Cleous  Young

Cleous Young

Avid Speaker and children’s author, Cleous Young is a man with a dedicated vision. Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Young is a former school teacher who became inspired to embrace his literary gift and desire to educate by founding the Non-Profit Organization The Hope-Full Fountain and authoring children’s books. His published works include The Prophetic Artist, The Seasonal Celebration, the Magical Rug and the new interactive eco-friendly CD-Rom, The Mountain of Miracles. The one of a kind interactive CD-Rom is Young’s newest God given creation that he has offered to the market; something that is different from the ordinary paperback or hardcover. Young’s personal credo is that ‘a mustard seed of faith’ can grow into a forest if time is invested into nurturing and nourishing it. It is this philosophy and his personal experiences which he credits with making him the person he is today and the person he will become tomorrow. He seeks to educate others of this proven testimonial manner, particularly children through his inspirational messages. Young first became interested in writing for children after penning the love poem The Prophetic Artist, which later inspired his first book of the same name. His admiration for the innocence of children made authoring children’s works seem like a natural transition and since that time he has developed a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people. Cleous Young currently resides in, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he works on growing his Non-Profit Organization while overseeing his newly formed vision he titles 'Unconventionally Education on the GO.' In this vision, Young spends valuable time in organizing unconventional educational products that can be taken on the GO. This is his way of spreading the gospel of education. He is also available for speaking engagements and workshops. For more information on Mr. Young, please visit