The Coaching Sugars 2: Oh, THAT Client

September 19, 2016
Hosted by Georgetown ITL Faculty

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Designed to explore common coaching dilemmas following a format inspired by Cheryl Strayed's 'Dear Sugar' advice column, Georgetown leadership coaches Mike McGinley and Kirsten Olson, aka 'The Coaching Sugars,' offer soulful, compassionate and REAL coaching advice to coaches and leaders. In the second of three special shows, The Coaching Sugars explore those intense, real, supremely tangly coaching dilemmas we all feel, and sometimes hesitate to explore. This show focuses on working with difficult clients. Do you dread meeting THAT client? Are there issues you find yourself avoiding in your coaching relationship? Bring your issues to The Coaching Sugars, and jump in with Kirsten and Mike! These highly interactive shows encourage call-ins and letters. The Coaching Sugars sure as heck don't have the 'right' answers. But they share thoughts on trying to be authentic, living our coaching purpose--and deal real time with the problem at hand.

Inside Transformational Leadership

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What is needed in 21st century leadership? What are the most successful change leaders of today doing that sets them apart?

Produced by Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership, Inside Transformational Leadership is a weekly radio show dedicated to provoking thoughtful discussion around the most important issues facing leaders today through insightful and inspiring conversations with corporate leaders, leadership coaches, academics, and community organizers.

Our weekly radio show examines the "inner game" of transformational leadership, sharing insights from renowned leaders and faculty from our world-class leadership and coaching programs. Topics include leading in times of complexity, the transformational change process, navigating deep change and disruption, the power of vision in transformational change, and the neuroscience of change leadership.

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Georgetown ITL Faculty

Georgetown ITL Faculty

The faculty of the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University are multifaceted and diverse with respect to academic training, practical experience, expertise, and research interests. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the faculty is the community they have cultivated and the dialog they have advanced around leadership development and leadership coaching. Most of the original faculty members – those who helped establish Georgetown University’s leadership coaching program in 2000 – still teach and provide direction for leadership coaches and executive leaders, while new perspectives continue to evolve and inform our programs.

At the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University, the faculty are exploring new transformative models of leadership, work, and change that can transform individuals, organizations, communities, governments and the global society. Join them each week for exciting conversations about transformational leadership.

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