Bert 'Washasha X'   Lettsome

Bert 'Washasha X' Lettsome

Bert Lettsome, Reggae artist a.k.a. 'Washasha X', is Chief Conservation Officer of the British Virgin Islands. He advised formation of the Virgin Island Environmental Council. Talking with Rob in Road Town, Bert describes why nature in the British Virgin Island is more diverse than anywhere else in the Caribbean. To protect it and maintain pristine, undisturbed nature in the Virgin Islands, we must all make choices. We also get to hear his songs. “Choices” and “Ras Mangrove” enlightens us and forces us to examine our actions and the resulting impact on the natural environment. It clearly explains the benefits, functions, uses and importance of the coastal mangrove forest. He became a local sensation when dressed as mangrove he danced in the street. “A hard-hitting, unique, educational, inspirational and cultural dub poetry. In Ras Mangrove, Washasha X delivers again showing his uniqueness and creativity as a Reggae artist and Producer.” (