Exploring Galaxies in Outer Space and Academic Leadership Through the Journey of a Leading Female Astronomer

August 10, 2016
Hosted by Alise Cortez, PhD

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Outer space - does it allure and call out to you? Does it fascinate you to ponder how the universe and galaxies come into being? How do galaxies grow over time and change dramatically across different regions of outer space? How do they grow their stars, black holes, and dark matter? These are some of the questions that drive the research of this episode's guest, Dr. Shardha Jogee. She will share her early deep fascination with science, how she dared to dream big, and how it all culminated against all odds in her career as an astronomer, professor, and chair of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin. She will discuss some of her exciting research using NASA's Hubble, Spitzer, and Herschel Space Telescopes, McDonald Observatory, and the future Giant Magellan Telescope, and invite young minds to join the journey of scientific exploration. She will also share the excitement of advancing Texas Astronomy in her role as department chair.

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Alise Cortez, PhD

Dr. Alise Cortez is affectionately referred to as “The Anti-Undertaker” as she awakens the often otherwise “walking dead” to discover and nurture their passion, inspiration, and purpose in life and at work. She is one part Chief Purpose Officer and Management Consultant specializing in meaning and purpose, and one part Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Radio Host. Having developed her expertise within the Human Capital / Organizational Excellence industry over the last 20 years, today she is focused on enabling organizations to lead from purpose and create cultures of meaning that inspire impassioned performance, energizing engagement and fulfillment, while encouraging a devoted stay within the organization. For individuals, she also facilitates the online Catch Fire global community and various retreats to enable people hungry for a more meaningful and purposeful life to discover and create it for themselves.

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