetus for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation; how to make a difference and meaningful impact; the power of one; caregiving for a child with cancer and other topics related to Alex and her inspiration. View Guest page

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James Siegal

James Siegal is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of KaBOOM!, the national non-profit that seeks to give children the childhood they deserve filled with balanced and active play, so they can thrive. Prior to KaBOOM!, James served as Chief of Staff for the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that supports citizen engagement to address community challenges through AmeriCorps, the Social Innovation Fund and other programs. James has broad experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including serving as Vice President of Nonprofit Programs and Practice at the leading non-profit coalition, Independent Sector. He also served as Registration Section Chief and Assistant Attorney General at the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau and associate at the global law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. James and his wife enjoy spending time on the playground with their three young girls. View Guest page

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Dr. Ronald Siegel

Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, is Assistant Professor of Psychology, Part Time, at Harvard Medical School, where he has taught for over 30 years. He is a long-time student of mindfulness meditation and serves on the board of directors and faculty of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. Dr. Siegel teaches internationally about mindfulness and psychotherapy and mind–body treatment, has worked for many years in community mental health with inner-city children and families, and maintains a private practice in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He is the coauthor of Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain, coeditor of the acclaimed books for professionals, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and Wisdom and Compassion in Psychotherapy: Deepening Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, and coauthor of the new professional text, Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy View Guest page

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Raj Sisodia

Raj Sisodia is the Franklin Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College. He is also Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc. He has a Ph. D. in Marketing from Columbia University. Raj is co-author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business (Harvard Business Review Publishing, 2013). In 2003, he was cited as one of “50 Leading Marketing Thinkers” by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He was named one of “Ten Outstanding Trailblazers of 2010” by Good Business International, and one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” by Trust Across America for 2010 and 2011. Raj has published seven books and over 100 academic articles. His book Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose was named one of the best business books of 2007 by View Guest page

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Michal Smith

Michal Smith joined Cradles to Crayons as Executive Director in November 2010. Following a B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Biology from London University, Michal became a management trainee and executive coach at Harrods. After moving to the United States, she co-founded Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints which became one of the nation's leading large format fine art digital print making studios. Recruited as Executive Director for The Print Center in Philadelphia, to broaden her fundraising experience she moved to Project Forward Leap, whose budget increased from $1.6 to $2.6 million during her tenure. Michal’s fundraising, managerial, marketing, and production experience is supporting Cradles to Crayons in its continued growth in services. View Guest page

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Chef Michael Solomonov

A 2011 James Beard Award winner for “Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic,” Chef Michael Solomonov is the executive chef at Zahav, Philadelphia’s renowned modern Israeli restaurant. Known for his extraordinary skill at transforming simple foods into artful culinary masterpieces, he is widely regarded as one of the city’s top young chefs and entrepreneurs. In addition to his duties at Zahav, of which is he co-owner, Chef Solomonov is a partner in Percy Street Barbecue, Dizengoff, Abe Fisher and Federal Donuts, a mostly take-out, donuts-and-fried-chicken shop serving exceptional coffee, cake donuts and fried chicken. He is a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. Born in Israel, he grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and now calls Philadelphia home. View Guest page

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Rachel Macy Stafford

Rachel Macy Stafford is a certified special education teacher with a Master’s Degree in education and ten years of experience working with parents and children. In December 2010, this life-long writer felt compelled to share her journey to let go of distraction and grasp what really matters by creating the blog “Hands Free Mama.” Rachel provides readers with simple, non-intimidating, and motivating methods to let go of distraction and connect with their loved ones. Rachel’s work has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, Global News, USA Today,,, The Huffington Post, and Reader's Digest. Rachel’s first book, HANDS FREE MAMA, is a New York Times Bestseller. Her second book, HANDS FREE LIFE, hits bookstores on September 8th, 2015.

You can join Rachel on her journey to overcome distraction, live better, and love more at or The Hands Free Revolution on Facebook View Guest page

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Dr. Josephine Templeton

Born in Capri, Italy, Josephine (Pina) Templeton attended Fordham University and the University of Rome Medical School. She completed residencies at the Medical College of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania. In 1977, Pina began a private practice in pediatric anesthesia at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was appointed to the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. Pina retired from the active practice of medicine in 1999. She is involved in many philanthropic activities and presently serves as a trustee of the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton Press. Pina is a board member of the American Revolution Museum and is a member of several committees at the Union League of Philadelphia. Pina was honored by The Salvation Army in 2005, and was awarded, together with her husband John M. Templeton, Jr., M.D., the 2006 Heroes of Liberty Award by the National Liberty Museum and the 2012 Crystal Award from the Union League of Philadelphia. View Guest page

