Impossible odds

May 13, 2014
Hosted by Gary Ray

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Episode Description

About bands of brothers who exhibited unparalleled bravery, solidarity and endurance on the battlefield to come out on top in a fight against impossible odds. This is a true Story that's told by a veterans who survived to tell about it. Captain Perfecto Sanchez, US Army A Bronze Star recipient was born and raised in NYC; raised by both his grandmother and mom and the eclectic 8M neighbors in the city. His mom was a teacher and his grandmother a pianist so he grew up with a inquisitive and creative curiosity for life. The military was never in the cards for him until he met Jack Dammon, his track coach, a man he very much respected. His opinion was that Perfecto had potential but lacked discipline. He thought obstacle courses sounded cool so he opened up the West Point brochure that Jack gave him. He met the best of friends at West Point- friends he still is very close with to this day. The world was much simpler then, before 9-11 that is. It wasn't until his 3rd year when he had to choose his brand that it really hit him that he could potentially be going to war. He blames his curious personality that led him to infantry- and the fact that if he was going to do something he wanted to do, he wanted to do it with his utmost ability; and of course that his best friend was doing it with him. He reported to Ft Benning in June 2005- after a few nights out in the woods and a couple jumps out of an airplane about a year later he was reporting to his first duty station in Baumholder, Germany. His unit was already deployed and he was scheduled to fly out less than 2 weeks from getting there and he couldn't wait.

American Heroes Network

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history. Disabled American Veterans struggle every day to overcome life-changing sacrifices. Their stories provides a vital part of history that has contributed to our American tradition.

American Heroes Network provides a way for individuals, corporations and small businesses to support our Heroes by helping our veterans and their families rebuild their lives. They help aim our veterans, looking for jobs, in the right direction, help provide homes for our troops, assisting individuals and their families who have been severely injured while serving in the U.S. military and providing scholarships for families of our Fallen Heroes.

This will be a weekly hour long show joined by our military heroes and people and organizations that make a difference.

Gary Ray

"Gary Ray's" background includes hosting / co-hosting radio talk shows for more than 15 years on a number of subjects. His background also includes more than 19 years in the Insurance industry, nine years as an Internet Marketer and consultant. Gary is co-founder and co-developer and involved in the implementation of the Worldwide Racing Network. For seven years he worked closely with NASCAR and Turner Sports Interactive with the NASCAR Touring series.

"Gary Ray" joined Armed Forces Radio Network in 2008 as the Public Relations Director and provided Marketing and radio interviews. In February 2011 he was promoted to President. In September 2012 he resigned his position to continue his passion on the next level.

Gary continues helping our veterans and their families rebuild their lives. He believes by working together, our military men and women who return home are heroes to their families and communities. His resources provide a lifeline of aid and support not only for our veterans but also the families of our fallen heroes.

"Gary Ray" is developing one of the most powerful Radio Networks in the country called "American Heroes Network" powered by VoiceAmerica. You will hear firsthand the personal accounts of heroes whose unselfish actions have contributed to the traditions and values that represent the soul of America.

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