The Arrogance of Institutions: Zephyr Teachout on how the Supreme Court redefined Corruption and put U.S. Democracy at risk

July 17, 2014
Hosted by Té Revesz

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“The concept of corruption is at the center of the most vital legal dispute” says Zephyr Teachout, author of “Corruption in America”. Why should business care? Because it’s “impacting the survival of US democracy [and] threatens to unravel what the framers of the US Constitution built.” The framers, corruption—situations where politicians & public institutions serve private interests at the public’s expense—as a danger to the new republic & created safeguards. Today’s Supreme Court narrowed the definition to 1 thing: explicit bribery. Thus its Citizens United decision gave corporations the right to spend limitless money to influence elections (in SCOTUS-speak, gain democratic responsiveness). With unlimited spending transforming US politics for the worse, warns Teachout,” the American experiment in self-government could collapse.” Are there remedies? Teachout, who is challenging Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, gives us practical, constitutionally sound ideas.

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