Kroll Call First Anniversary Show

October 16, 2015
Hosted by Dan J. Kroll

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Episode Description

Oh, how the years go by. It may only be one year, but what a year it’s been on Kroll Call! In the past 12 months, we’ve welcomed stars of television, film, music, and theatre, and gotten to know experts and professionals from a variety of fields. We’ve learned how to make tasty treats and gotten tips on how to handle the most stressful of situations. We’ve gotten behind-the-scenes stories from popular television series, and we’ve listened to music that defined a generation. Now, it’s time to reflect on the highlights, memorable guests, and outrageous moments from the first year of Kroll Call. If you’ve only recently discovered Kroll Call or have only listened on occasion, this show will give you a snapshot of everything that you’ve missed over the past year. If you’re a regular Kroll Call listener, this will be a trip down memory lane, and maybe you’ll hear something that you missed or forgot the first time around.

Kroll Call

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Hosted by Dan J Kroll, KROLL CALL is a weekly, multi-platform infotainment show that features everything from celebrity interviews to expert advice. Listen to fun and engaging interviews with your favorite stars of film, television, and music, and then stick around for expert advice and tips on topics ranging from parenting to relationships, fashion trends to saving money, food to workouts, and more. KROLL CALL also allows the audience to become part of the show and come away with not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to their favorite stars, but also the chance to receive a makeover, incredible advice, or some amazing surprise gifts. The show will also feature video clips to help listeners delve even further into detail on each episode’s topics.

Dan J. Kroll

For more than 15 years, Dan J Kroll has been covering the ins and outs, and the ups and downs of your favorite soaps on the web site. Now, he’s taking those experiences and bringing them to you every week on Soap Central Live.

Dan has had the opportunity to talk to the biggest names in daytime and he’s gone behind-the-scenes of all your favorite shows. When the stars have something to say, you can be sure that Dan is there to get you, the soap fans, the whole story – it isn’t just about being first, it’s about being fair and accurate.

When media outlets need a soap expert, they call on Dan. Because more than just being someone who talks about the soaps, Dan truly is a soap fan. Mixing praise, critique, and laughs, Dan provides the perfect way for soap fans to wrap up the work week and kick-off the weekend.

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