How to Protect -or Destroy- Your Reputation Online

February 22, 2016
Hosted by Laura Ellis

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During this episode, Huffington Post columnist, author and public relations and communications expert, John P. David shares his unique insights and experiences around how we can build or destroy our reputation on line. The topic of his upcoming book "How to Protect (or Destroy) Your Reputation Online"raises unique and current issues around the challenges and opportunities inherent in our society's reliance on social media. His book is going to be published by Career Press in late 2016.

Because There’s More

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A show about decision making, Because There’s More takes a closer look at how senior leaders make decisions. Whether looking to accelerate business growth, scale a start-up or advance your career, good decision making is the cornerstone of success. Yet, we regularly engage in patterns of thinking that are less rational, or we make decisions based on insufficient and irrelevant information. This is how poor decisions begin to form and how our chances to reach our goals, decline. The show educates, informs and inspires senior decision makers everywhere to make better business decisions. The knowledge, experience and wisdom our guests share on the show become a curated resource of practical, diverse, expert business advice and knowledge you can access anytime, anywhere. As a listener to the show you will have the opportunity to validate and stretch your thinking, recognize your biases and arrive to business decisions more predictive of the outcome. Because There’s More.

Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis is an innovator and a visionary whose career has been defined by three vocations: Educator, Business Psychologist and Entrepreneur. Dissatisfied with any boundaries that restrict potential, Laura found purpose in employing her talent to expand the choices afforded to people. As an educator, Laura motivated and guided at-risk youth in Communist Romania to thrive outside the limits imposed by an oppressive regime. Drawn by the intricacy and energy she discovered inside business, she later built a career in business psychology to facilitate organizational transformations and spur the growth of executive talent, the true architect of business success. Being farsighted and enterprising sets Laura apart and it often places her at odds with the mainstream thinking. After fifteen successful years in influential corporate and consulting roles, she saw that the tools for business growth became out of step with the needs of the business. In 2013 Laura founded Trusted Advisory Board, the organization she knows will disrupt and reshape management consulting to meet today’s business needs for rapid transformation and differentiation. This amount of progress only comes from the on-going exposure to high density and diversity of information. TAB creates those conditions and gives senior executives access to a curated network of knowledge to make fast and accurate business decisions. It also fulfills Laura’s mission to evolve how businesses are run, one business at a time.

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