Parker Palmer: Healing the Heart of Democracy With Chris Wahl and Kate Ebner

January 27, 2014
Hosted by Kate Ebner

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At a time when so many have lost faith in our political institutions, Parker Palmer, founder of the aCenter for Courage and Renewal, shows us how to expand our capacities to lead in the 21st century. Author of nine books, including three bestsellers – The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak and A Hidden Wholeness – Palmer guides us to cultivate five habits of the heart that will help restore the hidden infrastructure of American politics. Join Guest Host Chris Wahl and Kate Ebner for a moving conversation about moving beyond “the politics of the brokenhearted” to restore democracy as “an opening to a new life for us and for our nation.” Recipient of 11 honorary doctorates, numerous national awards, including the William Rainey Harper Award, previously won by Elie Wiesel and Margaret Mead, Parker Palmer’s life work has been to illuminate the possibilities inherent in life and call forth in us the courage to contribute to a better world.

Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life

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Top leadership coach and change guru Kate Ebner teaches leaders in business, education, government and non-profits how to create compelling and inspiring visions that lead to extraordinary results and outcomes. Each week on “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life,” Kate introduces you to the amazing visionaries who are shaping our future. She’ll show you how to create your own motivating leadership vision – and how to make it real. Discover the simple, yet powerful steps that add up to a great vision and an extraordinary life. Explore how real visionaries are using vision to drive exceptional results. Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life features guests who open our eyes to new possibilities and whose stories inspire. Tune in and learn how and why to create your own vision. Join Kate for practical tips, wisdom, and knowledge that will take your leadership and your life to a new level.

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Kate Ebner

Top leadership coach Kate Ebner invites people to be visionary. Founder of The Nebo Company, a leadership consultancy based in Washington, D.C., Kate teaches leaders how to use vision as a powerful and practical tool for manifesting the important changes they want to see. Kate works with senior executives and teams at Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, social entrepreneurs and government agencies who are leading significant change, helping them to thrive in their careers and find greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

Kate specializes not only in how to create, live and lead from vision, but also how to make it real through effective implementation. She gained more than two decades of firsthand experience in envisioning, leading and implementing major change while serving as a dean at Middlebury College and as senior vice president of an international strategy consulting firm. Her own journey from executive to master coach is a story of vision and personal transformation. As faculty and co-director of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching program, Kate authored of "Coaching for Leverage,” a chapter in On Becoming a Leadership Coach. Kate Ebner is frequently quoted in publications and speaks at conferences about leadership, vision, and empowerment.

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