Pam Lyons  Gromen

Pam Lyons Gromen

Pam Lyons Gromen is the Executive Director of the National Coalition for Marine Conservation (NCMC), a public advocacy group dedicated exclusively to conserving ocean fish since it was founded by conservation-minded anglers in 1973. Currently, Pam heads NCMC’s Forage First! campaign, which urges fishery managers to implement strategies that provide adequate prey for predators. This campaign covers menhaden, river herring, shad, sea herring, mackerel, butterfish and squid along the Atlantic seaboard, and sardine, anchovy, krill, squid and mackerel on the West Coast. Pam has authored technical reports, including Preserving the Northeast Forage Base and Taking the Bait: Are America’s Fisheries Out-competing Predators for their Prey?, in order to generate awareness of the threats to the ocean forage base and to offer solutions. Pam spends much of her time researching and writing position papers on proposed regulatory actions and participating in fishery council and commission meetings.