Pound Foolish?

November 15, 2013
Hosted by Brian Farr and Ann Hutchins

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Author Helaine Olen’s first suggestion about what should be done about our financial industry is “We need to talk more about money”. So please join Brian Farr and Ann Hutchins as we do just that - talk about the blizzard of choices you have in the financial industry, talk about re-thinking how we save for retirement, talk about the industry ties of everyone who appears on television or radio to tell you what you SHOULD be doing with your money. The author of “Pound Foolish” says “I didn’t want you to read my book, nod virtuously while reading my suggestions, and close the book, thinking your work done. Moreover, no one needs me hectoring him or her about how to manage his or her funds. There are more than enough people out there doing that sort of thing. Instead, I want you to continue to engage with the ideas outlined in the book.” So please join the conversation.

Money in Your Life

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The goal of Money in Your Life is to give you the insight and motivation to be more effective and successful with all aspects of your personal finance. We believe money is a tool that can support deeper values of individuals, couples and families. We also know that too many options, too little time and the blizzard of modern money choices make it easy to opt-out of the whole conversation. We want you to opt-in. Money in Your Life will provoke thoughtful discussions that bring knowledge, curiosity and humor to the reality of money. Each week we will engage you with intriguing conversations to help you understand and assess how money actually operates in your life. We will present a wide variety of individuals and resources to increase clarity and expand awareness on multiple levels. Our intention is to introduce you to new ways money can serve you rather than just drive you.

Brian Farr and Ann Hutchins

Brian Farr is a Financial Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Hudson Institute Coach. Since 2002, Brian has helped hundreds of individuals and couples significantly improve their relationship with money. He uses a wide variety of financial and therapeutic techniques to guide clients toward a deeper understanding of the patterns in their financial choices, and then develop more effective strategies for the future.

In the years prior to becoming a Financial Therapist, Brian was a founding partner of an investment management firm, owner/manager of a personnel agency and member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He has an MA in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and a BA in History from Stanford University.

Ann Hutchins is a Certified Financial Coach and a Certified Hudson Institute Coach. In her engagements with clients, she combines professionalism with integrity and approachability. Ann works to demystify personal finances and help people create sustainability in their financial lives. She frequently coaches people from the financial services and nonprofit sectors, and also works with families and children in the area of financial literacy.

Ann has 30 years of investment industry experience, holds an MBA in Finance from Babson College and a BA in American Studies from Hamilton College. She has been on the Board of Trustees of both Babson and Hamilton Colleges, and currently serves as Board member and Treasurer of The Eleos Foundation.

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