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Chef Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri is the executive chef and owner of the acclaimed Vetri Family Restaurants in Philadelphia: Vetri Ristorante, Osteria, Amis, and the forthcoming Alla Spina. Within two years of opening his eponymous Philadelphia restaurant, Marc was named one of Food & Wine’s Ten Best New Chefs and received the Philadelphia Inquirer’s highest restaurant rating. In 2005, Marc won the James Beard Award for “Best Chef Mid-Atlantic.” Marc is the author of Rustic Italian Food, released in 2011 and il viaggio di vetri, a collection of more than 125 of his most-requested dishes. Marc is extremely passionate about giving back to the community. In 2008, Marc and business partner Jeff Benjamin created the Vetri Foundation For Children. Taking the lessons learned by years in the culinary world, Marc helps creates environments for children that promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices thus having an impact on their overall health and wellness. View Guest page

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Benjamin Wagner

Benjamin Wagner first met “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” creator and star, Fred Rogers, at his summer home on Nantucket, Massachusetts. His mother rented the cottage next door, so Mister Rogers really was his neighbor. After Rogers’ death in 2003, Wagner and his brother, Christofer, set out to meet some of Mister Rogers’ neighbors to find out more about the man himself. What resulted is the film Mister Rogers and Me. Benjamin graduated from Syracuse University with dual degrees in creative writing and journalism. He is currently Senior Vice President at MTV News. Benjamin is also a performing singer/songwriter with twelve independent albums. View Guest page

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Orly Wahba

Orly Wahba is an educator, entrepreneur, and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to be the best that they can be. Orly began her career in Kindness as a Middle School educator at the Yeshivah of Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY, teaching the children to embrace unity, build their self-esteem, and use the power they have to influence the world for good. Yearning to make a larger impact with her philanthropic work Orly founded Life Vest Inside in 2011, a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage people to embrace the incredible power of giving and recognize that in times of hardship, kindness, like a life vest, keeps the world afloat. View Guest page

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Michelynn "Miki" Woodard

Miki Woodard is President and CEO of the Dr. Phil Foundation and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. Miki has over 15 years experience in corporate philanthropy across multiple industries, including entertainment, non-profit, television, digital media and music. Miki previously served as the vice president of philanthropy at JCPenney. Before joining JCPenney, Woodard founded the Amalgamation Group LLC, a strategic consulting firm that brought together celebrities, philanthropists, non-profits and brands. Miki’s background also includes serving as managing director of West Coast Operations for Be the Change and as president and chief operating officer for West Brands, where she ran Kanye West’s parent company. Woodard is a prominent member of the philanthropic community where she supports numerous charitable organizations, mentors many young women, and is an active public speaker. View Guest page

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Joel Worrall

Joel Worrall is the Chief Technology Officer for CURE International. He and his team spend their time building online products and experiences that support CURE's work to heal kids with treatable conditions throughout the world. Joel is a passionate advocate for the application of software business principles and tools to the nonprofit sector. Learn more about CURE and the kids they serve via or download View Guest page

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Tom Ziglar

For nearly 50 years Tom has steeped himself in the techniques of living a successful life and running a successful business. He is the CEO of Ziglar, Inc., and the proud son of Zig Ziglar. Prior to being named CEO, Tom began his career in retail and direct sales. He joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987, working his way up from the warehouse to leadership. Tom is the co-author of Born to Win, taking the Ziglar philosophy of personal success and applying those same principals to the business world. View Guest page

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Kyle Zimmer

In 1992, Kyle Zimmer, then a corporate attorney, was volunteering regularly at a soup kitchen in Washington DC. Realizing that the kids she was working with had no books to call their own, she set out with some friends to remedy the situation. Twenty-one years and more than 110 million brand-new books later, Kyle continues to lead First Book, the nonprofit social enterprise she co-founded to ensure that local schools and community programs across the country serving children from low-income families would have a steady supply of the brand-new, high-quality books they so desperately needed.

Under Kyle’s leadership, First Book distributes millions of new books and educational resources every year to a growing network of schools and programs across the United States and Canada – nearly 90,000 at last count. Kyle is a passionate advocate for social entrepreneurship, educational equity, and the importance of literacy to further economic competitiveness and global understanding.

In 2013 Kyle was a presenter at the University of Oxford’s “Power Shift: Forum for Women in the World Economy” at the Saïd Business School at Oxford. Among numerous other honors, Kyle Zimmer received the 2014 Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation in November 2014. View Guest page

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