Leadership Stress and Substance Abuse

July 11, 2017
Hosted by Kimberli J. Lewis

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Today we live in competitive and stressful world. We want to be good employees, good leaders and we want to manage everything, but sometimes the stress gets to us and we all react to stress in different ways. Some of go to the gym, some of us go on vacation and some of us reach for a glass or two. A recent Gallup Poll Study shows that the higher the income and the education the more likely you are to drink alcohol and least 20% of those who do have a real problem. Studies are also showing a rapid increase in alcoholism among executive women. As we all try to keep up with the social and customer dinners, trade shows and travel we have in business, we could be developing a problem we do not realize. A problem that could affect our work and our families. In this series, we talk with Marc Treitler, a successful executive and lawyer, who not only battled the disease of alcoholism, but with the support of his family beat it. His observations and his story are a lesson for all of us.

Leadership Beyond Borders

Leadership Beyond Borders

Tuesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Leadership Beyond Borders looks at the impact constant change is having on our organizations and how these changes affect the kind of leadership we need to drive long-term success in today’s global economy. We explore the opportunities and challenges diverse and virtual organizations bring and what kind of leadership skills and values are needed today to ensure employee engagement, retention and ultimately great company performance. We talk about everything from gender balance to generational and cultural business values that may impact your position or your organization. We provoke you, and help you think beyond borders! Our guests include international leadership experts from around the globe. If you are in a leadership position or aspire to be in one - regardless if your business is international or local - we will help you become aware of today’s leadership opportunities and challenges and we will make sure you take away something useful for yourself and your business.

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Kimberli J. Lewis

Kimberli J. Lewis

Globalization and technology have changed the way we do business, consequently shifting the core leadership skills and values that are needed today. Leaders today not only focus on the immediate operative needs of a business but also on the global and diverse organizations they lead if they want to drive long-term success. Being able to engage employees, regardless of gender, cultural, generational or ethnical background is a must and Kimberli J. Lewis is passionate about this.

Kimberli has over 20 years of C level management experience across multiple industries and has lived in or worked in over 18 countries. She has 25 years’ cross-cultural executive management experience in Europe, Russia, USA, and the Middle East. She has over 29 International awards in marketing and leadership in her pocket, along with degrees from Webster, George Washington University and Harvard. She is a certified executive and systemic team coach. Kimberli specializes in cross-cultural leadership training, diversity implementation and leadership training for women and provides training and consulting for several international companies. Kimberli is the author of “Ponytale Talk, It’s All About You! Winning career strategies for Women.”

Kimberli currently serves as Board member of the Search and Information Industry Association, Europe. She is an American national, owner of the international company Global Business Therapy s.r.o. and partner of the Academy of Executive Coaching London.

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June 2017

John Blakey

John Blakey was named as one of the top thought leaders globally on organizational trust at the Trust Across America awards in 2016. His prize-winning doctoral research on trust at Aston Business School resulted in the acclaimed book, ’The Trusted Executive’, published by Kogan Page in 2016. He is also the founder of The Trusted Executive Foundation in London co-author of “Challenging Coaching” published in 2012. John also has many years of business experience both as an executive and a coach. View Guest page

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Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy

Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy is the author of Can You Afford to Ignore Me? How to Manage Gender and Cultural Differences at Work, which has received glowing reviews. Elisabet is considered a diversity expert helping leaders understand how to promote inclusion in organizations. Elisabet holds a Masters in Psychology, a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law. She conducts programs for the University of Pittsburgh in Sao Paulo, Brazil and she serves as lead faculty for the Women Executive Leadership program sponsored by the Beard Institute at Duquesne University. Elisabet owns Rodriguez and Associates LLC whose mission is to enhance performance through promoting gender and cultural integration in organizations She is a native of San Juan Puerto Rico, currently residing in Pittsburg. View Guest page

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Ann Francke

Ann Francke is the CEO of Chartered Management Institute CMI in London. She is the Winner of the Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding leadership of a UK professional body 2016. She is the author of: The Financial Times Guide to Management: How to Make a Difference and Get Results. Ann has been named in the top 100 women to watch in the 2015 Female FTSE report from Cranfield and is an expert on current challenges facing women in the workplace. Ann is a transformational leader with vision, pace and proven ability to deliver profitable growth and build organizations. View Guest page

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Dr. John Gray is the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray is arguably the Best-selling and most influential relationship author in the world. The number one bestselling hard-cover book of the nineties, Mars/Venus was listed by USA Today as number six among the most influential books of the last quarter century. With his books now translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries, Dr. Gray has appeared many times on Oprah, as well as on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, CBS This Morning, and Good Morning America. Profiled in Time, Forbes, USA Today, TV Guide, and People, he was also the subject of a three- hour special hosted by Barbara Walters. With his trademark humor and insights making him as relevant today as he was in the nineties, John is in demand as a speaker and on media throughout the world. View Guest page

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Dan Keldsen

Dan Keldsen, Co-Author of “Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business”, a #1 best-selling business book on Dan Keldsen is the Chief Innovation Officer of Information Architected, a boutique consulting organization in Boston, Massachusetts, serving clients interested in engaging and empowering their employees with attitudes and skillsets that compete with the best of the best, worldwide. He has over 20 years of cross industry experience and co-led the groundbreaking research on attitudinal differences and alignment between boomers and millennials in one of the earliest Enterprise 2.0 research projects in 2008-2009, and was he was noted as one of the Most Influential Enterprise 2.0 Writers of 2009 by SeekOmega. View Guest page

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John Leary-Joyce

John is President and founder of the Academy of Executive Coaching, a global organization accredited by ICF, EMCC, AC and Middlesex University. The AoEC delivers coaching certification programs for professionals as well as internally for companies as part of developing a ‘coaching culture’ initiative. AoEC has 10 partner companies world-wide. Over the last 20 years John has become widely recognized as a senior transformational coach, combining this with an initial 20-year career as a Gestalt psychotherapist, group facilitator and trainer. John is the author of Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work, a practical and effective methodology for individual and team coaching. John co-designed and facilitated the first Systemic Team Coach training certification program in Europe – an approach that is rapidly being recognized as one of the best team coaching methods because of its powerful impact on organizations. View Guest page

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Ben Legg, CEO of Adparlor Global

Ben Legg has lived in 9 countries and worked as an advisor to more than 50 investors, boards and CEOs worldwide. He is a public speaker and author. He is the Gold Winner of the 2017 CEO World Awards® for The Metrics Person Category. His company, AdParlor works with ambitious marketers to create personalized customer journeys at scale. They help ambitious marketers connect with their customers - across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn - to drive both online and offline engagement. AdParlor is headquartered across Toronto, Kansas City, New York and Singapore, and has employees in 20 offices around the world. Ben is an expert and proven leader shaping the digital world. Expertise: global expansion; personalized marketing, digital strategy; product development; corporate development; marketing transformation; e-commerce; big data; customer lifetime value; sales management; organizational transformation & culture. View Guest page

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Sandy Lohr

Sandy is the CEO of MatchCraft, a LA based company, that operates worldwide, providing marketing platforms that enable companies to successfully sell and manage search, display, and social campaigns for their advertisers. They provide technology and expertise to a number of Google and Microsoft reseller partners.
Sandy is a thought leader, dog lover, mother, wife, golfer (wannabe), media executive, tech enthusiast...
Sandy has extensive business experience in several industries and leads the talented team at MatchCraft who was recognised as Microsoft's Digital Advertising Partner of the Year for three consecutive years in a row. View Guest page

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Dr. Anastasia Pattison

Dr. Anastasia Pattison is a professor at The University of New York In Prague, a counseling psychologist and a business consultant. She holds a scientific grant from the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research and has authored numerous articles in various scholarly journals and books. Anastasia Pattison Ph.D. (Moscow Humanitarian University, Russia), MBA (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA). View Guest page

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Tereza Prihodova MA

Tereza Prihodova has a Masters in clinical psychology from La Salle University and is a PHD candidate on Faculty of Medicine at The Charles University in Prague. She researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health in the Czech Republic. Tereza is currently researching the assessment of morality and integrity at the working environment. Her focus is on developing new methods and instruments, which could be used by corporations during job interviews and evaluate the tendency towards counterproductive work behavior, moral disengagement. View Guest page

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Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar is an award winning global futurist, entrepreneur and specialist advisor on business transformation, disruptive strategies and radical innovation.
Nominated as one of the top ten global future thinkers by the UK’s Independent newspaper, he comments regularly on the future and innovation for global news and media networks. He is the initiator, editor and a lead author of the book The Future of Business, published in June 2015, which pulls together the work of 62 future thinkers from around the world to explore the forces shaping our world and highlight the implications for business.
Rohit is also a major contributor to a forthcoming US feature film and documentary on the concept of ‘creating a new country’.
Rohit has an MBA from London Business School and delivers regular keynote speeches to leadership audiences around the world. He focuses on helping us make sense of a constantly changing reality and a hyper-connected world. View Guest page

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Marc Treitler

Marc Treitler is a successful executive and lawyer but he grew up in a family with a deep history of addiction on his mom’s side. Although his Mom avoided alcohol and drugs, Marc and his sister succumbed to addiction. Marc’s wife and kids struggled to understand the drinking and the anger. It was only when he recognized the effects of his addiction on his family that he took the steps necessary to recover. Mark understands the Science that equates allergies to alcohol and drugs to other allergies, much like the allergy to peanuts. He is a believer that if one of your parents has an addiction, you might have that same allergy hiding in your genes. But he also believes the good news is that you have the choice not to activate it. In his book, My Dad is an Alcoholic-What About Me, that he wrote with his daughter Lianna, he tells readers everything he wishes someone had told him about addiction. View Guest page

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Peter Urmson, CEO, Spotzer

Peter is CEO and a Director of Spotzer. He leads a passionate team of people around the globe who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of Small to Medium Business’s. His company delivers digital marketing solutions and services to partners whom work directly with small businesses around the world. Peter has vast executive experience across 15 years in the digital marketing space working with both large and small companies that have technology platforms with a sales and marketing focus. He has worked with top enterprises in Australia, Europe, the USA and beyond. The changing digital environment is what drives this CEO who is expanding his company globally at a rapid pace. He believes in building trust among his global team, and believes high performance and great customer care is a key to success. View Guest page

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